Custom Made Golf Clubs

Custom made golf clubs are completely different from other clubs, as they are entirely built from the ground up and will fit you perfectly. Your golf swing didn’t come off an assembly line and neither should your ladies golf equipment.

Women golfers can take advantage of custom made golf clubs to cure a host of problems as they are entirely created with you and your swing in mind. Before you buy golf clubs, It’s important not to get custom made golf clubs mixed up with fitted golf clubs, as there is a definite difference. Custom clubs are actually built for you. Fitted clubs are already manufactured and the nearest set to your build, height and weight; swing, etc. are then matched. Customs are made to your specifications using first-quality golf club components and designed to match the golf swing of the player. Complete golf sets can be expensive but over time — considering you won’t have to pay for repairs, etc. — they will pay for themselves. Plus the fact that they can help to improve your overall golf game is probably priceless.


Swing speed is an extremely important consideration the custom shop will consider when selecting the loft of your driver and your fairway woods. In order to achieve maximum distance consistently, they will select the best shaft for you. Custom made golf club fitting can be carried out in two methods: First, find a custom golf-club maker (we’ve listed some we like below). Most of the golf manufacturers such as Callaway or Ping have fitting centers across the country as well as online. Next, you can find custom makers with less-than-traditional names. These offer high-quality clubs at usually discounted prices from the major brands. Both will offer unique benefits to your game. Don’t worry if they appear to be geared to men’s clubs. Most know exactly how to fit women golfers as well.

Make sure that whichever maker you choose, you have your clubs balanced for head weight, torque, loft and lie angles, shaft stiffness and length, and total weight of the club. Then make sure the shafts are properly aligned. Just remember that if your clubs do not fit your swing, you will have to make compensating movements during your swing in order to make a good shot.

You may think that a nice set of custom golf clubs are more expensive than other golf clubs for women, but this is not always the case. Just like anything, there are deals to be had on a good quality set of custom golf clubs, and you can easily compare the pricing to a set of name-brand golf clubs. If you are looking to lower your score quickly then custom golf clubs may be an ideal purchase. One of the biggest advantages of custom golf clubs versus off the rack golf clubs is that they will fit you and only you. Since there is only one of you, there should be only one set of clubs you use. If we women golfers choose our clubs like we do everything else we buy, no doubt they need to be the best.

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