Golf Instruction-What Works

When you first thought about becoming a woman golfer, you knew that a game as complex and challenging as golf requires instruction. Whether you plan to take classes in school, at the local activities center, or from a golf professional at the local public course, you should choose to learn under the tutelage of an experienced golfer. And, as professional golfers know, you can keep getting better with advanced golf instruction over your entire playing career.

You have so many choices in getting golfing instruction that it can be daunting. You can attend group classes at a local club, contract for individual instruction, rent or buy a golf training DVD, or even reward yourself with a golf instruction vacation. There is no end to the help in selecting instruction that you can receive on-line. So, how do you know what to look for when you are seeking golf training? For many, time and cost are two important factors.

Individual or Group Instruction

Scheduling is easier and more flexible in individual instruction settings. You can also schedule the sessions with time in-between for practice. In individual golf instruction, your teacher will be focusing only on you. He or she should remember what you need to work on and will tailor the instruction to your needs. Golf schools, on the other hand, are more likely to teach a set of classes to a group of three or four individuals at a time. There will be less personalization of the instruction. But, the cost is also significantly less.

If you are considering a golf school, a potential resource to get you started is PGA schools. PGA golf schools use PGA professionals that offer expert golfing guidance for both men and women golfers. There are PGA golf schools that offer instruction to both novice and professional women golfers. Most PGA golf schools have group and private lessons, as well as a number of focused classes. The PGA web site provides a list of schools. If there are no PGA schools near you, it is a good idea to ask for referrals from golfing friends. If your local course does not offer instruction, they are likely to have a list of people they recommend based on what you want in your golf instruction.

Women’s Golf Schools

Another resource to give you evaluative information about golf schools is Golf School Info. They provide a list of schools they call The Top Ten based on their objective review of the schools. They collected data from each school’s promotional materials, website, and “secret shopper” phone inquiries. Beginning with an initial list of 450 schools they narrowed their recommendations down to ten. Points were given for quality of instruction programs, quality of facility, customer service, and feedback from past students. The list posted on their website is however, three years old. So, be aware that the situation may have changed and you should do your own investigation, too.

If you prefer a true women-golfers approach, the Bird Golf Schools – Women Golfers offers just that. With options of one-on-one or two-on-one classes with LPGA instructors (also women golfers), this may be the ticket for you. Their golf school vacations even offer Yoga where their belief is “Incorporating yoga basics into your golf game coincides with Bird Golf’s Instructional values and beliefs; stay fit mentally and physically and your game will improve.”
Hotel Schools

You might also want to consider brushing up your skills or get started with golf at a luxurious hotel. You can have it all at hotels like Marriott. Marriott has great golf package deals. MarriottThey also offer some of the best instruction there is. Mariott employs over 125 PGA and LPGA pros in more than 50 locations world-wide who give structured clinics and casual pointers right at the resorts.

They also have affiliation with the Faldo Golf Institute and the John Jacobs’ Golf School offering an opportunity to really break through.

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