Golf Coaches-Where to Find Golf Lessons in Your Area

Through a new group of women golfers enthusiasts, the game of golf is currently experiencing noticeable regeneration. Women are giving men a run for their money on and off the course. There are more and more women golfers to be found on all of the best greens, who are just as passionate and, indeed, competitive as their male counterparts.

Contrary to popular stereo type, these women are just as interested in honing their golfing skills as they are in shopping for the latest fashions or enjoying a particularly fine glass of wine with their girl friends. In reflection of this trend you can now find high quality golf instruction and golf coaches capable of catering to the best way to instruct women and who encourage women golfers to improve their skills in their own way.

It is important to note that the women who are taking golf lessons are reaching similarly accomplished levels as their male counterparts, through methods of coaching which understand and enhance the differences women golfers brings to their game. Just as the input of women will ultimately change and improve the game itself, so technological improvements have greatly affected the way golf instructors help their clients. Obvious recent enhancements like better golf equipment, larger courses, more financial investments and fitter players have made a difference, as have new teaching software, digital storage, psychological training and video playback. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

So, now that you have decided to forgo that fantastic new dress and put the cash towards some excellent instruction to improve your skills and impress your golfing partner, you just need to decide which coach to go with.

If you visit the United States Golf Teachers Federation website you will be able to search for certified teachers, so that you do not find yourself under the tutorage of a fraudster who may do more harm than good to your game. Indeed, you can feel secure in the knowledge that all of their 17,000 golfing professionals are trained uniformly within 4 progressive levels of certification, and are required to keep to a standard set of bylaws, so that the organisation remains utterly trustworthy. For those of you are not based in the United States you can visit their site for links to the websites of the other 34 members of the World Golf Teachers Federation, and find an instructor in your local area.

Another useful site, Find a Lesson, can also recommend golf schools and professionals, if you choose under the specific category of women-only golf lessons, using teaching practices designed specifically for you. They work with a range of well-renowned schools as well as PGA / LPGA professionals. It is fantastically worry-free to find women’s golf lessons in your area. Just type in your local city and choose your particular requirements, then let the system search for you. You can even specify whether you would like a male or female teacher and buy gift certificates for any friends who might also benefit from a spot of coaching.

You will be running rings around your baffled golfing partner in no time. Good luck!

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