Corporate Golf Gifts

Women golfers could be executives too, and they know the worth of getting on the good side of corporate higher-ups. Golf is the sport of executives, as The Economist says: …”multibillion dollar deals are sometimes made on the course, where young and rising stars can impress their bosses, while CEOs shake hands on their prospects.”

A disturbing aspect of this is that women golfers very rarely have the opportunity to shine on corporate golf events. It is not about not wanting to participate; besides the fact that there are few women golfers to begin with, on the rare occasions that women are able to play against their male colleagues and superiors, they have to play off a different tee. This places career woman at a disadvantage, compared to their male counterparts.

However, the influence of career women does not end on the green. Corporate golf events are a way for major players in any industry to get together and network, whether it’s for the sake of charity or simply a recreational affair. If women golfers could take control of the planning and the purchasing for such an event, they could make an impact by making smart decisions for corporate golf gifts.

Golf gifts could take many shapes and sizes – the challenge is in finding a line of gifts that is cost-efficient and at the same time classy. You don’t want to overspend for lavish gifts that the guests will end up throwing away or forgetting! Replica putters are a classic. You could have them custom-made, or buy them ready-made from corporate gift stores. Golf balls are also quite popular as giveaways. You could have your company’s logo printed on them, and include them with your other gift packages as tokens from the affair.

Your options are not limited to golf balls and replica putters. You could also have customized golf tees, golf shirts, gloves, and berets. If you want a larger space to feature your corporate logo, you could also buy tins or containers where your corporate logo may be printed. If you’re looking for corporate golf gifts that could have your company logo, check out Tournament Showroom.

Customizing your golf gifts with your company logo is always a good move. Some executives put the golf gifts they receive up on display where it is clearly visible, like an office setting or a room where guests are entertained. Having your branded golf gift in plain sight imprints your company in other people’s awareness. In advertising terms, your golf gift also serves as a promotional product, which makes a subconscious impression on people every time they look at it.

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