Ladies Golf Clubs

Women golfers have had the lousy end of the golf stick over the years … Ladies golf clubs tended to come in a one size fits all package. Unfortunately or fortunately, women are not all made in the same way and just like men we need golf clubs that really fit who we are and our game. Pat Lange, LPGA Pioneer and founder of Lange Golf, has this to say about the golf club woes that women golfers have had to face in the past:

“the biggest handicap women have had in our sport (golf) is the equipment they are forced to play with.”

Until recently, ladies golf clubs were almost perfect as long as you were 5ft 4” and did not really have a golf ambition further than taking a leisurely walk on the green with your friends. Now, thanks to ladies as usual “doing it for themselves”, women’s golf has finally caught up with the different strokes for different folks approach. Women golfer’s are now able to achieve a higher level of enjoyment and game satisfaction, through customized women’s golf clubs and an industry that finally realizes they need to look at how women golfers can improve their game through their equipment.

Whilst club heads can only be revolutionized in so many ways – they really relate more to the strengths of your game. The real issue for women golfers who want to improve their game is the type of club shaft they are using.

There are three main components of the shaft that are important:

Shaft type

Shaft Type

The best shaft type for all women is graphite, the alternative is steel and this type of shaft is rarely seen in Women’s golf unless it is on the tour or you’re an extremely strong woman. Through using graphite shafts, women are able to generate more club head speed increasing the distance of each shot.


This is an under-rated component in terms of the type of shaft women are using. You shouldn’t need to work too hard to hit a golf ball and by using a lighter flex shaft you are able to still gain the same ground without the extra grunt. A club fitter will be able to help you find your ideal flex. Check out the links at the end of this article to find some club fitters in your area.


Clubs need to be the ideal length for your height and game, if you are going to hit the ball consistently and solidly in the center of the clubface. Unfortunately, many of the women’s golf clubs of today are too short for a lot of female golfers. Some club manufacturers such as Callaway have recognized this and are now offering custom fitting services for women golfers. While strength may remain one of the key differences between men and women players, female-friendly golf clubs can enable women to obtain more stability in their club. With club stability, comes the ability to hit the ball straighter and with correct overall club weight, shaft, and length women can finally find more enjoyment in golf and in their handicap.

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