Business Golf

Women golfers are steadily including golf in their business life.

Have you ever entertained a business client by taking them bowling, or by inviting them to play in a pick-up game of flag football? I would hope not, but I bet you have entertained a client or been entertained by a client on the golf course.

Because you can learn valuable aspects of a person’s character by the way they conduct themselves on the course, countless deals have been won and lost on the links and women golfers are or should not be no exception. Unfair stereotypes, fear of improper etiquette, and embarrassment have caused businesswomen to steer clear of mixing golf and business until recently. By having confidence in your game and practicing good golf etiquette you will soon find yourself wheeling and dealing on the course with everyone else.

A reason many women golfers are intimidated by business golf is because they think they don’t play well enough. The score for the average golfer is 100. With this in mind there is no reason to be embarrassed if you can not break 100. A person that does business on the golf course is well aware that golf is a difficult game and will not judge you on how low your score is. You might however, be judged on how you react to certain situations on the course. If you are able to stay positive and focused even though you just made a 12 on a par three, your client or boss will admire this. If on the other hand you get discouraged and embarrassed and give up, it will put doubt in the minds of your playing companion as to your character under difficult situations.

Golf is one of the few sports where your manners are as important as your score. Sometimes improper manners, or etiquette, can even cost you strokes. Make sure that you research golf etiquette before you play, because poor etiquette can ruin a business deal on the course very quickly. Some basic guidelines to remember are to stand out of the player’s line of sight while they are swinging, stay quiet while someone else is about to hit, and the player who is farthest away from the hole hits first.

Knowledge of the game is also important for business golf. A slow round of golf can cause a great deal of embarrassment for the other people in your group, so make sure that you are able to keep pace with the group in front of you. If you are having a particularly bad hole and slowing down the pace go ahead and pick the ball up. Being able to understand golf lingo can also help you while playing. Watch the golf channel or read some golf magazines to pick on the unique terminology golfers sometimes use.

Being invited to play golf with a client or co-worker can be a terrifying, but advantageous, proposition if you have never done it before. Not many women in the business world are golfers and if you are able to impress your clients and associates on the golf course, you will have a unique advantage over the competition. So let your business circle know you are a golfer! Just remember to practice proper etiquette, learn the lingo, display integrity, and have a positive attitude even if you are playing bad.

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