Golf Tip-The Secret of Golf Revealed

Men and women golfers all over the world are constantly searching for the secret to the game. The secret to golf is simple: There is no secret. It is a game that can never be perfected. Ben Hogan said the secret was in the dirt. This meant the secret of the game is practice. He was half right, because you must practice with a purpose in mind such as proper weight shift or proper alignment, but finding out what you need to practice can be tough. Most women golfers will reference golf magazines, the internet, or the golf channel. The problem with this solution is that a tip that is presented by one of these mediums is designed to help a large segment of the audience. For example if you are hooking the ball and you start practicing a tip you read in a golf magazine about releasing the hands more through impact, chances are your hook will increase. A more effective solution would be to get a lesson from a certified golf instructor and practice whatever drills he might assign. If this is not possible, make sure when looking for tips that they are designed to help with your problem, and only choose 1 or 2 to apply while practicing.

Understanding what tips apply to your situation can be difficult. Be wary of a tip that promises 10 extra yards or claims to cure your slice forever. These generalized tips will commonly be short-term fixes that can ruin your swing in the long term. Look for the tips that might be a little more in depth and make sure that they apply to your issue. Sometimes you might not find a tip in a magazine or on a website that applies to you. Do not just pick a tip and try it, if this is the case.

Once you have found a tip or two that pertains to your swing problem, take it to the practice tee and use it. When practicing it is important to pick one or two swing thoughts or tips and focus solely on them. Sometimes it will seem like a tip is not working, but if you stick with it and focus on the drill you should see results. You should never have more than two swing thoughts in your head at one time. Doing so will cause an overload of information and you will freeze up over the ball not knowing what to do. This is called “paralysis by analysis”.

The reason that golf publications, golf channels, training aid manufacturers, and golf websites stay in business is because the golf swing is constantly evolving for every woman. A golfer will pick up a tip from a magazine, use it for a few weeks, and after this tip has caused another swing issue, that golfer buys another magazine looking for a new tip. This vicious cycle occurs with women golfers all over the globe. It is tempting to absorb everything you read, but if you use discipline selecting which tips you use and only practice a few things at once, you won’t discover a secret but your game should improve.

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