Women Golfers – Golf after 50

Your Guide to Resources and Information for Golfing in (and after) Your Fabulous Fifties

There is a lot we say goodbye to when we reach fifty, and for some it can be a little depressing. I like to look at fifty as finally enjoying everything I’ve learned in the first part of my life with an outlook to enjoying having more time for me. More time for me can also mean more time for golf and all of the great lifestyle that goes with my favorite leisure activity.

We dedicate this section to all of those wonderful women golfers entering and in their fabulous fifties and beyond. Our aim is to bring you information that’s about us – what we need to know and what we want to know about golfing beyond fifty. Now that you’ve had your big birthday bash or it’s been some years in between, let us help you to find new ways of enjoying every aspect of golf. Whether golf is new in your life or you’ve been playing for years – we have something here for everyone.

In this section we are going to bring you information, great deals and hints, like the following: –

• Golf holidays – fun for the over fifties
• How to look after yourself through diet and exercise
• Giving you the hints and tips for taking up golf now you’ve reached “ME time”
• How Yoga can help your golf and your health
• Some great stories from other great women golfers
• Golf Apparel with you in mind
• How to still enjoy your golf even with those “twinges” you feel
• Great golf equipment to ensure you really do enjoy your game
• How to come back to golf after a major illness
• Menopause and golf – use one to help you get through the other

I don’t like to think that I am 50 plus years old – my aim is to be 50 plus young and active, enjoying what I’ve always enjoyed along with more time to do it. For the past twenty or thirty years many of us have been working hard bringing up children, building up our marriages and getting ourselves financially established. Well now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and get out there and have as much fun as you can.

Golf is a healthy relaxing sport and it can also become part of a great lifestyle, where you can meet other people, travel and really enjoy becoming a better golfer. Let us help you find out the many different ways golf can enhance your life and help you enjoy just being you again. Whether it’s on or off the green you will find great deals and information for enjoying all aspects of golf and your “YOU time”.

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