Best Golf Schools

It has been said that the best golf schools are a matter of opinion and personal taste. How many golfers have returned from a golf school having had the best vacation of their lives?

The golf school in Orlando was great for the kids, with Disney World close by. The scenery in Vail, Colorado was breathtaking and that golf school in Las Vegas was fantastic, with the great night clubs, casinos and shows – wow, the best golf school ever!

How about the tuition? How about that swing of yours and the way you almost fall over when trying to follow through? Where does the actual golf teaching come into your decision as to what was the best golf school you ever attended? Let’s have a look at what makes a good golf school.

A Good Golf Schools Provides Tuition In All Aspects Of The Game

How many pupils does each pro look after at each session? If it’s more than four, strike that off your list of good golf schools. Are you given tuition in all aspects of the game – the long game, short game from about 100 yards out, putting, bunkers and everything else that makes up your whole game? Does your golf school have video analysis equipment?

Reputation is fine, but do the facilities and teaching techniques suit you? Some say David Leadbetter ruined Michelle Wie’s swing; others say he is the best golf teacher in the world. His golf schools are legendary. It’s all a matter of opinion and personal experience.

Use A Golf School Before Commenting On It

Without using the services of a golf school you cannot comment on whether or not it is good, let alone the best. However, some of the things you should be looking for are one to one tuition, special attention to your own specific golfing problems and whether or not accommodation and golf rounds are included in the package.

The question of accommodation is an important one, since there is nothing like walking out onto the course after breakfast and having a few practice holes. That’s much easier than finding your car and driving a couple of miles to the golf school.

Remember why you booked your vacation at the golf school. It was either to solve a specific problem that has been bothering you for a while, or to knock a stroke or two off your average score. Forget the sunbathing, the scenery and the great food. The best golf schools are those that provide you with what you paid them to do. Improve your golf.

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