Aging and Diet

A Guide to Maintaining Excellent Health

Women golfers find that this is a sport that they can continue playing for a long time in their lives. In fact, it’s estimated that twelve percent of women ages 55 and over use golf as a form of exercise, second only to gardening as a practical form of exercise for older women. This is in contrast to running, biking and even swimming that decrease in incidence with age. The exciting thing is that golf health is one of the few exercises that is definitely feasible for almost any woman — young or old. Women golfers get a great deal of positive health effects from playing golf. Health goals such as maintaining one’s weight and overall strength and flexibility are clearly possible when one takes up the sport of golf.

Health Issues for Women Golfers

Women are getting a great deal of health benefits out of the sport of golf. The first is flexibility, especially for women who do stretching exercises before playing. Having a particular set of stretching exercises like back, shoulder, arm, hip and leg stretching is a good idea before every game or when just playing at the range. These stretching exercises aid in strengthening these body areas, along with the playing of the game itself. Women, in order to aid in maximizing bone health, should consider walking the course if at all possible and carrying one’s bag during the game in order to maximize the amount of exercise one gets during the game of golf.

Health Supplements and Diet for Women Golfers

As one ages, diet is increasingly important in getting the proper nutrition for playing golf. As we all know, women, for example, should get plenty of calcium in the diet. This, along with plenty of exercise, helps prevent bone thinning and osteoporosis which, in turn, can lead to premature fractures of the bones. Calcium can be gotten through drinking plenty of milk and through eating yogurt and cheese or drinking calcium-enriched orange juice on a daily basis.

Diets should be tailored toward health and packed with vitamins and minerals. If this cannot always be accomplished, consider taking a whole-food vitamin or a multivitamin in order to maximize body health and improve golf performance.

Women Golfers and Aging

Excellent golf health should persist for as long as a woman is willing to get out on the course and hit the ball around. This means that aging should have less of an impact on a woman’s ability to play golf than it does with some other sports, such as contact sports. At age 102, Elsie McLean hit a hole in one (April 2007)! This means that as long as a woman eats a healthy diet, keeps her muscles flexible and keeps the muscles strong, she should be able to play a reasonable game of golf. Health issues like heart disease and other chronic conditions need to be monitored by the doctor; however, only unstable chest pain or active injury should be the only limitations on actually playing golf.

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