Golf Swing Instruction Can Make A Difference

How much instruction have you taken for your golf swing? Golfers desperately take lessons, buy equipment and hit tons of balls and still NEVER see improvement! Why is that? How frustrating to do all the above and STILL not improve?

Just like golfers have individual golf swings, instructors have different approaches to golf swing improvement. You can take a lesson from 5 different instructors and not hear the same thing, nor isolate the same swing fault. That’s where golf instruction gets very frustrating!

So where does that leave you?

Your next step could be to get a simple golf swing dvd; plug it in and see how to fix your swing fault. A good dvd will have a complete section on golf swing fundamentals and how to simplify them. If you can make your swing simpler, you are well on your way to a much BETTER golf game!

Learn The Fundamentals

Golf, like any sport is all about fundamentals. Learn the fundamentals…and your golf swing will be a piece of cake! Ignore the basic fundamentals, and you’ll struggle with inconsistent golf forever!

An instructional dvd that will improve your swing, will have a strong fundamental section of for the grip, posture, pivot, and even spine angle. These are all basic elements to a consistent golf swing. Once learned…you’ll never have to think of them again!

Focus On Your Swing Fault

Every golfer (even the pros) fights a common swing fault. The big difference is…the pro will work for hours every day until that swing fault is completely eliminated! Us amateurs maybe will work on this once a week for about an hour. If you’re hardcore, you might work on it 2-3 times a week. Still not even close to what the pros do!

This is where it would be nice to have a golf instructional video we’ve been referred to by a golfing buddy or mentor who said it was good!

It’s usually your recurring swing fault that will get your game to go south in a matter of seconds. One bad swing…and the snowball to big numbers comes crashing down on you!

Learn Your Short Game

Short game in golf is over 50% of the scoring. If you blow a few putts, chunk a few chips, and miss the green from 100 yards, you’ll never be satisfied with your score. These aspects are critical to playing better golf, and very simple to perfect, with the right approach.

Putting, chipping, bunker and wedge play are all part of your short game. With the proper instruction, your golf swing will be near perfect, and your short game better than anyone you play with! A little attention to it during your instruction sessions, and you’ll be golden!

My Personal Recommendation

Do you want a step-by-step plan and program to take your game to the next level? A golf swing that’s so easy to repeat, you’ll be laughing all the way to the 19th hole? Then I strongly recommend the Simple Golf Swing – Pure Point DVD. Your game will never be BETTER !

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