Discount Golf Clubs

Many women golfers are interested in purchasing discount golf clubs. These are usually clones or generic clubs that are made to compete directly with specific name brand clubs by offering lower prices; however one can also purchase name brands at discounted prices. Although some of these discount golf clubs represent a real bargain for the discerning shopper, one must be wary of companies that produce cheap imitations with sound-alike names. Brand name clubs are purchased because they have demonstrated consistent quality over time. They have an image to live up to and part of your cost is paying for that image, its advertising, sponsorships, and perhaps a brick and mortar storefront. Discount golf clubs for women golfers are not asking you to pay for image or advertising. This cost savings is how discount club stores maintain a profit margin while offering value to the consumer.

If you choose to purchase golf clubs through an online retailer in order to save money, you improve your chances of really getting a good deal rather than just an inexpensive deal by using the following criteria to evaluate their offerings.

First, they should have several choices of club type, style, and materials.

Take irons as an example, a good discount club retailer will offer a choice of shaft material, shaft flex, left-handed or right-handed, and various shaft lengths. If you are just beginning to play golf and not sure what you need, the site should offer advice to help you make a good selection.
Next, consider the materials used in construction of the clubs.

You should do some research about the name brands and the materials they use. Then compare the materials and manufacturing processes described by the discount club offering to those of the name brands. You want to pay less because the discount store saves on advertising and sponsorships, not by cutting quality. Evaluate the site itself. Do they have contact information, so you can talk with a real person or follow up on your order? Are there testimonials or blogs from consumers so you can understand the experience of others with this discount club? Do they have a process for handling returns and refunds?

Two online retailers that provide excellent examples of the features you want to find on women’s discount golf club website are Pinemeadow Golf and Morton Golf. Looking at their irons listings for example, there are selections for different styles and options for left and right handed clubs. Each listing provides details on construction and features. For beginning women golfers, the sites have several help options including a custom fitting wizard, general information called Golf 101 on Pine Meadow, and they provide interactive chat and email options to answer your questions. They have return policies and they give you direct contact information to resolve problems. Finally, they have been in business for over 20 years. Both of these companies brag about their histories, provide evidence of satisfied customers, and supports you after the sale.

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