Golf Training Aids for Over 50s

Low impact or not, women’s golf is still a sport that depends on adequate physical condition. With decreased metabolism, strength, and every day exercise, over 50 women golfers face specific challenges in golfing. The necessary force to drive a ball the required distance depends on both strength and strategy. Both will increase with practice, of course, but practicing incorrect posture is detrimental to success as it takes more effort to UN-learn an incorrect habit than to establish a correct one. Fortunately, special golf equipment for women golfers greatly shortens the learning curve and hastens progress and fun. Not only men, but also women golfers benefit from golf aids that improve muscle tone and strength, help correct the usual ‘startup mistakes’, and save in green fees otherwise wasted on frustrating practice sessions with little improvement.

Strength and flexibility throughout the body are essential to golfing, and that is why the sport is so beneficial to both old and young. Sore or pulled muscles interfere with the smooth execution of your stroke.

Therefore, stretching exercises are recommended before playing the game, and attention should be paid to the integrity of the general spinal alignment.

The most specific affliction golfers suffer, and over 50 women golfers no exception, is Medial Epicondylitis, also known as ‘golfer’s elbow’. This an inflammation of the tendon(s) near the elbow, which ‘tennis elbow’ shares as a cause. The repetitive grip on the club, coupled with the impact of a poorly aimed swing, can make this condition a nightmare that painfully interferes with golf after 50 – or before.
Special golf equipment helps you train to avoid the common postural mistakes, shortens your learning curve, and saves you valuable time and money – not to mention physical pain.

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