Golf Schools In Winter To Improve Your Game For Spring

If you think that your golf game needs a lot of improving, and you’ve tried whacking balls about on the practice range, why not try one of the many golf schools available as a winter vacation? Attending a golf school in winter, especially in a warm climate, makes a great getaway that can help improve your golf to amaze your buddies in spring.

Golf Tuition Is Not All Fun

Three days tuition, tied in with unlimited golf after your teaching sessions, makes for a great short vacation, but it’s not all play. You are there to improve your golf game and you won’t achieve that without work.

It is important to keep in mind that while this may be a vacation to you, it is serious business to your golf school that relies on good results for its existence. You should have a clear idea of what parts of your game you think you are weakest in so that the tuition can be tailored to your specific needs.

In choosing the location and instruction venue, you should have a budget in mind. Golf schools are very competitive and each is trying very hard to get your business. Check what facilities are offered, such as the unlimited golf and the professional to pupil ratio. Anything more than 4 to 1 will be too impersonal and, if possible, find somewhere that is prepared to check your entire game, not just part of it.

Break Down Your Golf Swing On Video

Golf schools commonly use video to capture your swing, and is regarded as being the best way to identify and point out faults to students. It is about the only way that students can see their own golf swing. It is important to make sure that your choice of venue has this golf video facility because it is one of the best ways to enable you to make rapid improvements in your swing.

Having enjoyed your few days away being taught personally by golfing professionals it is important that you follow this up. It would be useful if your vacation package included some follow-up by phone or email, but if not you must get out onto the golf course and start putting what you have learned into practice.

Don’t expect to have your faults put right in November then go out in March and play like a professional. It won’t happen unless you keep practicing what you have learned.

Yes, the idea of golf schools in winter to improve your game for spring is very tempting, but make sure that you are ready to work to improve your golf as well as have fun.

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