All About Women’s Golf Balls

Women golfers may think that all balls are the same. The truth is that with the evolution of the ball, so came advances in the technology. In turn, that created advances in its construction and performance matched with a golfer’s skill.

The history of the golf ball goes back to the late 18th century, when the golf balls were made of feathers and packed in a leather pouch. It was made out of wet feathers packed tightly in a leather pouch for desired hardness. It was considered that there would be less drag if a ball was smooth. Thus, pouches were sewn such that the outer covering was inside out and had only few stitches on the outside. It was then dried, dipped in oil and painted white. The ball got ruined if it got wet.

In 1845, the ball started being made out of a resin or gum of the Malaysian Sapodilla tree. So, this rubber ball was molded after heating the gum. Around the same time, with innovations, it was discovered that a smoother ball will go farther if scratched or has marks. It was over time that the dimpled ball was standardized in 1930.

The 350 to 400 dimples on a ball are designed for increasing the lift of the ball. There is a wide variety of balls available for all levels from men, women, experts and novice players who are more likely to lose their golf balls.

Nike has specially made a golf ball keeping women golfers in mind. The Nike Super Lady golf ball has been crafted on the same lines as the Power Distance series. The Power Distance Super Lady ball is basically a 2 piece ball which has a solid core, 432 dimple patterns with a compression rating of 60. With the increase in women golfers’ apparel, footwear and accessories demands, women’s golf equipment is catching up with the market demands.

The special Nike women golf ball – Power Distance Super lady Ball has low compression featured core and soft ionomer outer cover. The golf ball has been designed for increased carry, high trajectory shots while the feel of the ball is soft and facilitates many swing speeds.

There are many other companies which also make superior quality golf balls, especially for women golfers. New Wilson Hope Crystal golf balls are available in beautiful shades of pink, purple and yellow. They are available in packs of 15 and are very soft, delivering good shots covering high distances with ease. Volvik Crystal Lemonade golf balls are unique semi transparent golf balls. The 70 low compression balls with solid core enhance trajectory for better spin and long straight shots and softer feel on the green. These are available in 12 balls per box.

It is recommended that golf balls should be of high quality so that your game goes smooth and flawless. It is better to take golf balls specially created for women golfers keeping their strength of swing in mind. It is sometimes more fun playing with colored, semi transparent balls than the usual white ones. There are many sites online where you will find a good collection of women golf balls. Our favorite is Morton Golf Sales which has been rated #1 award-winning golf shop and top women-friendly site by Golf Digest, Golf World Business, Range Magazine and others. They even help with your ball selection with their on-line system (below).

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