Want A Simple Golf Swing?

Aren’t you tired of trying to play better golf and it not happening? How does a simple golf swing sound? Just step up to it and know you’re going to hit it good 90% of the time! It’s not a dream, you can do it easily and quickly if you apply the techniques that have helped thousands of people.

You don’t need to pay $80-$100 for a lesson in hopes to play better golf! Get his instantly downloadable ebook and start applying the simple priniciples immediately!

Easy Golf Swing Tips

I don’t want you to ever think you need more tips than you can count on one hand, but just one golf swing tip could turn your whole game around instantly. The key is how simple the tip is and how easy it is to apply it immediately. If you can apply it and see improvement, this may be the tip you’ve been looking for! You’ll soon be learning how to play better golf!

I had one of those rare ‘ah ha’ moments recently …and decided to type as fast as I could…and drum roll…my Free Golf Ebook in pdf format was created for you to see the real reason why you aren’t playing your best golf and how to change it quickly!

Repeatable Swing Technique

The key to success in golf is having a repeatable golf swing for 18 holes. One that holds up even under a little pressure, like that $5 nassau you had going with your buddies last weekend. Improving your golf swing timing is easy when you apply the simple golf swing technique.

Wouldn’t that be a dream? Having a swing you can count on for the entire round of golf. I know we are all amateur golfers, but why not aspire to be near perfect for what we can achieve? Simplifying your swing technique is critical in making it repeatable.

Simple Golf Almost Overnight

I know that sounds a bit far-fetched, but why not give it a go! Don’t take anymore lessons? Don’t buy anymore equipment! Just learn the simplist technique you can ever imagine and your swing will take care of itself. No more stressing out over it; no more wondering what swing you’re going to bring to the course that day. Just a simple golf swing that has no wasted motion or imperfections.

My Personal Recommendation

If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your swing and lower your golf scores, I strongly urge you to take a look at the Simple Golf Swing ebook! You can download it instantly, and devour it in one sitting! Grab a cup of coffee and before you know it, you’ll be swinging like a pro!

USPGA and Corporate Golf for Business

Women golfers may or may not know that the first Professional Golfers Association (PGA) was founded in 1901 in the United Kingdom. It presents itself as the oldest golfers’ association in the world. The famous JH Taylor, along with other leading players, organized the efforts of the first 59 members and led this small core group onto a path of success that today supports professional golfing in Europe and beyond.

The PGA of America was to follow suit in 1916, at its founding in New York. Both organizations have contributed to the growth of golf by guarding the integrity of the game and promoting interest in it as well as forming and organizing professional golf players, coaches, and teachers. With over 28,000 members the PGA is the largest sports association in the world. Both Professional Golf Associations serve as liaison between professional golfers and amateurs — for men and women golfers — in both the US and Europe, and also maintain friendly competition, in which just recently the famous PGA cup came to America by a ‘narrow slice’.

Business Golf

Golf and business go together like dinner and a salad. The relaxed atmosphere in the fresh air creates opportunities for the formation of friendships and partnerships. Negotiations take place in a more leisurely fashion, allowing time to think over details while playing the next hole. A bit of friendly competition even between men and women golfers allows psychological advantages while preserving an entirely courteous and sportsmanlike backdrop.

Corporate Golf Day

As the sport enjoys wide spread popularity, many companies offer their employees, customers and business partners the exciting experience of a corporate golf day. Entry level players have the chance to play with more advanced competitors, and a wide range of talent and skill may participate on professional grade golf courses.

This is also a perfect opportunity for a company to brand itself: souvenir items with the company logo beg to be proudly worn by those who associate them with an unforgettable event.

How does the PGA help?

As the PGA has access to many exciting, professional courses, inviting a PGA Pro to play in your company tournament is a perfect way to participate on the ‘big playground’ without making a lifetime professional commitment to golf.

PGA Pros often participate in corporate golf days, thus giving corporate men and women golfers the chance to play with a PRO. Golf lessons, hands-on coaching, and mini-clinics for individual golfers or small groups round out the experience for the corporate participant.

How to plan a Corporate Golf Day

The best way to manage the multitude of details that goes into a successful event is to hire a professional company with solid connections and proven experience, such as Corporate Golf Planner.

Imagine the thrill of playing on a course you would otherwise only see on a TV monitor. A corporate golf day of this nature will be unforgettable to employees, customers, and business partners.

Strokes Off Playing the Course with Your Head and Not Your Heart

Women golfers are often heard saying things like “If I hadn’t hit it in the water on #9, I would have shot an 85 instead of 90.” “If I had laid up short of the water on #3, I could have made a par instead of a triple bogey”. Sound familiar? Most women golfers are haunted by the “ifs” and the “ifs” come from poor course management. Sure, you will have some bad breaks during the course of a round, but you will shave strokes off of your scorecard by playing with your head instead of your heart. You can do this by managing the course you play instead of simply playing it.

The first thing to consider when playing smart is to think in percentages. Is a basketball player going to make more shots shooting three pointers all the time, or dunking the ball? Of course he will make more shots dunking the ball because it is a higher percentage shot. So, the next time you are tempted to try and carry a 5 wood over water onto a green the size and shape of a Volkswagen ask yourself if that shot is a three pointer or a dunk.

Most of the time if your ball is atop short grass you will have a high percentage shot. All of us have played with the cute little old lady golfer who pokes the ball down the fairway and eventually on the green. Then she proceeds to drain each and every putt she steps up to. In the meantime, you have been driving the ball way past her, but couldn’t pay much attention to her score because you have been looking for your ball in the woods or hidden deep in bunkers. At the end of the day as you are adding up the scorecard, you see she has beaten you by 10 shots. She smiles that sweet little old lady smile at you as she takes the money from your hands. The moral of this story is that if the ball is in the short grass, you will shoot lower scores.

Even if you do play the percentages, trouble will find you. If this happens you should go into “damage control” mode. Stay calm, assess the situation, and do not let your emotions influence your decisions. Figure out the path of least resistance to get your ball out of trouble. Sometimes this might mean playing away from the hole. Jack Nicklaus, while playing the British Open, once tried to advance the ball towards the hole in one of the deepest bunkers on the planet. After many attempts, he finally decided to play the ball out sideways and into shorter grass. If he had done this in the first place, many strokes and a lot of energy would have been saved.

Have you ever played a round of golf and felt like you hit the ball great, but your scorecard said otherwise? If so, it was probably due to poor course management. A good person to emulate is Tiger Woods. He doesn’t hit driver off of every hole and he will never try to hit a shot that he hasn’t practiced first. He often shoots low scores and wins tournaments even when, by his standards, he has hit the ball terribly. You might not win the Women Golfers’ Club Championship, but you will have more fun, and score lower if you think your way around the golf course.

Stop My Golf Slice Please

What a dream? Stop your golf slice right now! You may have been struggling with your slice, but going about it the right way will end your frustration and quickly turn that ugly slice into a nice baby draw, that will go up to 20 yards farther, just from the proper, spin on the ball.

Stop Golf Slice Ebook

How would it feel to konw for sure you’re going to hit a straight or slight draw off every tee box? I’m not kidding! It’s possible if you follow the right guidance. One that’s specific to stopping your golf slice. I have come across a fantastic, instantly downloadable slice ebook, that will stop your slice rapidly!

I used to slice the ball horribly…and took tons of lessons, and STILL didn’t end my slice ball. In fact, in some instances, I hit a bigger banana ball! When I look back now, it was so easy to fix my slice, but I couldn’t see it right in front of me!

And like the never-ending pursuit of a better game, I fight a big hook when my swing goes south. UGH!

Slice Be Gone

The slice is the ugliest shot in golf! There are some other bad ones like topping,chunking and even whiffing the ball, but when you see that big ‘ol banana ball curving the width of the fairway…ouch! Not fun to watch…and definitely not fun to be the person hitting it!

I can give you some bandaide fixes right now that will stop your slice, but it won’t last. You’ve got to ingrain your swing with the right moves to permanently eliminate it. You’ve got to work on the compensations that are causing your slice to fix it!

Compensations cause bad shots, and bad shots turn into high scores and being the shortest hitter in your foursome! Expose these compensations…fix them…and you’re slice will disappear!

Finally Enjoy A “Lazy Draw”

It’s time to start hitting a nice little draw and be done with the brutal slice ball! You’ll soon be stepping up to the tee, KNOWING you’re going to hit the middle of the fairway almost every time! You’ll have a big grin on your face after every beautiful tee shot you hit.

My Personal Recommendation

I strongly endorse The Dave Way slice ebook! I know Dave personally, and he is just like you and me! No Leadbetter or Butch Harmon. Just a regular guy who found a system of how to stop a golf slice permanently!

Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations Offer Fun For All The Family

The Grand Strand of Carolina runs 60 miles from North to South Carolina with Myrtle Beach, that city full of sun and fun slap bang in the middle. With well over 100 golf courses and lots of accommodation ranging from Vegas style glitzy hotels to the downright cheap, and everything in between, Myrtle Beach golf vacations meet the needs of all pockets and all degrees of expectation.

You Play Golf – Your Partner Can Shop!

With all these golf courses to play it’s doubtful you will time for much other than golf, but if you’ve taken your family they will need something to keep them occupied.

Well, this is no problem in Myrtle Beach. The possibilities for shopping endless. . . so keep her away from your credit card. There are endless shopping malls, retail outlets and boutiques. And that’s before you even think of those golf shops . . .

Food? What do you want? Everything is here to meet every possible taste. Your problem on this golf vacation is not what to eat, but how to keep your weight down.

You will be able to use one of the dozens of gyms open to visitors to keep in shape. There are lots of other attractions, some golf related some not. Crazy golf, loads of different water sports from jet skis to diving and anything you need to keep them busy while you have a quick round of golf.

Myrtle Beach Golf Can Be Addictive: But Book The Golf Course

Myrtle Beach golf vacations really are for all the family because you can all either enjoy the golf, or each person can enjoy their own thing. Book up for Myrtle Beach golf courses early because they are very popular, this due both the wide range of great golf courses and variety of golf vacation packages on offer and due to the all the extras – the beach and water sports, the amusement arcades and theme park rides, the fabulous night life, the restaurants, bars and burger joints!

Your family will never again be satisfied with a week spent in a hotel by a golf course, playing two rounds a day and going for a stroll in the evening after a meal of steak and hash browns. Future golf vacations will be primarily for them, with golf thrown in whenever you get the time to play it.

So, be careful. Are you and your family ready yet for a golf vacation at Myrtle Beach? Are they mature enough to understand it is just for the one year? As I said, be careful your traditional golf holiday is not lost forever.

Mental Training For Golf

How many of you implement mental training for your golf improvement program? I know most of you realize the importance of focus and concentration, but what type of training program do you do to improve this aspect of your game?

So many times we see the pros and many, many times we experience mental blow-ups right on the course! What a crappy feeling that is! Playing great and then all of a sudden your game goes south quicker than you can blink!

Mental Golf Tips

As golfers, we are “tip junkies”. Can’t get enough of them…and always want more. This holds true for a mental golf tip. All it takes is a simple input in your brain you connect with and it can make a HUGE difference in your performance!

There are dozens of golf books focusing completely on the mental aspect of golf. These books all have slightly different approaches to golf, but each has valuable tips you can apply immediately.

Training Your Mind

We all know as golfers, our minds can make or break our outcome! It’s no secret that “blowing up” during a round is a common, very painful occurrence for most of us amateur golfers.

Why not train your mind, just like I want you to train your body? Really focus on the “now” during a round of golf and even practice. Training your mind specific to your desired outcome in golf can’t hurt!

Mental Focus

When you focus on EVERY shot you succeed right? Maybe not 100% of the time, but much more than if you didn’t stay in the moment. Focus for golf is critical! Lose focus and kiss your score good-bye! Maintain focus and dominate your playing partners!

Haven’t you ever heard a golfer talking to himself out loud? “You dummy…why did you hit that shot?” “I suck!” Do these sound familiar? Have you said them to yourself…or better yet out load? I know I’m guilty!

How about when you experience a blow up hole? How do you handle it? Can you “get back on the horse” and shake it? Or do you carry it with you as excess baggage the rest of the round?

Recommended Mental Golf Resources

Mental Keys To Improve Your Game – this mental golf training system will eliminate all the bad thoughts in your head, and get you finishing your round strong, with no mental breakdowns or focus issues. Strongly recommended!

How A Golf Tip Online Can Be The Silver Bullet

The Internet is awesome! You can get almost anything online now. Even a golf tip! The only thing to consider is the source of the tip, so that it doesn’t hurt your game. With the Internet, comes every person who thinks they are an expert on some topic and will change your world forever!

Take a look out our friend to the right. He’s working, but he is sneaking in some time for his golf game! Haven’t you done it before?

Consider The Source Of The Tip

Don’t take everything you read as golf gospel. You may be in for a rude awakening! With a little research, you’ll find a handful of golf sites (like this one) that are credible and provide applicable information to improve your game. There are golf tips for everything. Tips on topping the golf ball; tips on hooking the golf ball; and how to correct a slice.

Golf Online

Golf is booming online. There are more golf sites launching than you can count on both hands and feet every single day! You don’t have to search for long to come across dozens of online golf tips. Some are good…some are bad.

There are a couple of great, instantly downloadable golf ebooks that can immediately help your game. With the Internet turning into more of a “pay-for-content” vehicle, these types of books are becoming more and more popular.

Check Your References For Golf Tips

Web surfers would never know what reports, ebooks and membership sites are the most credible and original in format and effectiveness. I am always hesitant with reading any golf tip online until I thoroughly look into the person behind the product. How long have they been in their profession? What successes have they helped create? And if you can personally talk to several people who have purchased and benefited from their products?

When you do your online research, make sure to reall all the information you can on the particula website. Some of the false promises are pretty amazing and very untrue. These claims seem impossible when you look at how long they’ve been on the net and how many so-called golfers they’ve helped. Just do some math and you’ll find that these numbers are most likely false.

One last piece thing to consider. Any person or business giving golf tips online should be easy to contact. If you can’t find any information on how to get a hold of them…run! When I pick up my telephone, people can’t believe it! I ask them why, and they say they didn’t think there was a “real person” behind it.

That’s a sad situation that shows the skepticism of web visitors. If you have to look hard for the contact information, I would not recommend using or purchasing any golf tips or programs online.

Don’t be afraid of getting online for a golf tip, but take my advice and choose your tip wisely!