Stop My Golf Slice Please

What a dream? Stop your golf slice right now! You may have been struggling with your slice, but going about it the right way will end your frustration and quickly turn that ugly slice into a nice baby draw, that will go up to 20 yards farther, just from the proper, spin on the ball.

Stop Golf Slice Ebook

How would it feel to konw for sure you’re going to hit a straight or slight draw off every tee box? I’m not kidding! It’s possible if you follow the right guidance. One that’s specific to stopping your golf slice. I have come across a fantastic, instantly downloadable slice ebook, that will stop your slice rapidly!

I used to slice the ball horribly…and took tons of lessons, and STILL didn’t end my slice ball. In fact, in some instances, I hit a bigger banana ball! When I look back now, it was so easy to fix my slice, but I couldn’t see it right in front of me!

And like the never-ending pursuit of a better game, I fight a big hook when my swing goes south. UGH!

Slice Be Gone

The slice is the ugliest shot in golf! There are some other bad ones like topping,chunking and even whiffing the ball, but when you see that big ‘ol banana ball curving the width of the fairway…ouch! Not fun to watch…and definitely not fun to be the person hitting it!

I can give you some bandaide fixes right now that will stop your slice, but it won’t last. You’ve got to ingrain your swing with the right moves to permanently eliminate it. You’ve got to work on the compensations that are causing your slice to fix it!

Compensations cause bad shots, and bad shots turn into high scores and being the shortest hitter in your foursome! Expose these compensations…fix them…and you’re slice will disappear!

Finally Enjoy A “Lazy Draw”

It’s time to start hitting a nice little draw and be done with the brutal slice ball! You’ll soon be stepping up to the tee, KNOWING you’re going to hit the middle of the fairway almost every time! You’ll have a big grin on your face after every beautiful tee shot you hit.

My Personal Recommendation

I strongly endorse The Dave Way slice ebook! I know Dave personally, and he is just like you and me! No Leadbetter or Butch Harmon. Just a regular guy who found a system of how to stop a golf slice permanently!

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