Corporate Golf

Golf for the Businesswoman of Today

Women golfers have an advantage – operating successfully in business today is much more than finalizing deals and bringing clients in. You need to be able to operate in a global market and make the best of every networking opportunity you come across. By choice or by task this means that many businesswomen also need to be able to take advantage of Corporate Golf Days and playing Golf for their business networking.

Even for the experienced Golfer – a Corporate Golf Day or mixing golf with business can be a daunting prospect. While we are not saying there is no enjoyment in these experiences, you have the pressure to play your best golf and do your best networking. That is no light day out whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet.

So far this all sounds rather daunting – the bright side is, that Golf is actually a fantastic all round sport for businesswomen to play. You get to workout most of your major muscle groups and mentally it is relaxing and can help amazingly to de-stress the stressed out. Golf is excellent for both your health and your life.

If you have never played Golf before and your business or company actively takes part in Golf networking activities – then you really need to arm yourself with at least enough Golf skills to survive your first Golf Day. Either embarrassing yourself with not knowing one end of a golf club from the other or turning down golf invitations is not an option in the competitive business world of today.

Some businesses and some parts of the globe are especially active in using Golf as part of their day to day networking activities. Many of the banks like to gather their preferred clients together for a Corporate Golf Day, in which their staff also needs to be able to represent themselves both on and off the green.

If you are doing business in Asia – then you need to come armed with your clubs and your skills. Golf is as important to business in Asia as the fax machine and photocopier. It has been long said, that if you do not know how to play golf but plan to do business in Asia – you’re handicapped from the start. You will be playing against people that have learned and played golf most of their lives; you need to come prepared and confident enough that you can get by without embarrassing yourself and your company. Your golf ability in this region will do far more than your winning smile or clever sales talk.

We will help you to become well armed in your golf arsenal through hints, tips, sound advice and good information to help you enjoy this healthy and business orientated sport.

Corporate Golf includes:

• Information on Corporate Golf Schools and Academies
• How to organize a Corporate Golf Day
• Tips for mixing business and golf
• Where to find Corporate Golf Gifts
• Corporate Golf getaways for that team building or business planning weekend
• What you need to know about playing business golf overseas
• Where you can get company branding on golf equipment
• What companies help organize Corporate Golf Events

Whether you’re a novice or a vet, you need to be fully prepared for either your first or your next Corporate Golf challenge. One of the tips that I give to my colleagues is to always research the course you’re going to play on. Get the information on how to play each hole and make sure that you’re not hitting the course rusty – either hit the driving range or get some refresher lessons so you are ready to go.

We want to help you succeed in both enjoying your golf and playing your best no matter what your nextCorporate Golf Day may bring.

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