This Master Move Is In Every Great Golf Swing

“Is there such a thing as a technically perfect swing? If there is, I have yet to see it.” ~ David Leadbetter (Famous Golf Instructor)
I’ve seen my fair share of good looking pro golf swings that made me wonder at the time why they don’t play better than they do. Putting and short-game aside one of the obvious reasons is that they don’t do a great job at the ‘business end’ of the golf swing.

With so much emphasis on making the golf club look perfect at the top of the swing, they fail to realise that the backswing doesn’t determine the quality of the golf shot nearly as much as the downswing does. In fact it’s fair to say that nothing matters as much as the position of the golf club when your hands are positioned three feet this side of impact.


In the following photo notice how this PGA tour golfers club shaft at the top of the backswing is pointing quite a bit to the left. Certainly not ‘orthodox’ as per many golf instruction books, but it doesn’t matter because the backswing although important is no where near as important as the downswing.

The closer your hands and golf club get to the ball the more important it is that you align the golf club’s direction ‘in plane’ with the golf ball. You can see how Japanese tour player Akio Sadakata has perfectly aligned his golf club very early in the downswing. This guarantee’s that he will hit straighter and longer golf shots, and is the master move in the golf swing


Many golf instruction books talk about backswing’s that are inline with the target at the top, but I can assure you that many fine golfer’s have backswing’s that point anywhere other than at the target. The key in EVERY single case is that the most accomplished golfer’s find a way to get their golf club on plane with their golf ball in the downswing.

Now I’m not saying that building an on plane backswing isn’t helpful, because it is. But how many times have you heard or played with a golfer that wished he or she could stop “coming over the top” in the downswing?


The top golfer’s drop the club from top into the slot unconsciously. That is they don’t try to put the club into the slot but rather “allow” it to travel there by keeping pressure out of the right hand. As I talked about in my last post the idea is to pull the golf club down plane with the last three fingers of your left hand and let the centripetal force pull the golf club outwards through the ball.

Practice feeling this move and you will soon discover that the golf club knows where to go. You don’t have to guide it, you just have to trust it.

Can you do that? I hope you can because it will make a massive amount of difference to how you hit the golf ball.

I wish you many enjoyable practice sessions working on this drop and pull move, and if you have any questions regarding this or any article drop me a line below and I’ll reply to you.

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