A Message to a Golf Student Struggling to Find Golf Confidence

Wow, sorry to read that your golf performance was so far off the rails today.

Your question; “how does it happen?” is the eternal golfing question.

“How do you go from hitting great golf shots on the range to something almost unrecognizable on the golf course?”

To be honest James I believe the hardest thing about golf is not struggling with an inconsistent golf game.

The game of golf is by its very nature is very unpredictable, which therefore makes it very difficult to be consistent at, and for that matter confident at.

I believe the hardest thing to develop is the mental discipline required to continually believe in your ability to produce better golf scores when everything around you says otherwise.

Some call it mental toughness, and some call it “a never give up attitude,” either way, it’s an absolute requirement that YOU


Regardless of what one round or more suggests, you must stick to your changes until you come out the other side.

This is not ‘airy fairy’ stuff James, this is the edge that you’re looking for. The bottom line is mental discipline requires a day to day dedication to practicing your golf skills with precision and patience.

You WILL get better if you keep focusing on what you want from your golf game and not focusing on what you don’t want.

I can share this with you James because I have been in a similar situation, and at times I wondered what the heck I needed to do to break through, and then I discovered it…

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