Golf Balls, Bags, and All That Jazz

With all those bags and accessories out there for women golfers, it’s important to choose the combination that is right for you. There are many things to be taken into consideration when looking for golf accessories. Do you carry a lot of extra items with you on the course, dictating the need for extra storage pockets? How fast is your swing? Would you be able to carry something heavy all the way through your game or would you prefer that it had wheels? Other obvious considerations include simple utility as well as cost.

Golf Bags

The two main types of golf bags are cart bags and stand bags. Both of these usually double as shoulder bags, which allow you to carry it through the course on your back to get some extra exercise.

If you are anything like me, you aren’t interested in lugging anything on your back for two miles. A cart bag is usually either stored in or attached to the golf cart itself and has wheels for easy mobility. Callaway offers a beautiful cart bag with women golfers in mind (available in four colors). In addition to multiple pockets, it includes matching golf head covers and a coordinated accessory purse.

Golf Balls

When searching for the right golf balls, it is essential to look for low compression, which will assist with distance. This is especially important for women golfers with a swing speed below 80 miles per hour (which is most of us).

Ladies can’t go wrong by selecting Neutron golf balls. Not only do they come in a wide array of colors, but they are inexpensive and designed specifically with women in mind. Another fine choice is Bridgestone’s Lady S Pearls. Although slightly more expensive than the Neutron line, they are still well within most golf budgets, and certainly worth the extra expense.

And don’t forget to try LB Belt Company’s convenient slide-on golf ball caddy. Functional as well as fashionable, this sleek snakeskin caddy slithers easily onto all LB belts for hassle-free ball handling.

Whether you are a seasoned golf veteran or a fairway newbie, there is a golf accessory combination that is perfect for you. Your custom-created combo is just a few clicks away!

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