Corporate Business Golf

Women golfers who have put their expertise and hard work into building a successful business may also be interested in the advantages that business golf has to offer through corporate golf days and events for business women.

Business Golf – the Game Within the Game

Every game has rules, and the ‘games’ of business and golf are no exception. No matter how great your expertise within your industry, successful networking on the golf course depends on your skills in business and golf – and the specific skills that combine both. Here is a general guideline for the novice business woman to ease into this exciting, profitable, and fun business networking experience:

Golf Jargon

A basic command of specific golf terms is the cornerstone for building additional golf skills; from
Ace – you hit the ball into the hole with one shot, to
Tee – a small peg on which the ball rests before you hit it,
Michelle McCann, six-time winner of the LPGA Tour, offers an informational and humorous list of golf terms.

Golf Course Layouts for Women Golfers

Whereas a number of different Tee combinations may be featured on a course, three basic Tee areas make up the industry standard:

The Red Tee or forward Tee
The White Tee
The Blue Tee (championship tee)

The red Tee has also traditionally been referred to as “Ladies Tee” and is the best beginning point for the male or female novice. Since inherent strength differs between men and women, a woman-friendly golf course is a prudent choice for women business golfers. The Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA), a not-for-profit organization formed in 1991, provides a good starting location in the search for women-friendly golf courses. Alternatively, you can search our gold star ratings on women-friendly golf courses and find more information on golf course layout in Women golfer’s section on Golf Courses.

Combining Business Skills with Golf Skills

Corporate golf schools not only provide training and coaching on the game of golf, but lessons in etiquette and golf-based networking and business skills for women business golfers.

Corporate Golf Services serves to link women to the game of golf. From golf schools to instructional clinics to individual and small group coaching, this site works with women golfers to optimize golf as a business tool.

The ‘fast-track’ program for executive women focuses on building golf and business skills and provides a wide network of golf-related resources. This program is geared towards the executive woman who wants to learn how to play golf for business quickly. Included are classroom instruction, swing instruction, and on-course coaching, with a highly effective student-to-instructor ratio of 3:1. Additionally, three 2 ½ hour sessions or a full–day class are amazingly cost effective at only $350.

Barb Hanson, President of Corporate Golf Services, combines her passion for golf with her skills as a teacher and coach. She is a speaker, consultant, rules official, and coach.Involved with several high-profile organizations such as MWGA, MGA, WIGI, USGA, and EWGA, she assists in developing golf events and women’s golf and business expertise. As a lifetime golfer with a handicap of 8, she has competed in local, regional, and national tournaments and actively practices and teaches the joy of golf.

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