Golf Coach Taking Up Golf After 50

?For women golfers, one of the most brilliant things about the game is that it allows players of every skill level and at every age to enjoy playing together. However, if you’ve never played before, you might feel a little unsure of why you would want to play golf, how to start the process, and the logistics involved in evolving from novice woman golfer to golf diva – this journey may be shorter than you think – even for those of us over 50! Here are some basic tips that outline why and how to get started.

Why Should I Start Playing Golf?

Golf is a fantastic game for women not only from the perspective of physical activity, but also because it plays up strengths that are naturally inherent in most women. Some of the most common characteristics in women are requirements for golf, and lucky for us, we’ve already got them down pat! For example:

Problem-solving ability
Attention to detail
Willingness to take suggestions and instruction
Willingness to practice

In fact, looking over this list, it’s actually quite amazing that golf began as a man’s game!

How Do I Start Playing Golf?

There are several steps that you can follow before actually taking the plunge that will make you feel more comfortable and help break the ice.

First, check out a golf store. If you would rather not go directly to your local pro shop, there are a variety of great women-golfer stores online including departments at the big shops – 3Balls Golf, Dick’s Sporting Goods Golf Shop , – the #1 provider of ladies golf balls, The Golf Warehouse – Golf’s #1 Online Superstore, are all examples of online golf shops that focus the woman golfer.

Miniature golf is a great, inexpensive way to get comfortable with the feeling of the club in your hands as well as get a hole in one under your belt!

Ask around, gathering information from other women golfers. How did they get started? Do they have a great golf coach in mind? How much are the local greens fees and which local courses are open to beginning golfers? What are the opinions of your women-golfer friends on various brands of golf clothing and golf equipment?

Now, if you are ready to jump in, sign up for golf lessons! For more information on finding local lessons, see our section on Where to Find Golf Lessons in Your Area.

Where do I Get Golf Equipment?

For the beginning woman golfer, locating golf equipment need not be a difficult task. Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely not necessary for you to have fourteen clubs complete with accessory bag and water bottle to take a lesson or play a round of golf. If you would prefer to be fully equipped, by all means, go for it, but you will most likely need only a few irons and a putter to start. Also, many courses and coaches offer low cost rentals to beginner women golfers. When you do decide to invest in your very own set of clubs, you should have an idea of which style of club feels best to you and works with your ball flight requirements. See our section on the ideal configuration of a woman golfer’s Beginner Set of Golf Clubs.

What Should I Wear To Play Golf?

First and foremost, you should always be comfortable when playing golf. Loose-fitting and stretch fabrics are always a great choice to allow for maximum maneuverability with your swing. Most courses do not allow jeans and have a collared-shirt requirement. Additionally, you may want to consider shorts or pants with deep pockets so that you can have your tees, repair tools, golf balls, and ball markers readily available. For some great ideas on women-golfer clothing, check out our section on apparel.

Take your time and relax. Golf is a woman’s game and by following these simple guidelines, you will go from golf beginner to golf diva in no time!

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