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Your Global Guide to Women’s Golf Organizations and Associations

Women golfers’ organizations are a powerful entity in getting more women into the game of golf. Through golf workshops and training camps – these organizations are bringing new focus and putting the spotlight on women golfers.

They work closely with all facets of the golf industry to make every aspect of the game of golf women friendly and focused on the needs of women players. Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) is an internationally based organization working hard to promote women’s golf. They offer memberships and have chapters throughout the United States, Canada and France.

What about Women in the Golf Industry (WIGI) working hard to open up the Golf Industry to women and educate the Industry on what women really want out of the game. In 2005 WIGI commissioned a report to find out exactly what women want from golf – this has been used to make the Golf Industry stand up and take notice of where they were falling short.

There are many International Women’s Golf Organizations and Associations that are focused on giving women their dues on the course along with helping beginner golfers to find their way.

Maybe you’re looking for a golf buddy? Through your local or national association you can access other women just like you looking for a partner to play golf with. Perhaps you want to know more abouttournaments or golf workshops – most of these associations not only have memberships but also provide a wealth of information on what is happening for women golfers in your area.

The great thing about Golf is that it brings together large groups of like minded people. People who enjoy the game and follow the unwritten rules of integrity and fairplay.

Nothing demonstrates this more than the Women’s Golf Industries drive behind supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Through balls, golf apparel and golf shoes the Manufacturers of golfing related equipment have made their mark in reducing breast cancer fatalities.

Golf is not only a great way to relax and part of a healthy lifestyle – golf can also work for a good cause. There are many golf associations that are linked or formed around helping raise funds for worthwhile needs.

To make it easy for you, we are bringing together useful information on all sorts of women’s golf associations and organizations. Whether it is finding a golf buddy or a golf workshop – you’ll find it here or at the very least how to find the information in your local area. Remember our aim is to help you to keep enjoying golf as a sport and as a lifestyle.

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