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There is a new breed of passionate women golfers gracing the best greens in the country today. These skillful players are influencing the game in a host of interesting ways, and are challenging the old preconceptions of what it means to be a golfer and to love the game.

It is imperative that women, alongside their male contemporaries, have arenas where they can improve their techniques and socialize with like minded people. Many women golfers would agree that whilst it is both enjoyable and valuable to play with male golf partners, as so often happens in golfing couples, it is also hugely important to have access to woman-orientated spheres if they are to reach their full potential.

With this in mind, organisations like the Executive Womens Golf Association are utterly worthwhile as they cater to this slightly marginalized group of golf enthusiasts.

So, what can the EWGA do for you? Well, if you are sometimes frustrated by the limitations of playing and socializing only with male peers, or if you would like to get tips from women golf professionals, then this is a commodity you simply must tap into.

They have chapters all over the country so you can contact whichever is closest to you and begin building new relationships with women golfers in your area, which will ultimately improve your game and your enjoyment. Membership offers you participation in their Golf Club Network offering reduced playing fees and golf instruction, and information on which of the facilities local to you are women friendly. The EWGA organize a range of activities including annual get-togethers, tournaments, weekly evening ‘ 9 hole’ games, business networking and social functions, weekend golf trips, charity fund-raising events, and seminars to improve your golf theory. Soon you will be showing your old male golf partners a thing or two! here.)

If you would like to explore all the options, there are a range of alternatives which will also help you find a golf buddy in your local area.

My Golf Buddy specializes in helping you search for golfing partners and golf courses in your local area, and is completely free to use. Simply input your details so that they can build a profile of your ability and search their database to find compatible players. Sample questions you can expect require your age range, handicap rating, how regularly you play, the limit you would pay for a round, what days of the week you are free, whether you like to rent a cart or walk, whether you are a member of any local clubs, and amusingly, whether you like to gamble when you play.

Golf Finder will help you get opinions from like-minded people on your local courses as well as find a golfing partner in your area or further a field. Find Golfer call themselves the social network for golfers, and are dedicated to helping connect golfers and those who would like to learn the game, and currently operate in 17 countries around the world.

There seem to be countless options to choose from!

So, log on today and find like minded women golf buddies so that you can open up your world to new people, new places and new experiences.

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