Business Golf Overseas

Women golfers can take advantage of the fact that international business borders are coming down at an increasing rate. The global village has become a reality. Today the bulk of business communication is conducted through the internet. Transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars, or any other currency, can be carried out within a few seconds with two clicks of the mouse. Yet the feeling still exists that, even in the age of the conference call and video conference, there is still a need for the company executive to leave their offices and meet their clients and colleagues in the flesh. No matter where they are situated in the World. These meetings can only help to encourage the growth of business relationships as well as building personal ones.

The strange thing is that there are many cases of interdepartmental or supplier/client relationships that have existed for months if not years where the parties have never physically met each other. Yet they may well have chatted about a variety of issues other than business. They might have exchanged digital photographs of themselves and their families. They may have discussed in depth such varied aspects as the weather, politics, news and current affairs, their hobbies and favorite sports both for watching as well as participating. And in many cases they will probably have discovered that they both share an interest in playing golf. So when the time comes for the parties are to meet, then a great icebreaker will to arrange a friendly game of golf.

The rules of golf are international yet many of the customs may be different depending on the country. Some worthwhile tips for playing business golf overseas either for men or women golfers need to be gathered before the visit and especially before golf match commences. If you have a local representative or colleague in the country you will be visiting who is prepared to guide you with tips on how to conduct yourself during your visit, and preferably to accompany you, then this will be a tremendous boost.

If the purpose of your visit is to see existing clients, then your job will be a lot easier, and your business golf outing should turn out to be a light-hearted affair. If you are a woman golfer, and especially one with some experience and talents that have been developed over the years, you shouldn’t be afraid to “strut your stuff”. Your customers will invariably be impressed with your skills. If the purpose of your trip is to try and close a large business deal, or win an important new client, then you should do your best during your golf outing with them to display competence and proficiency at your game. If your potential client, either male or female, is a weaker golfer than you, the last thing you should do is to let them win. They will rapidly sense that you are “faking it” and they are more liable to be insulted than gratified.

If the golf outing part of the overseas trip is with colleagues from a branch of the company you work for, then this should be a light hearted and totally socially orientated affair.

The common factor in playing business golf overseas is that it should indicate that the love of golf can be used as a common denominator, bridging international borders.Women golfers who are not sure about certain Business Etiquette or Customs in your destination country, should go to Kwintessential’s web site for more information.

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