Golf For Your Health

Great Information on Looking After Your Health on the Green

Golf is great for your health. Golf as a sport and leisure activity gives you an all round workout for your mind and your body. The best way for women golfer’s to keep on enjoying their game is to know more about how they can look after their body along with following stretching and fitness routines that help with their golfing ability.

In Golf for your Health we are bringing together a wide range of information that every woman golfer needs to know. All of this information has been tailored especially towards women golfer’s and also includes specific women-related health information.

For example, many golfers’ experience back strain, especially while they are training their bodies to learn a new swing. We have advice from the medical experts on what steps you can take to either avoid the strain injury or get on your way to recovery. Our aim is to give you all you need to know in order to keep you on the green and enjoying your golf.

Some of the areas we will cover in this section include:

• Eyecare on the course
• Techniques to strengthen your mental golf game
• Dealing with allergies> on the green
• How you can improve your conditioning for golf to build both stamina and strength
• Taking care of your skin while your outdoors
• Using Yoga as a way of enhancing your golf performance and overall health
• A guide to stretching both before and after you hit the driving range or golf course
• How to cure those niggling aches and pains

Whether you have that nagging elbow pain or spend your time sneezing through your shots; we have brought together advice, information and tips for how you can conquer it all and spend more time enjoying your golf without pain and discomfort.

With advice from Doctors, Fitness Experts and Health Coaches we are able to bring you the latest and most practical advice on how to make sure you stay healthy and fit for your game and your life. While you might think this information isn’t relevant to you now it may prevent you needing the information later on.

Golf is a healthy and enjoyable sport no matter what your age is – that is why it is so unique and appealing to so many. Whether you are young and fit or have more miles on the course – it is important to know how you can take care of your mind and body.

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