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Your Guide to Great Courses and Those That Make the “Women-Friendly” Gold-Star List

We’re WOMEN golfers — Have you ever thought “this course was made with only men in mind”? Quite often the red or forward tee is somewhat of an exaggeration as you still need to be part-way Amazon to make the cut. Well we are taking a stand and putting all of those such and such designed courses on notice! Our mission is to rate courses on a “women-friendly” gold-star rating and give you the information you need to choose which courses suit your talents.

Different parts of the world have made differing levels of progress in realizing that they need to design their courses with both men and women golfers in mind. We aim to bring you not only the best golf courses but also give you the inside story on whether their architects made the grade in terms of women players.

Some women’s golf organizations are working hard to educate clubs and course architects on what women really want in a golf course. While they are doing their part, we will be doing ours – you will have the rating to make your own choices on whether the course makes your grade or not.

Maybe you’re not interested in club membership and playing at the latest and greatest or oldest and established, don’t despair – we are also taking a good look at the public golf courses on offer both throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Also included are the following “need to know” golf course explanations:

• Golf etiquette
• Rules of the game
• Golf Jargon made simple
• Understanding the Handicap system

Apart from putting golf courses under the “women friendly” microscope – we are also going to bring you information on great courses throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

You never know, there may be a course in your area that you never knew was such a fantastic find and somewhere you and your golf buddies could really enjoy a long weekend playing at.

So you’ve been asked to organize the Corporate Golf Day – which course, is it suitable, can it cater to large groups? We want to give you hints and tips on making the right decision on where to take your colleagues and clients golfing. Maybe you’re the one invited to attend a golf day and what to know the lay of the land before you attend.

By now you should know that we aim to cater for all women golfer’s by bringing you the widest range ofinformation that women want to know.

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