The Best Golf Lessons I Have Ever Had

The only kind of learning which significantly influences behavior is self-discovered or self-appropriated learning – truth that has been assimilated in experience. – Carl Rogers (Psychologist)

Like you, I have had my fair share of golf lessons. When I played golf for my living I took golf lessons to improve my game, and when I decided to make a career out of teaching other’s how to play golf, I took lessons in how to become a more effective golf instructor/teacher and coach.

The best golf lessons I have ever had have come from playing golf and teaching others how to play golf. This is what makes golf such a great game, the lessons it teaches you everyday, and it’s the reason why golfers from every walk of life are attracted to the game.

When I took golf lessons to improve my game I often struggled to come to terms with the information I was receiving and then to make it worse I struggled to get my body to do it. Sound familiar? It should; golf is not an easy game to learn, improve and play whether you’re a novice golfer or an accomplished amateur or pro golfer. The good news is that the adversity you endure can teach you great lessons if you’re open to them.

Following are five of the most important golf lessons I ever had the pleasure to learn. Maybe you have had similar lessons taught to you by the game of golf.

Lesson #1. Think First

Golf has taught me lot’s of lessons that I remember nearly every day. For instance golf reminds me tothink before I act so I can give my self a chance to generate positive thoughts when I’m confronted with a challenging or stressful situation. It is so easy to react first, because we forget that there is a space between cause and effect. I can think before I act every time.

Lesson #2. Be Patient

Golf has taught me to be patient, because improvement can be slower than we would like or expect, and without patience the game is a lot less enjoyable to play. Be patient of other’s. Some golfers get very angry when they are held up by the golfers in the group in front of them and it makes me wonder whether their poor attitude on the golf course affects the way they live their life in general. It probably does.

Lesson #3. Be Tolerant

Golf has taught me to be tolerant of my poor performances on the golf course. The best golfers in the world are the most tolerant because you simply can’t reach the heights of this great game without having to pay a hefty price. Accept the fact that golf is a game of mistakes not good shots. The best golfers know this and accept the consequences of golf shots that don’t go to plan.

Lesson #4. Be Tough

Golf has taught me to be tough when things don’t go as expected. Many times in rounds of golf I could have easily given up but something inside me would say “keep going,” or “don’t give up on yourself.” The hardest thing to do is hang in there when things are crashing down around you. Remember that you have to ride through the storm to get to the sunshine on the other side…It’s always there.

Lesson #5. Be Confident

Golf has taught me to be confident in my skills and ability to get the results I’m striving for. Confident golfers expect to play well, and golfer’s who lack confidence don’t. Expect the best of yourself in every occaision and never settle for less than your best. The only thing that gets in the way of improved performances is thinking that you can’t do it.

So there you have it, the five best golf lessons I have ever had.
If you have lessons that golf has taught you, why don’t you share them with us. I’d really like to know what lessons golf has taught you, about yourself, your life and anything else.

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