Golf Practice Equipment

Women golfers don’t all start off as prodigies. For many, mastery is achieved through constant practice. But one must never undermine the importance of starting off on the right foot. If you’re already taking lessons, you might ask why golf training aids would still be necessary. Isn’t that like throwing away money you could be saving up for the course or for new golf equipment? But many women golfers who look into golf practice equipment find that the cost is worth it, if only for the opportunity to practice constantly and get a better grip on the basics. Training yourself even off the course is one of the surest and fastest ways to become a better golf player. Besides, nobody said that practice gear had to be costly! Look into golf training aids that won’t stretch your budget.


Mats simulate fairway conditions, which helps you become more familiar with the “feel” of being on a golf course. The best part is, you don’t have to leave the quiet and safety of your own home!

The Hill Shot Incline Trainer is a great mat to emulate hill inclines. Since most shots don’t occure on a perfectly-flat surface, practicing on an incline will give you a huge advantage. At $899.95 this is a pricey option but then one always has to pay for quality.

Then there is the DivotMat which actually “maps” ut your swing path on specially printed “DivotSheets”. This is a great way to see if you’re cutting across the ball, behind it or ahead of it. At $99.95 you get much more than just a standard mat.

You also have the option of just getting the mat and getting outside to just swing away. You’ll most likely want to actually hit the ball if you choose this option and will therefore need a net as well. At $109.95, PracticeRange offers a 4×5 Residential mat. They offer this range in a wide variety of sizes but all have a short pile with grass-like nylon fibers. This is important if you’re going to use it often as it will hold up. They also offer a commercial grade for much heavier usage.

Cages and Nets

If you have the space, and the weather is right, why not practice golfing outdoors? With the help of easy-to-set-up cages and chipping nets, women golfers could practice their swing and aim freely, without fearing that their balls would stray out of sight. There is a good selection of chipping nets of different sizes. One of them is the Izzo Chip Pocket Golf Net which provides a good deal at $29.95. This is a great net to practice your short game from 10 to 100 yards out. Alternatively, you can get really serious with heavy-duty nets which will serve indoors as well as out spending as much as $700 plus and everywhere in between. The Izzo Big Daddy Golf Net offers a good amount of hitting area of 7×7 and at a great price of $49.95. You can use it in or outdoors and it’s portable.

Golf Instruction Videos

Not only are educational videos a good introduction to the techniques of your favorite golf players, including some of the best women golfers in the professional circuit, they are also a great way to learn how to polish your own techniques. There’s nothing like being face-to-face with a golf instructor, but off the course, this is the next best thing. Women golf instructors know there is a difference between the way men and women play the game. Instruction videos specially tailored for women golfers are readily available at Amazon and many other online retailers.

Venus on the Fundamentals is a recommended 3-disc video of the basics as relayed by Debbie Steinbach, a longtime PGA tour member who is now a golf instructor. You could also try Cindy Reid’s DVD – Golf for Ladies.

For variety, you could also try golfing videos that don’t have a focus on gender. The 8-Step Swing by Jim McLean is a helpful video detailing how to master the fundamentals step by step. Learn key fundamentals and techniques from David Leadbetter’s 3 DVD series, “Golf Instruction”. Included in the series are essential components for every golver’s success. “Taking It To The Course”, “Practice Makes Perfect”, and “Greatest Tips”.

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