Golf Caddy

Carts or Caddies – Help Along the Way

Although women golfers do not need to have a golf cart or use a caddy to play the game, each has its place and can enhance your golfing experience. As you know, professional golfers use caddies. They do not view a caddy as a luxury but as a necessity. The caddy is knowledgeable of the course, which can be a real advantage when playing on business travel or vacation. The caddy also assists in club selection and ball tracking. Using a caddy often gives a women golfer more time and energy to focus on her game. Using a caddy also allows women golfers to exercise during their game by walking the course rather than riding in a cart.

How to Hire and Pay a Caddy

Pay scales for caddies vary. Professional caddies working with professional golfers make a fee plus usually a percentage of the winnings. For those playing a private or public course, the caddy usually charges per hour rates of $10 to $40 plus a booking fee. At most courses, golfers can pay their caddies directly in cash or they can sign a ticket or “chit.” If you are using a caddy, you should also plan on a $25 tip per bag over the caddy fee.

Most golf courses maintain a list of caddies that you can contact or schedule with them. In the Mid-west and South, caddying is a frequent summer job for high school and college students. There are also resources on the internet but frankly you’ll do better by asking around your local pro shops or driving range.

There is a service called Caddy Chicks but we get the impression that this service is geared more for men looking to have some eye candy on the course. However, they seem to also have men caddies. The girls for hire seem to have some background in golf but they are using a “sexy” look to get hired. We can’t recommend them or not since we’ve not used them but thought we’d leave it up to you to check out.

The site maintains a caddy database to help you find a golf caddy in your local area, at vacation resorts, or even destinations outside the United States. According to their website, you can browse through their caddy photo profiles and check out the candidate’s golf knowledge. You’ll get direct email access to the caddies so that you can schedule a tee time when they’re available. Other golfers can post their comments about their outings with a particular caddy, and you’ll be able to read their reviews.

Golf Carts

If you do not want the expense of a personal caddy, your trip around the course can be made easier with a golf cart. Of course, you can rent a cart at the course or you can really indulge yourself with a personalized golf cart such as those offered by LG Wholesale or S&S Buggies. These beauties begin at only $5,000 and can include lift kits, 4-wheel drive, custom painting, and custom wheels – even a GPS.

Golf carts are made in gas and electric models. Electric carts are more common than gas carts because they are the preferred choice of most golf courses. Common brands of golf carts include: Club Car, EZ GO, Yamaha, Columbia Par Car, Harley Davidson, Melex, Cushman, and GEM.