Golf Stretches To Improve Your Distance In The Office

You think I’m joking, right? Golf stretches in your office indeed! You’re going to say you don’t have the time. You are far too busy. Am I right?

In Your Office

Yes, I thought so. But why not? You don’t have to get out of your chair. Just take 15 seconds away from the computer! Surely you can afford 15 seconds? Yes, that’s what I said, just 15 seconds of golf stretches. I have a whole series of flexibility for golf stretches-these that will improve your game and increase your distance in my training manual.

Eliminate Aches And Pains

That’s not all. How about these aches and pains in your neck, shoulder and back muscles. Don’t your hips or feet ever get sore sitting there all day? Mine certainly do when I sit around for too long. It’s annoying and it affects your game. Therefore, here’s one of my simple golf stretches that will cut out these aches and pains, improve your flexibility and increase your driving distance. Get into the habit of doing these in your office now and again and the difference it makes will blow you away.

Seated Twist Golf Stretch

It’s the most efficient time management project you will have undertaken, and it’s called the Seated Twist.

* Sit in your office chair, back straight and your chest high.
* Reach behind you with one arm. This will rotate your upper body.
* Keeping as erect as possible, twist round as far as you can then hold.
* Repeat this twist the other way.
* Twist to both sides 2-3 times, holding 10 seconds.

One of several extremely effective golf stretches, this will quickly reduce your back pain and make a rapid improvement to your golf swing. It will improve the range of motion you can give to your swing and follow through so that you exert the maximum speed and power to the clubhead with a significant increase in distance.

Simple Golf Stretches

You’re at a great disadvantage playing against somebody who consistently out-drives you by 30 yards, so try it in your office now . . . your back will feel better almost immediately. You see .. I told you. 15 seconds. There are many such golf stretches and golf-specific exercises you can carry out in your office in just a few seconds. When your golfing buddies ask you where you got so fit you can tell them “In my office” – watch their faces. The key to rapid improvement is to do one of these golf stretches whenever you have a free 15 seconds. You can even do them at home.

Golf Stretching DVD For More Power And Distance

So no more excuses: use your time effectively and start your golf stretches now! If you want a complete stretching routine, I take you through the entire 7 minute stretching session in my golf stretching dvd.

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