Can I Still Play Golf on a Budget?

Women golfers starting out in golf will find that it doesn’t have to be expensive. By the time you buy equipment, shoes and pay your green fees, it can soon add up. Although, it might be tempting when starting out in a new sport to buy lots of expensive equipment, do you really need it when you are trying a sport for the first time? Perhaps you would love to play golf, but cannot justify that kind of expense. If you are a first time golfer, you may want to try second-hand equipment first and then upgrade as your skills and enjoyment grow.

The good news is that women golfers have less expensive options available to allow them to enter the sport. A quick tour of your local flea market or some garage sales will soon reveal a host of second-hand golfing equipment of all kinds. Some of it you will discard instantly, such as the trolley with the broken wheel or the club with the tape bound shaft coming off in lengths.

When it comes to shoes and golf clothes you may be better off looking and waiting for the sales to come along, as these are very personal items and second hand probably would not appeal to most.

With golf clubs for women golfers, you have a better chance of picking up some good bargains. Although styles of clubs come and go some things remain always the same. Try sites such as Old Clubs or The Golf Classifieds to find well loved bargains that you can make your own. For instance, a beginner lady’s set of clubs, including bag and a variety of clubs, will set you back only $35 through the Golf Classifieds as opposed to between $300-500 brand new. This means for around 10% of the brand new price you can have a starter’s golf set. The Old Clubs site has some useful tips on what to look for when you’re buying second hand equipment over the internet. There are other clubs available at individual prices. Your local professional can advise you as to which are your best buys, the pro may even know of equipment for sale.

Both sites also have many other things to delight the women golfers’ community from waterproofs to training aids. The only problem with buying from a site such as this is that you can’t examine the goods before buying. However, most second hand sellers are responsive to emails or contact through the sites for further information. Usually people sell their clubs as they are either upgrading or getting out of the game. Many golfers buy new clubs at regular intervals, yet actually only really use a very few favorites, so you might find a club that is just what you need in pristine condition.

If you prefer to look, feel and swing with your clubs prior to purchase – many golf shops and course shops sell second-hand clubs. Quite often, they are also prepared to buy them back for a reasonable price, if you decide to upgrade later on. You might want to talk through what the clubs will be worth if you decide to put them back up for re-sale, as some clubs hold their value better than others.

Other equipment that you can buy second hand is golf bags and course equipment. Looking through your local classifieds you will often find special deals on shoes and apparel.

Another option on the second hand market is ex-display clubs. You can quite often find these for sale through eBay or through searches on the internet.

Some second hand stockists display only one brand, for example Callaway Golf Pre-owned specializes in acquiring a wide range of second-hand Callaway golf clubs and they come with an inspection guarantee.

If you do your research, talk to your local golf pro and golf shop – you should be able to have a good picture of what your ideal golf set would look like. Then it’s time to let you fingers, thumbs or legs do the walking and see if you can find the same set for half the price or less.

At the same time you can also pick up pre-loved golf bags, wheel trolleys’s and also find heavily discounted new clothing and shoes. One of my favorite sites to check out, when I need to replace my well loved golf shoes or clothes; is to pay a visit to Morton Golf Sales’ site. They often have discounts well below the usual retail price.

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