Mental Training For Golf

How many of you implement mental training for your golf improvement program? I know most of you realize the importance of focus and concentration, but what type of training program do you do to improve this aspect of your game?

So many times we see the pros and many, many times we experience mental blow-ups right on the course! What a crappy feeling that is! Playing great and then all of a sudden your game goes south quicker than you can blink!

Mental Golf Tips

As golfers, we are “tip junkies”. Can’t get enough of them…and always want more. This holds true for a mental golf tip. All it takes is a simple input in your brain you connect with and it can make a HUGE difference in your performance!

There are dozens of golf books focusing completely on the mental aspect of golf. These books all have slightly different approaches to golf, but each has valuable tips you can apply immediately.

Training Your Mind

We all know as golfers, our minds can make or break our outcome! It’s no secret that “blowing up” during a round is a common, very painful occurrence for most of us amateur golfers.

Why not train your mind, just like I want you to train your body? Really focus on the “now” during a round of golf and even practice. Training your mind specific to your desired outcome in golf can’t hurt!

Mental Focus

When you focus on EVERY shot you succeed right? Maybe not 100% of the time, but much more than if you didn’t stay in the moment. Focus for golf is critical! Lose focus and kiss your score good-bye! Maintain focus and dominate your playing partners!

Haven’t you ever heard a golfer talking to himself out loud? “You dummy…why did you hit that shot?” “I suck!” Do these sound familiar? Have you said them to yourself…or better yet out load? I know I’m guilty!

How about when you experience a blow up hole? How do you handle it? Can you “get back on the horse” and shake it? Or do you carry it with you as excess baggage the rest of the round?

Recommended Mental Golf Resources

Mental Keys To Improve Your Game – this mental golf training system will eliminate all the bad thoughts in your head, and get you finishing your round strong, with no mental breakdowns or focus issues. Strongly recommended!

How A Golf Tip Online Can Be The Silver Bullet

The Internet is awesome! You can get almost anything online now. Even a golf tip! The only thing to consider is the source of the tip, so that it doesn’t hurt your game. With the Internet, comes every person who thinks they are an expert on some topic and will change your world forever!

Take a look out our friend to the right. He’s working, but he is sneaking in some time for his golf game! Haven’t you done it before?

Consider The Source Of The Tip

Don’t take everything you read as golf gospel. You may be in for a rude awakening! With a little research, you’ll find a handful of golf sites (like this one) that are credible and provide applicable information to improve your game. There are golf tips for everything. Tips on topping the golf ball; tips on hooking the golf ball; and how to correct a slice.

Golf Online

Golf is booming online. There are more golf sites launching than you can count on both hands and feet every single day! You don’t have to search for long to come across dozens of online golf tips. Some are good…some are bad.

There are a couple of great, instantly downloadable golf ebooks that can immediately help your game. With the Internet turning into more of a “pay-for-content” vehicle, these types of books are becoming more and more popular.

Check Your References For Golf Tips

Web surfers would never know what reports, ebooks and membership sites are the most credible and original in format and effectiveness. I am always hesitant with reading any golf tip online until I thoroughly look into the person behind the product. How long have they been in their profession? What successes have they helped create? And if you can personally talk to several people who have purchased and benefited from their products?

When you do your online research, make sure to reall all the information you can on the particula website. Some of the false promises are pretty amazing and very untrue. These claims seem impossible when you look at how long they’ve been on the net and how many so-called golfers they’ve helped. Just do some math and you’ll find that these numbers are most likely false.

One last piece thing to consider. Any person or business giving golf tips online should be easy to contact. If you can’t find any information on how to get a hold of them…run! When I pick up my telephone, people can’t believe it! I ask them why, and they say they didn’t think there was a “real person” behind it.

That’s a sad situation that shows the skepticism of web visitors. If you have to look hard for the contact information, I would not recommend using or purchasing any golf tips or programs online.

Don’t be afraid of getting online for a golf tip, but take my advice and choose your tip wisely!

Golf Swing Instruction Can Make A Difference

How much instruction have you taken for your golf swing? Golfers desperately take lessons, buy equipment and hit tons of balls and still NEVER see improvement! Why is that? How frustrating to do all the above and STILL not improve?

Just like golfers have individual golf swings, instructors have different approaches to golf swing improvement. You can take a lesson from 5 different instructors and not hear the same thing, nor isolate the same swing fault. That’s where golf instruction gets very frustrating!

So where does that leave you?

Your next step could be to get a simple golf swing dvd; plug it in and see how to fix your swing fault. A good dvd will have a complete section on golf swing fundamentals and how to simplify them. If you can make your swing simpler, you are well on your way to a much BETTER golf game!

Learn The Fundamentals

Golf, like any sport is all about fundamentals. Learn the fundamentals…and your golf swing will be a piece of cake! Ignore the basic fundamentals, and you’ll struggle with inconsistent golf forever!

An instructional dvd that will improve your swing, will have a strong fundamental section of for the grip, posture, pivot, and even spine angle. These are all basic elements to a consistent golf swing. Once learned…you’ll never have to think of them again!

Focus On Your Swing Fault

Every golfer (even the pros) fights a common swing fault. The big difference is…the pro will work for hours every day until that swing fault is completely eliminated! Us amateurs maybe will work on this once a week for about an hour. If you’re hardcore, you might work on it 2-3 times a week. Still not even close to what the pros do!

This is where it would be nice to have a golf instructional video we’ve been referred to by a golfing buddy or mentor who said it was good!

It’s usually your recurring swing fault that will get your game to go south in a matter of seconds. One bad swing…and the snowball to big numbers comes crashing down on you!

Learn Your Short Game

Short game in golf is over 50% of the scoring. If you blow a few putts, chunk a few chips, and miss the green from 100 yards, you’ll never be satisfied with your score. These aspects are critical to playing better golf, and very simple to perfect, with the right approach.

Putting, chipping, bunker and wedge play are all part of your short game. With the proper instruction, your golf swing will be near perfect, and your short game better than anyone you play with! A little attention to it during your instruction sessions, and you’ll be golden!

My Personal Recommendation

Do you want a step-by-step plan and program to take your game to the next level? A golf swing that’s so easy to repeat, you’ll be laughing all the way to the 19th hole? Then I strongly recommend the Simple Golf Swing – Pure Point DVD. Your game will never be BETTER !

Golf Stretches To Improve Your Distance In The Office

You think I’m joking, right? Golf stretches in your office indeed! You’re going to say you don’t have the time. You are far too busy. Am I right?

In Your Office

Yes, I thought so. But why not? You don’t have to get out of your chair. Just take 15 seconds away from the computer! Surely you can afford 15 seconds? Yes, that’s what I said, just 15 seconds of golf stretches. I have a whole series of flexibility for golf stretches-these that will improve your game and increase your distance in my training manual.

Eliminate Aches And Pains

That’s not all. How about these aches and pains in your neck, shoulder and back muscles. Don’t your hips or feet ever get sore sitting there all day? Mine certainly do when I sit around for too long. It’s annoying and it affects your game. Therefore, here’s one of my simple golf stretches that will cut out these aches and pains, improve your flexibility and increase your driving distance. Get into the habit of doing these in your office now and again and the difference it makes will blow you away.

Seated Twist Golf Stretch

It’s the most efficient time management project you will have undertaken, and it’s called the Seated Twist.

* Sit in your office chair, back straight and your chest high.
* Reach behind you with one arm. This will rotate your upper body.
* Keeping as erect as possible, twist round as far as you can then hold.
* Repeat this twist the other way.
* Twist to both sides 2-3 times, holding 10 seconds.

One of several extremely effective golf stretches, this will quickly reduce your back pain and make a rapid improvement to your golf swing. It will improve the range of motion you can give to your swing and follow through so that you exert the maximum speed and power to the clubhead with a significant increase in distance.

Simple Golf Stretches

You’re at a great disadvantage playing against somebody who consistently out-drives you by 30 yards, so try it in your office now . . . your back will feel better almost immediately. You see .. I told you. 15 seconds. There are many such golf stretches and golf-specific exercises you can carry out in your office in just a few seconds. When your golfing buddies ask you where you got so fit you can tell them “In my office” – watch their faces. The key to rapid improvement is to do one of these golf stretches whenever you have a free 15 seconds. You can even do them at home.

Golf Stretching DVD For More Power And Distance

So no more excuses: use your time effectively and start your golf stretches now! If you want a complete stretching routine, I take you through the entire 7 minute stretching session in my golf stretching dvd.

Golf Schools In Winter To Improve Your Game For Spring

If you think that your golf game needs a lot of improving, and you’ve tried whacking balls about on the practice range, why not try one of the many golf schools available as a winter vacation? Attending a golf school in winter, especially in a warm climate, makes a great getaway that can help improve your golf to amaze your buddies in spring.

Golf Tuition Is Not All Fun

Three days tuition, tied in with unlimited golf after your teaching sessions, makes for a great short vacation, but it’s not all play. You are there to improve your golf game and you won’t achieve that without work.

It is important to keep in mind that while this may be a vacation to you, it is serious business to your golf school that relies on good results for its existence. You should have a clear idea of what parts of your game you think you are weakest in so that the tuition can be tailored to your specific needs.

In choosing the location and instruction venue, you should have a budget in mind. Golf schools are very competitive and each is trying very hard to get your business. Check what facilities are offered, such as the unlimited golf and the professional to pupil ratio. Anything more than 4 to 1 will be too impersonal and, if possible, find somewhere that is prepared to check your entire game, not just part of it.

Break Down Your Golf Swing On Video

Golf schools commonly use video to capture your swing, and is regarded as being the best way to identify and point out faults to students. It is about the only way that students can see their own golf swing. It is important to make sure that your choice of venue has this golf video facility because it is one of the best ways to enable you to make rapid improvements in your swing.

Having enjoyed your few days away being taught personally by golfing professionals it is important that you follow this up. It would be useful if your vacation package included some follow-up by phone or email, but if not you must get out onto the golf course and start putting what you have learned into practice.

Don’t expect to have your faults put right in November then go out in March and play like a professional. It won’t happen unless you keep practicing what you have learned.

Yes, the idea of golf schools in winter to improve your game for spring is very tempting, but make sure that you are ready to work to improve your golf as well as have fun.

Golf Instructional Video

How many instructional videos for golf do you own? I know I can’t count on all fingers and toes how many I have! Why do golfers do that? We buy the next latest/greatest video in hopes for a better golf swing, and yet most of the time that doesn’t happen. Ugh!

It’s like dieting…there’s a diet book that comes out every day! If diets worked, there’d only be ONE!

Simple Video For Golf Instruction

If you want to “cut-to-the-chase with your golf improvement, you’ll want to take a look at this instructional video for golf. This is not a hyped up, over-priced video (dvd). It makes the golf swing so simple, you’ll laugh after you see how quickly you’ll improve!

So many times I see these videos screw up golfers swings. They get you thinking of way too many things in your golf swing, making it impossible to hit a ball solidly!

Improve Your Golf Swing Quickly

The most effective videos for golf will have an almost immediate impact on your game. You’ll have one of those ah-ha moments, and be hitting the ball better than you have in years! The main thing to remember is to work on your swing faults and what’s causing it! A good golf instruction video or dvd will do that.

It’s amazing when you can watch something and apply it quickly and effectively. It’s the dream and goal of every golfer! To play better golf quickly.

Your Instructional Video Should Work On Your Swing Faults

Correcting swing faults is the name of the game when it comes to improving your scores! If you can identify AND fix your swing fault(s), you’re well on your way to a better game, that will get you walking off the 18th green with a big ‘ol smile on your face, from taking all the money from your foursome!

You should look for that in all instructional videos you’re considering purchasing. Do they mention swing faults anywhere in the copy of their product? If they do…take a serious look at what the video is composed of. As we all know, there is always a certain amount of risk when buying any informational product, but with a little due diligence, you should be fine.

My Personal Recommendation

If you want to improve your game quickly, this instructional video for golf will do it! You’ll be making golf swings you haven’t made in a long time…and consistently too!Improve your game right now!

Golfing for Business – A Woman’s Eye View

If, like me, you are one of the new breed of avid women golfers who have played for years you probably get a little tired of the patronizing behavior of some of the male golfers you meet on and off the course. Most of the men are courteous and helpful – but every now and then – there comes one whom you wish would fall in the drink!

As part of a couple who have both been passionate about the game for years, playing regularly both together and with friends, I feel fairly confident in my abilities now and can generally give men a run for their money.

Recently, the firm I work for has begun to look into options for this year’s corporate team building event. I organized the trip last year to a fantastic golf resort in our local area, and was really pleased by its success.

At the time there was a real mixture of men and women golfers in the office, and most of us had played at least a few games before so we were all relaxed enough about the event.

When it came to the day itself everyone really got dug in and enjoyed themselves, and whilst the women were a little inclined to nerves and embarrassment and the men were a little inclined to boisterous competitiveness, good fun was had by all.

Because we were evenly matched with a similar number of each sex we ended up playing in teams with boys against girls. There was all of the expected banter and mild flirting which happens when you have both genders playing together in a sporting occasion, but it all combined to make the day amusing, light-hearted and memorable.

By the end of our corporate golf day we had even landed a really important contract that had been hanging in the balance for a number of months, as we had bonded so well with the clients we brought with us. Now they are one of our company’s closest contacts, working with us exclusively, and we often meet up sociably for after-work drinks.

Due to the success of last year’s trip, my boss and I have been putting some thought into organizing something similar for staff and partners this year.

I know a great golf resort within driving distance which would be perfect for this type of business golf excursion, and have had a chat with their personnel about organizing a fun golfing tournament with clinics to hone our technique and prize-giving at the end of the day.

I really do think that golf is the perfect sport for these types of corporate events, getting everyone involved and breaking down inhibitions and barriers between men and women golfers through team-building and light hearted competition. It is also such fun to get outside into the fresh air and see your colleagues in a completely different light and a more motivating environment.

However, this year something is niggling in the back of my mind which I think may be due to the majority of our staff now being men, with only one or two women golfers left. There is one core group of young guys in particular who have recently joined the team, whose negative, sneering reaction to the idea has been very disappointing.

Their only contributions to discussions have been loutish wisecracks and ignorant remarks demeaning the women golfers in the team, and insinuating that it would be worth coming along if only to watch us struggling on the greens. Much amusement was had after a particularly obnoxious remark about ‘women golfers being as bad as women drivers’ due to our apparent biological lack of spatial awareness.

Whilst we females in the office have determined not to be offended and to take these remarks as silly banter, we are pretty proficient golfers and have decided to prove these male chauvinists wrong.

I’m investing in a few top-up lessons with my fantastic PGA coach over the next few weeks to polish my skills, and I intend to enjoy wiping the smirks off their faces, whilst making sure that our clients enjoy themselves as much as possible.

I was discussing the situation with one of the ladies from my regular women-only golfing group the other day during our after-game drinks. She is a business woman herself and she also participated in a corporate golf event just a few months ago.

We were having a good giggle as she had a very amusing anecdote about her supervisor, a particularly conservative gentleman with rather sexist views, who had been loudly informing the entire office of his amazing golfing prowess over the weeks prior to the event.

My friend is a very good golfer (by men or women-golfers’ standards) and regularly wins all of the ladies trophies in our local course tournaments, so when the day approached she took no time in beating him at every hole and ultimately winning the day. She did all of this with modesty and maturity, and then rather kindly congratulated the gentleman on a good game and offered to give him a few helpful tips to improve his technique.

Needless to say he was suitably chastened but not quite enough of a man to take her up on her offer. It is such a pity that this small minority of oafish men give the majority of male golfers, who are polite and encouraging, a bad name on these types of business golf days.

Luckily we women golfers are capable of remaining cool and calm under pressure, being used to juggling a demanding work life with home and leisure time. Those of us who are mothers are also well-practiced in dealing with toddler tantrums and teenage hysterics, so coping with a few over-zealous colleagues is like a walk in the park!

So ladies, if you are looking for a fresh new alternative to a business lunch and want to organize a corporate day out why not opt for a golf trip? It will give you the opportunity to work out those office politics in a sportsman-like environment, and will invigorate your work place with new vitality and closer relationships. Enjoy!

Golf Buddy

There is a new breed of passionate women golfers gracing the best greens in the country today. These skillful players are influencing the game in a host of interesting ways, and are challenging the old preconceptions of what it means to be a golfer and to love the game.

It is imperative that women, alongside their male contemporaries, have arenas where they can improve their techniques and socialize with like minded people. Many women golfers would agree that whilst it is both enjoyable and valuable to play with male golf partners, as so often happens in golfing couples, it is also hugely important to have access to woman-orientated spheres if they are to reach their full potential.

With this in mind, organisations like the Executive Womens Golf Association are utterly worthwhile as they cater to this slightly marginalized group of golf enthusiasts.

So, what can the EWGA do for you? Well, if you are sometimes frustrated by the limitations of playing and socializing only with male peers, or if you would like to get tips from women golf professionals, then this is a commodity you simply must tap into.

They have chapters all over the country so you can contact whichever is closest to you and begin building new relationships with women golfers in your area, which will ultimately improve your game and your enjoyment. Membership offers you participation in their Golf Club Network offering reduced playing fees and golf instruction, and information on which of the facilities local to you are women friendly. The EWGA organize a range of activities including annual get-togethers, tournaments, weekly evening ‘ 9 hole’ games, business networking and social functions, weekend golf trips, charity fund-raising events, and seminars to improve your golf theory. Soon you will be showing your old male golf partners a thing or two! here.)

If you would like to explore all the options, there are a range of alternatives which will also help you find a golf buddy in your local area.

My Golf Buddy specializes in helping you search for golfing partners and golf courses in your local area, and is completely free to use. Simply input your details so that they can build a profile of your ability and search their database to find compatible players. Sample questions you can expect require your age range, handicap rating, how regularly you play, the limit you would pay for a round, what days of the week you are free, whether you like to rent a cart or walk, whether you are a member of any local clubs, and amusingly, whether you like to gamble when you play.

Golf Finder will help you get opinions from like-minded people on your local courses as well as find a golfing partner in your area or further a field. Find Golfer call themselves the social network for golfers, and are dedicated to helping connect golfers and those who would like to learn the game, and currently operate in 17 countries around the world.

There seem to be countless options to choose from!

So, log on today and find like minded women golf buddies so that you can open up your world to new people, new places and new experiences.

EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association)

For Women Golfers, there’s nothing like the EWGA. The EWGA or Executive Women’s Golf Association is a nationally (US) and internationally based organization promoting Women’s Golf. This is one of the best golf associations which provide opportunities for women to learn to play and enjoy the game of golf for business and for life. The EWGA has been recognized as doing outstanding work to promote the sport amongst women. Their aim is to provide non-threatening learning environments for all skill levels. You do not have to be a business golfer to join as their membership is open to all women golfers at whatever level.

The benefits the EWGA offers women golfers:

Membership discounts on a wide range of golf related products including travel and course fees
Golf education and player development with an emphasis on providing non-threatening environments for all skill levels
The EWGA Golf Club Network that offers reduced fees and player instruction for all members
An opportunity to network and become part of a social group of other women golfers at varying skill levels
“Ask a Pro” Education Service

EWGA chapters are based all over the United States, Mexico and Canada. If you cannot find a Chapter near you, check out their development program as there may be one under development in your area.


There are three levels of membership available to women golfers:


The Classic membership comes at a cost of US$125 (as at August 2007) and offers the following benefits:

Membership at your nearest EWGA Chapter;
Subscriptions for Golf for Women and Golf Digest magazines;
Access to EWGA’s “Ask a Pro” Education Service;
access to EWGA’s Golf Life Management System for an official USGA handicap index;
access to the Members Only portion of the EWGA website at;
15% discount off green fees at all applicable daily fee TPC courses;
a discount lesson from GolfTEC;
a personalized EWGA bag tag, member card and key fob;
Special EWGA member discount offers from over thirty leading manufacturers and service providers.

To take a look at the member discount offers you can take a look at their affiliate’s page on their website.

The Premier membership women golfer’s package includes all of the membership benefits of the Classic membership plus:

Silver Status in the Troon Golf Rewards Program where individuals earn free rounds of golf;
Discounts and points that may be redeemed for Callaway golf equipment or Tumi travel accessories.

This level of membership costs US$175.

Lastly, there is the Executive membership package which comes at a cost of $250 and includes all of the benefits of the Classic and Premier levels plus:

complimentary general admission to LPGA Tour events with your EWGA membership card;
special “EWGA On Course” invitation-only golf events at five-star golf resorts;
a distinctive Bobby Jones EWGA golf shirt;
Gold Status in the Troon Golf Rewards Program;
golf discount coupons valued at $400 from SMT Golf, GolfTEC, Destination Golf and Bette & Court;
One Sleeve of Callaway HX Pearl golf balls;
Sports Express gift card valued at $25;
Access to a private online community and networking with other Executive Level members.

Each EWGA Chapter also adds their own membership benefits which gives paid women-golfer members excellent value for money packages that range across golf products and services.

Beginner golfers are given the opportunity to learn golf rules and etiquette which prepares them for life on the course, along with access to training workshops, golf days and the list goes on. Through your membership you will join a network of fellow golfers, giving you a wider social circle of playing opportunities.

One of the events that the EWGA is promoting is the Women’s Golf Fantasy Camp in October, 2007 (Applications close 25 August, 2007 but watch their site for the next program!). At this camp being held at Club Med Sandpiper in Port St Lucie, Florida – golfers get the opportunity to play with legendary members of the LPGA and female members of the Golf Hall of Fame.

Legends will be providing six 1.5 hour sessions in driving, putting, bunker play, short and long iron play as well as suggestions for course management. All golf, carts, balls and tees are included in the Camp fee.

Corporate Golf Schools

Use the Outdoors as a Backdrop For Your Next Meeting

Women golfers who are also executives know that a golf course is a place that is conducive for doing business. The informal but competitive experience of a round of golf sets the mood for sharing confidences, building relationships, and firming up the details of a deal without the stuffy constraints and posturing of the conference room meeting. But did you know that golfing also offers you and your organization an excellent vehicle for team building?

Playing and learning off-site, usually in beautiful surroundings, provides an environment for testing new skills, helping one another, and struggling through adversity. All these elements of golf, when shared, create bonds that extend beyond the course into the boardroom.

Golfing schools that specialize in providing training to corporate citizens have the experience to help you organize a business day-out or an off-site training for your team. A comprehensive list of golf schools organized by state is provided by Golf Link . A golf school is often associated with a golf course and provides individual and group instruction in golf fundamentals and advanced classes. For example, Corporate Golf Schools offers a 3-Day course for up to 20 participants that include instruction, swing analysis, and a business personality assessment that is used to construct golf teams during the training course. But perhaps you prefer a corporate golf school with a focus on women golfers.

Corporate Golf Services, a regional organization based in Minnesota, offers golf instruction for small groups that is tailored for women golfers. Their Golf Schools provide fast track training geared to executive women. They will work with your organization to set up local, regional and national activities.

The John Jacobs/Shelby Futch Golf Academy has a special class for business women called the Business Women’s challenge. Their classes can be set up for your group at one of these courses with which they maintain an arrangement for time and facilities: Camelback Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona; the Hillcrest Golf Club in Sun City, Arizona or the Port Royal Golf & Racquet Club in HIlton Head, South Carolina.

A third excellent option for an off-site golf education course is the Sycuan Resort in San Diego, California. Their School of Golf Exclusively for Women has focused on women golfers for over 25 years. The School of Golf is exclusively taught by women professionals and is available for women of all ages and skill levels. Golf for Women Magazine awarded Sycuan in their prestigious “Top Fairways” list as one of the nation’s most “women-friendly” golf facilities. Their schools are staffed with LPGA and PGA Instructors. They offer small classes with individualized instruction geared to the women golfer.

If you want to set up a corporate golf event for the women in your organization, here are a few questions you should ask to make sure that the event meets your goals:

Do they have an event planner at the site whom will work with you?
What is their experience in hosting women-only events, how are they special?
Are their classes small enough for good interaction to occur and do they have women instructors available for coaching?
Do they have corporate discounts?
What other activities do they offer that support the women in your group and your training goals including meeting facilities, dining, and after-hours activities?