Your Guide on all Things Women Golfers Need to Know

Although golf is not played individually – it still remains an individual sport leaving us to find our own way in every aspect. Knowing this and how much information you need to know and some you just want to know – we’ve brought it all together in a total guide for women golfers.

Over a century ago women played in their first professional tournament. Finally, after a century of showing what we are made of – the golf industry is starting to take notice. We are great, gifted and gorgeous – we love the game and just like the guys we want to know more about our beloved sport.

Whether you consider yourself a bashing beginner, almost advanced or thoroughly professional we have something of interest to you. Our job is to find the latest, greatest and absolute best and bring it all together in one spot for you to travel and discover all things great about golf.

We’ve got news, goodies and that golf accessory you just have to have – Women golfer’s have arrived and we want to take you to the next level in enjoying your sport whether it’s a hobby, a mission or something you do to improve your business networking.

Our mission is to bring you all the information you ever wanted to know together in one place so that all of you gorgeous golfer’s have the absolute latest news on what’s hot and what’s not. Make sure you bookmark us so that you can come back and visit anytime you need to know something about golf or in particular women’s golf.

Our aim is to help save you time, money and hours of browsing so that you can get on the green and get golfing!

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