Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations Offer Fun For All The Family

The Grand Strand of Carolina runs 60 miles from North to South Carolina with Myrtle Beach, that city full of sun and fun slap bang in the middle. With well over 100 golf courses and lots of accommodation ranging from Vegas style glitzy hotels to the downright cheap, and everything in between, Myrtle Beach golf vacations meet the needs of all pockets and all degrees of expectation.

You Play Golf – Your Partner Can Shop!

With all these golf courses to play it’s doubtful you will time for much other than golf, but if you’ve taken your family they will need something to keep them occupied.

Well, this is no problem in Myrtle Beach. The possibilities for shopping endless. . . so keep her away from your credit card. There are endless shopping malls, retail outlets and boutiques. And that’s before you even think of those golf shops . . .

Food? What do you want? Everything is here to meet every possible taste. Your problem on this golf vacation is not what to eat, but how to keep your weight down.

You will be able to use one of the dozens of gyms open to visitors to keep in shape. There are lots of other attractions, some golf related some not. Crazy golf, loads of different water sports from jet skis to diving and anything you need to keep them busy while you have a quick round of golf.

Myrtle Beach Golf Can Be Addictive: But Book The Golf Course

Myrtle Beach golf vacations really are for all the family because you can all either enjoy the golf, or each person can enjoy their own thing. Book up for Myrtle Beach golf courses early because they are very popular, this due both the wide range of great golf courses and variety of golf vacation packages on offer and due to the all the extras – the beach and water sports, the amusement arcades and theme park rides, the fabulous night life, the restaurants, bars and burger joints!

Your family will never again be satisfied with a week spent in a hotel by a golf course, playing two rounds a day and going for a stroll in the evening after a meal of steak and hash browns. Future golf vacations will be primarily for them, with golf thrown in whenever you get the time to play it.

So, be careful. Are you and your family ready yet for a golf vacation at Myrtle Beach? Are they mature enough to understand it is just for the one year? As I said, be careful your traditional golf holiday is not lost forever.

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