Sand Wedge – Choosing a Reliable One

Imagine that you just hit your second shot on a par four into a greenside bunker. Most women golfers would react with anger, despair, and even fear because their ball has found the sand. A sand wedge that has been properly selected can help reduce or even eliminate these feelings that occur when your golf ball decides to take a brief vacation at the beach. Choosing a sand wedge that is right for you can be intimidating because of the many different brands and specifications available to women golfers. The proper bounce angle, sole width, and head design of a wedge for you can be determined once your swing style is identified and then you can compare the different brands that have these specifications.

Before even considering different brands of sand wedges, you must determine what bounce angle, sole width, and head design you need. The easiest way to determine the bounce angle and sole width that suit your swing is to establish if you are a digger or a picker. When hitting a short iron such as a 9 iron, a digger will tend to take a divot, which is the product of a steep angle of attack. A picker on the other hand, will usually never take a divot when hitting a short iron, due to a shallow angle of attack. A digger will need to choose a sand wedge with a high bounce and a sole width that is a little wider than normal. A picker will need to choose a sand wedge that has a low bounce with a thinner sole than standard. If you do not fall in either classification a wedge with medium bounce and a standard width sole should be suited to you.

Most sand wedges for women golfers are manufactured by a process called casting. This means that a good portion of the weight is distributed around the perimeter of the club, which makes the sand wedge more forgiving if you miss the center of the face. Casting does compromise the feel, or feedback, you get from the club, which a lower handicap woman golfer might want. If this is the case, a forged head would be preferred. Most manufacturers cast their sand wedges, but brands such as Mizuno, Nike, and Callaway still have forged sand wedges available.

You will need to pick out a particular brand, once you have determined which head style, bounce, and sole width you need. Cleveland sand wedges are the most popular wedge on the market and have always created effective designs and styles especially for women. Some others to consider are Callaway, Ping, Nike, Adams, and Nancy Lopez. Confidence and feel are very important for women golfers when comparing different brands. Some brands will have different grips, colors, and designs that might not make too much difference with playability, but have an enormous effect on a woman’s confidence level.

With the right sand wedge in your hand, you eliminate the fear factor out of bunker play and impress your fellow women golfer’s. Imagine hitting that second shot into the bunker again, but this time you feel confident and sure in your ability to get that little white ball out of the bunker and close to the hole because you have a sand wedge in your hand that instills confidence.

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