The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing

Curing Your Hit Impulse in Seven Simple Lessons

For women golfers, an effortless golf swing is the key to a successful and fulfilling round of golf. Easier said than done many will say, however those women golfers who have discovered a well written book on the subject might tend to disagree. Like so many books of its type, this book, aptly titled The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing was not written by an experienced professional golf player, but instead by a young man who earned his living as a golf instructor, unknown to the powers that be in the world of golf. The young man, Michael McTeigue, first published his offering to the frustrated golfer way back in 1985. Since that time the book has become required reading and a major tool in golf instruction.

When The Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing was first published almost a quarter of a century ago, it was largely as a result of some serious prompting from novices attending one of McTeigue’s golf instruction courses. They were so impressed with the standard of Michael’s instruction; they felt that this was information that should be available to novice golfers everywhere. The master instructor’s theories on the troubling problem of how to master and improve their golf swing especially seemed to hit the mark. McTeigue agreed and called upon the services of a certain Mr. Jim McQueen to assist him with the publication. Jim McQueen presented a unique combination of being amongst the top illustrators in the world of golf as well as having been a professional player for many years with a deep love and understanding for the game of golf. Their joint efforts were so impressive that a publishing contract was awarded, and the manual has been in print in ever since.

As Michael McTeigue explains in his book, a powerful and effective golf swing is the desire and the right of every player. The purpose of a woman golfer’s swing is to get the ball as near to the fairway as possible. A popular misconception is that power is the key, yet in his book McTeigue argued that that theory was not necessarily correct. What he claimed was necessary to drive your golf ball as far and as accurately as you require is to generate more speed on the head of the club. In order to do so women golfers require shaping themselves physically so as to achieve, maintain and control what is described in the book as the “optimum swing.”

The key to arriving at optimal levels in women’s golf swing is laid out in depth in the Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing. Figuring prominently in the manual is the necessity for the player to improve both their flexibility and strength. These features need to be brought up to a level to enable a shoulder turn on the back swing. This shoulder turn will be sufficient and contain sufficient concentrated energy to be concentrated on the woman golfer’s drive. This increased energy focused into the golf swing has helped thousands of players overcome the problem with their drive, and made their golf game an all round success and an enjoyable experience for the women golfer.

The Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing and subsequent follow ups has placed Michael McTeigue at the very pinnacle of golf instruction. Still active, both as a coach and an author, Michael is today the Emeritus coach to the womens golf team at Stanford University.Michael McTeigue’s The Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing is readily available online and at around twenty five dollars for a copy fresh off the shelf and used versions for sale at considerably less, it must be one of the finest investments in golf instruction still available today.

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