Your game is Unique

Your game is Unique. We help you improve YOUR game! At GolfSource, we take it one golfer at a time. We take the time to know more about your game and what you want to accomplish.

When is the best time to take golf instruction?
The answer depends on you and your goals. One thing is for sure; its always better to practice the right way than to reinforce the wrong way. Therefore, if you plan on practicing by taking golf instruction first and applying correct principles with every practice swing second.

At GolfSource, we take full advantage of the technological resources available to help you improve. Our students rave about the advantages of actually seeing themselves swing, along with using the computer to analyze their own unique swing motion. We can slow it down, speed it up, or compare it to a tour professional with swing strengths similar to your own.

We use cutting edge launch technology to show you exactly how your equipment compliments your swing. We can show you how to spin it more, how to spin it less, or how to just plain hit it farther. Our instructors are uniquely qualified to help you decide on the perfect fit for your game.

We have breakthrough putter technology to focus precisely on your unique putting stroke. We’ll show you your putting swing path, your putter speed, your angle of impact, how it rolls, and how it spins. We’ll even show you your tendencies so you know what to watch for as you seek to improve.

Who decides to take golf instruction at GolfSource?
At GolfSource, we have separate instructors who are geared toward your level of play.

If you are just beginning the game, a recreational player, or perhaps a regular player that doesn’t break par too often, you will learn from an instructor who specializes in helping you develop the crucial fundamentals of a good repeatable golf swing.

If you are an accomplished player, seeking to go even lower and find that “winning edge” against other skilled players, you will work closely with an instructor who specializes in total game analysis to maximize your scoring potential and minimize error in your swing. You know your game. We don’t seek to change it. Rather, we work with you, carefully analyzing each aspect of your game so you will gain a complete understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

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