What Are Some Golf Training Swing Exercises

When Adam played golf, he had always just swung the club. He didn’t wonder about the mechanics and how it affected his swing – instead he played for enjoyment. He did this for a number of years until one of his friends suggested some golf training swing exercises and trying a golf swing training aid. He wasn’t sure how it would all work, but he figured it would be worth a try.
After a month, Adam discovered the golf swing training exercises were helping. They were gradual at first, but it didn’t take long for everyone to notice the difference. Suddenly, Adam had more power and looked more fluid when he swung the club.
What are some golf training swing exercises and how will they help?
– Mastering the golf swing takes time and effort. This is especially true because the golf swing is unlike anything else in life. You need to bend correctly and stand at the correct angle. This is where incorporating certain drills will help you master the swing.
– One golf training swing exercise has you perform a complete shoulder turn. This is where you need to coordinate a one-piece takeaway. The arms, shoulders and hands need to be in continuity with each other to make the club hit the ball with a wide arc. The goal is to make the club roll on an inside swing path.
– Stand straight and hold your golf club against the chest. Then turn your body back and forth while looking straight ahead. The shoulders should be rotating 90 degrees every time the body turns.
– Bend the body down and assume your stance, but keep the club against the chest. You will want to start the turning motion again. Keep your head in the same angle as your stance. Keep it from tilting forward. When the spine is straight and the head is still, the spine is the foundation of the swing.
– Another training exercise can help with weight transference, as you want a good transfer of weight. This helps you hit an unswerving golf shot and avoid hitting or topping the ground behind the golf ball. It is best to transfer the body’s weight from the left side to the front foot.
More golf training swing exercises can be found online at improvegolfswingover40.com. If you practice these drills correctly, your game will be improved and you will end up with a great swing.

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