USPGA and Corporate Golf for Business

Women golfers may or may not know that the first Professional Golfers Association (PGA) was founded in 1901 in the United Kingdom. It presents itself as the oldest golfers’ association in the world. The famous JH Taylor, along with other leading players, organized the efforts of the first 59 members and led this small core group onto a path of success that today supports professional golfing in Europe and beyond.

The PGA of America was to follow suit in 1916, at its founding in New York. Both organizations have contributed to the growth of golf by guarding the integrity of the game and promoting interest in it as well as forming and organizing professional golf players, coaches, and teachers. With over 28,000 members the PGA is the largest sports association in the world. Both Professional Golf Associations serve as liaison between professional golfers and amateurs — for men and women golfers — in both the US and Europe, and also maintain friendly competition, in which just recently the famous PGA cup came to America by a ‘narrow slice’.

Business Golf

Golf and business go together like dinner and a salad. The relaxed atmosphere in the fresh air creates opportunities for the formation of friendships and partnerships. Negotiations take place in a more leisurely fashion, allowing time to think over details while playing the next hole. A bit of friendly competition even between men and women golfers allows psychological advantages while preserving an entirely courteous and sportsmanlike backdrop.

Corporate Golf Day

As the sport enjoys wide spread popularity, many companies offer their employees, customers and business partners the exciting experience of a corporate golf day. Entry level players have the chance to play with more advanced competitors, and a wide range of talent and skill may participate on professional grade golf courses.

This is also a perfect opportunity for a company to brand itself: souvenir items with the company logo beg to be proudly worn by those who associate them with an unforgettable event.

How does the PGA help?

As the PGA has access to many exciting, professional courses, inviting a PGA Pro to play in your company tournament is a perfect way to participate on the ‘big playground’ without making a lifetime professional commitment to golf.

PGA Pros often participate in corporate golf days, thus giving corporate men and women golfers the chance to play with a PRO. Golf lessons, hands-on coaching, and mini-clinics for individual golfers or small groups round out the experience for the corporate participant.

How to plan a Corporate Golf Day

The best way to manage the multitude of details that goes into a successful event is to hire a professional company with solid connections and proven experience, such as Corporate Golf Planner.

Imagine the thrill of playing on a course you would otherwise only see on a TV monitor. A corporate golf day of this nature will be unforgettable to employees, customers, and business partners.

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