Golf Club Set Configuration Intermediate

You’re not a beginning golfer, but you’re not quite an expert yet, either. You’ve gotten over the newbie hump of rarely making contact with the ball, but did you know that with the right golf club set configuration, your skills can advance faster than you anticipated? Better yet, it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars in order to get a decent golf set.

The following are some of the main areas that intermediate women golfers are frequently focusing on:

General game improvement
Consistently more distance on drives
Maximizing accuracy
Better handling with wedges in tighter lies
Taking strokes off the short game

General Game Improvement

At this point in the game, you are looking for overall improvement. Since your contact with the ball has become more consistent, you are now ready to exhibit a little more control over the ball. The perfect way to do this is to invest in Game Improvement Irons which still offer a certain amount of forgiveness along with higher playability. While the high-end version averages about $700, the bargain-shopping woman golfer can obtain a well-equipped iron for under $160.

Quite frankly, our view is that no other game improvement iron has ever approached Callaway’s Big Bertha and Big Bertha Fusion Irons for unmatched game improvement.

Consistently Add More Distance on Drives

For your fairway woods and hybrids, it’s time to think about lowering the loft to increase your distance. Although you will probably want to stick with a hybrid, you might want to consider dropping from a 5 hybrid to a 3 hybrid. The average cost of a brand name fairway wood is around $200, but a high quality fairway wood can still be had for under $50.

Maximizing Accuracy

It is entirely possible to maximize your accuracy without sacrificing distance by specifically focusing on shaft types. If you haven’t already had your swing speed measured, now is the time to get with a certified club maker and have it done. Without this vital information, you will be making a random decision about what shaft type works best with your swing speed and ball flight requirements. You can maximize your accuracy to the tune of around $300, or if you prefer, under $100.

Better Handling with Wedges in Tighter Lies

The key to better handling is a set of wedges that allow you more versatility around the greens. Although most women golfers have several wedges, the intermediate golfer will almost certainly want to include a gap wedge to even out the loft distribution between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. To address maneuverability in a tighter lie (very little grass beneath the ball), you may also want to consider wedges with less bounce. As versatile as the wedges themselves, the prices range from $110 all the way down to less than $30.

Taking Strokes off the Short Game

Let’s talk about your short game for a minute. This is where you can dramatically lower your overall score by simply shaving off a couple of strokes here and there. Don’t underestimate the importance of a putter whose sole ambition is to find that hole. Upscale putter: $200; Humble, high quality putter that’s $160 cheaper: priceless.

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