Sand Wedge – Choosing a Reliable One

Imagine that you just hit your second shot on a par four into a greenside bunker. Most women golfers would react with anger, despair, and even fear because their ball has found the sand. A sand wedge that has been properly selected can help reduce or even eliminate these feelings that occur when your golf ball decides to take a brief vacation at the beach. Choosing a sand wedge that is right for you can be intimidating because of the many different brands and specifications available to women golfers. The proper bounce angle, sole width, and head design of a wedge for you can be determined once your swing style is identified and then you can compare the different brands that have these specifications.

Before even considering different brands of sand wedges, you must determine what bounce angle, sole width, and head design you need. The easiest way to determine the bounce angle and sole width that suit your swing is to establish if you are a digger or a picker. When hitting a short iron such as a 9 iron, a digger will tend to take a divot, which is the product of a steep angle of attack. A picker on the other hand, will usually never take a divot when hitting a short iron, due to a shallow angle of attack. A digger will need to choose a sand wedge with a high bounce and a sole width that is a little wider than normal. A picker will need to choose a sand wedge that has a low bounce with a thinner sole than standard. If you do not fall in either classification a wedge with medium bounce and a standard width sole should be suited to you.

Most sand wedges for women golfers are manufactured by a process called casting. This means that a good portion of the weight is distributed around the perimeter of the club, which makes the sand wedge more forgiving if you miss the center of the face. Casting does compromise the feel, or feedback, you get from the club, which a lower handicap woman golfer might want. If this is the case, a forged head would be preferred. Most manufacturers cast their sand wedges, but brands such as Mizuno, Nike, and Callaway still have forged sand wedges available.

You will need to pick out a particular brand, once you have determined which head style, bounce, and sole width you need. Cleveland sand wedges are the most popular wedge on the market and have always created effective designs and styles especially for women. Some others to consider are Callaway, Ping, Nike, Adams, and Nancy Lopez. Confidence and feel are very important for women golfers when comparing different brands. Some brands will have different grips, colors, and designs that might not make too much difference with playability, but have an enormous effect on a woman’s confidence level.

With the right sand wedge in your hand, you eliminate the fear factor out of bunker play and impress your fellow women golfer’s. Imagine hitting that second shot into the bunker again, but this time you feel confident and sure in your ability to get that little white ball out of the bunker and close to the hole because you have a sand wedge in your hand that instills confidence.


Why do women golfers and golfers in general, invest the least amount of money and concern into purchasing the club that, more often than not, puts the ball into the hole? The object of the game is to make the ball go into the hole in the least amount of strokes. That is why it is crucial to make sure that when considering a new putter you must be aware of different head styles, different balance options, different shaft lengths, and how they might benefit your game.

The most common head styles out there are the blade, perimeter weighted, and mallet designs. The blade style head has a smaller head, about the width of a finger, and the shaft enters the head in the heel. The blade is typically a less forgiving putter for a mis-hit. The perimeter weighted style head is a little bigger than a blade and the majority of the weight in the putter is distributed in the heel and toe resulting in more forgiveness in off center hits. The mallet style is a larger, usually half moon shaped, head that offers maximum forgiveness for putts that miss the center of the face.

The balance of a putter has an effect on how the stroke feels for different women golfers. To find out how a putter is balanced, balance a putter on your finger by placing your index finger under the shaft near the putter head. If the face of the putter is looking up at the clouds it is face balanced. If it is not it is considered toe down. If it is face balanced it means the center of gravity is directly behind the shaft, resulting in less twisting if the putt is not hit in the center of the face. A putter that is toe down will twist more. Because of this characteristic of face balancing, a woman who tends to bring the putter straight back and straight through will benefit more from a face balanced putter. Most mallet style putters will be face balanced. A woman golfer whose path with the putter tends to be inside-square-to-inside will benefit from a toe down putter.

Putters come in many different lengths as well. When considering which length to go with the most crucial thing to check is if your eyes are directly over the ball during your set-up. Have someone watch you set-up to a putt with different length putters, and they should be able to tell you which putter allows you to get your eyes over the ball with the most ease. The position of your eyes in relationship to the golf ball has an effect on the path the putter takes during the stroke. Eyes too far inside create a push to the right, and eyes too far outside the ball create a pull to the left.

The design of a putter head has little effect of the playability of the putter because putting is the most simple and shortest stroke made while playing golf. This accounts for the limitless designs available for purchase, and to make putts women golfers must be confident in their equipment. The most important thing is to find a head that looks and feels good to you, a balance that meets your stroke type, and a length that gets your eyes over the ball.

Golf Tip-The Secret of Golf Revealed

Men and women golfers all over the world are constantly searching for the secret to the game. The secret to golf is simple: There is no secret. It is a game that can never be perfected. Ben Hogan said the secret was in the dirt. This meant the secret of the game is practice. He was half right, because you must practice with a purpose in mind such as proper weight shift or proper alignment, but finding out what you need to practice can be tough. Most women golfers will reference golf magazines, the internet, or the golf channel. The problem with this solution is that a tip that is presented by one of these mediums is designed to help a large segment of the audience. For example if you are hooking the ball and you start practicing a tip you read in a golf magazine about releasing the hands more through impact, chances are your hook will increase. A more effective solution would be to get a lesson from a certified golf instructor and practice whatever drills he might assign. If this is not possible, make sure when looking for tips that they are designed to help with your problem, and only choose 1 or 2 to apply while practicing.

Understanding what tips apply to your situation can be difficult. Be wary of a tip that promises 10 extra yards or claims to cure your slice forever. These generalized tips will commonly be short-term fixes that can ruin your swing in the long term. Look for the tips that might be a little more in depth and make sure that they apply to your issue. Sometimes you might not find a tip in a magazine or on a website that applies to you. Do not just pick a tip and try it, if this is the case.

Once you have found a tip or two that pertains to your swing problem, take it to the practice tee and use it. When practicing it is important to pick one or two swing thoughts or tips and focus solely on them. Sometimes it will seem like a tip is not working, but if you stick with it and focus on the drill you should see results. You should never have more than two swing thoughts in your head at one time. Doing so will cause an overload of information and you will freeze up over the ball not knowing what to do. This is called “paralysis by analysis”.

The reason that golf publications, golf channels, training aid manufacturers, and golf websites stay in business is because the golf swing is constantly evolving for every woman. A golfer will pick up a tip from a magazine, use it for a few weeks, and after this tip has caused another swing issue, that golfer buys another magazine looking for a new tip. This vicious cycle occurs with women golfers all over the globe. It is tempting to absorb everything you read, but if you use discipline selecting which tips you use and only practice a few things at once, you won’t discover a secret but your game should improve.

Golf Teaching Associations

For women golfers looking for a structured learning program, a personal coach, or video-based home practice, this article will help you get a head start. The United States Golf Teachers Federation based in Port Sainte Lucie, FL, was founded in 1989 in order to adhere to a world standard of professionalism and uniformity for the graduates of their Level I – Level IV (Master Golf Teaching Professional®) certifications. USGTF badge-carrying golf teachers therefore make trustworthy golf coaches. There are also a few other online sources to help you zoom in on the training you are looking for.

Instruction for Women Golfers

While the USGTF provides extensive information for teaching professionals and aspiring golf teachers, if you are looking for lessons catering to women in your area, the US Golf School Guide provides an easy interface to help you find golf instruction by state or city destination. From Alabama to Wisconsin, 42 States area listed here to help you find the professional training and assistance you are looking for. Your local golf course most likely will also give you references to professionals in your area, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and find golf instruction right in your home town. It pays to start out correctly as incorrect habits are harder to break later on, but you do not need to hire a $500/hour professional coach when you are just beginning. Other, more experienced, women golfers may well provide you with hints and tips for the sake of camaraderie.

From a Beginning Level to Advanced Coaching as well as Family or Corporate plans, golf instruction is available to fit every need. The prestigious Hilton Golf Academy offers ‘stay and play’ packages in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Private lessons, commuter schools, and corporate events are also available. The Hilton Golf Academy features programs designed especially for women golfers.

Find a Personal Coach

Finding sources for a personal coach for women required a bit of extensive research, but here is a Number 1 Reference site with names, telephone numbers, certifications and locations of golf professionals. Not amazingly, a good number of them are women, perfectly suited to coach women golfers. Many of the professionals are also specialists in strength training, exercise science, chiropractic care, physical therapies, swing analysis, and other disciplines geared to support the student golfer. These professionals can help you preserve and enhance your physical condition as well as gain expertise in your performance. A number of golf coaches serve the serious Golfer, including PGA TOUR Professionals, but quite a few also cater to junior or senior golf.

Golfing Videos

Practice is the #1 supplier of Golf Instruction Videos. You can get the edge from the comfort of your own home. While there is no substitute for hands-on instruction from a qualified coach, you can sharpen your learning curve and save time and money by doing your ‘homework’. Imagine taking your preliminary golf lessons at home and with minimum investment, and showing up on the golf course already well prepared.

Golf Practice Equipment

Women golfers don’t all start off as prodigies. For many, mastery is achieved through constant practice. But one must never undermine the importance of starting off on the right foot. If you’re already taking lessons, you might ask why golf training aids would still be necessary. Isn’t that like throwing away money you could be saving up for the course or for new golf equipment? But many women golfers who look into golf practice equipment find that the cost is worth it, if only for the opportunity to practice constantly and get a better grip on the basics. Training yourself even off the course is one of the surest and fastest ways to become a better golf player. Besides, nobody said that practice gear had to be costly! Look into golf training aids that won’t stretch your budget.


Mats simulate fairway conditions, which helps you become more familiar with the “feel” of being on a golf course. The best part is, you don’t have to leave the quiet and safety of your own home!

The Hill Shot Incline Trainer is a great mat to emulate hill inclines. Since most shots don’t occure on a perfectly-flat surface, practicing on an incline will give you a huge advantage. At $899.95 this is a pricey option but then one always has to pay for quality.

Then there is the DivotMat which actually “maps” ut your swing path on specially printed “DivotSheets”. This is a great way to see if you’re cutting across the ball, behind it or ahead of it. At $99.95 you get much more than just a standard mat.

You also have the option of just getting the mat and getting outside to just swing away. You’ll most likely want to actually hit the ball if you choose this option and will therefore need a net as well. At $109.95, PracticeRange offers a 4×5 Residential mat. They offer this range in a wide variety of sizes but all have a short pile with grass-like nylon fibers. This is important if you’re going to use it often as it will hold up. They also offer a commercial grade for much heavier usage.

Cages and Nets

If you have the space, and the weather is right, why not practice golfing outdoors? With the help of easy-to-set-up cages and chipping nets, women golfers could practice their swing and aim freely, without fearing that their balls would stray out of sight. There is a good selection of chipping nets of different sizes. One of them is the Izzo Chip Pocket Golf Net which provides a good deal at $29.95. This is a great net to practice your short game from 10 to 100 yards out. Alternatively, you can get really serious with heavy-duty nets which will serve indoors as well as out spending as much as $700 plus and everywhere in between. The Izzo Big Daddy Golf Net offers a good amount of hitting area of 7×7 and at a great price of $49.95. You can use it in or outdoors and it’s portable.

Golf Instruction Videos

Not only are educational videos a good introduction to the techniques of your favorite golf players, including some of the best women golfers in the professional circuit, they are also a great way to learn how to polish your own techniques. There’s nothing like being face-to-face with a golf instructor, but off the course, this is the next best thing. Women golf instructors know there is a difference between the way men and women play the game. Instruction videos specially tailored for women golfers are readily available at Amazon and many other online retailers.

Venus on the Fundamentals is a recommended 3-disc video of the basics as relayed by Debbie Steinbach, a longtime PGA tour member who is now a golf instructor. You could also try Cindy Reid’s DVD – Golf for Ladies.

For variety, you could also try golfing videos that don’t have a focus on gender. The 8-Step Swing by Jim McLean is a helpful video detailing how to master the fundamentals step by step. Learn key fundamentals and techniques from David Leadbetter’s 3 DVD series, “Golf Instruction”. Included in the series are essential components for every golver’s success. “Taking It To The Course”, “Practice Makes Perfect”, and “Greatest Tips”.

Golf Instruction-What Works

When you first thought about becoming a woman golfer, you knew that a game as complex and challenging as golf requires instruction. Whether you plan to take classes in school, at the local activities center, or from a golf professional at the local public course, you should choose to learn under the tutelage of an experienced golfer. And, as professional golfers know, you can keep getting better with advanced golf instruction over your entire playing career.

You have so many choices in getting golfing instruction that it can be daunting. You can attend group classes at a local club, contract for individual instruction, rent or buy a golf training DVD, or even reward yourself with a golf instruction vacation. There is no end to the help in selecting instruction that you can receive on-line. So, how do you know what to look for when you are seeking golf training? For many, time and cost are two important factors.

Individual or Group Instruction

Scheduling is easier and more flexible in individual instruction settings. You can also schedule the sessions with time in-between for practice. In individual golf instruction, your teacher will be focusing only on you. He or she should remember what you need to work on and will tailor the instruction to your needs. Golf schools, on the other hand, are more likely to teach a set of classes to a group of three or four individuals at a time. There will be less personalization of the instruction. But, the cost is also significantly less.

If you are considering a golf school, a potential resource to get you started is PGA schools. PGA golf schools use PGA professionals that offer expert golfing guidance for both men and women golfers. There are PGA golf schools that offer instruction to both novice and professional women golfers. Most PGA golf schools have group and private lessons, as well as a number of focused classes. The PGA web site provides a list of schools. If there are no PGA schools near you, it is a good idea to ask for referrals from golfing friends. If your local course does not offer instruction, they are likely to have a list of people they recommend based on what you want in your golf instruction.

Women’s Golf Schools

Another resource to give you evaluative information about golf schools is Golf School Info. They provide a list of schools they call The Top Ten based on their objective review of the schools. They collected data from each school’s promotional materials, website, and “secret shopper” phone inquiries. Beginning with an initial list of 450 schools they narrowed their recommendations down to ten. Points were given for quality of instruction programs, quality of facility, customer service, and feedback from past students. The list posted on their website is however, three years old. So, be aware that the situation may have changed and you should do your own investigation, too.

If you prefer a true women-golfers approach, the Bird Golf Schools – Women Golfers offers just that. With options of one-on-one or two-on-one classes with LPGA instructors (also women golfers), this may be the ticket for you. Their golf school vacations even offer Yoga where their belief is “Incorporating yoga basics into your golf game coincides with Bird Golf’s Instructional values and beliefs; stay fit mentally and physically and your game will improve.”
Hotel Schools

You might also want to consider brushing up your skills or get started with golf at a luxurious hotel. You can have it all at hotels like Marriott. Marriott has great golf package deals. MarriottThey also offer some of the best instruction there is. Mariott employs over 125 PGA and LPGA pros in more than 50 locations world-wide who give structured clinics and casual pointers right at the resorts.

They also have affiliation with the Faldo Golf Institute and the John Jacobs’ Golf School offering an opportunity to really break through.

Golf Gifts

Personalize Your Golf

Women golfers participate in the fun of owning golf equipment by decorating or personalizing it. When it comes to monogrammed golf balls, it is not only a matter of entertainment but also certainly a help in sorting out one player’s ball from another. In addition, monogrammed clubs provide theft protection along with a certain flair and style. Men and women golfers may sport their initials or logo on attire, clubs, club covers, and a variety of equipment and accessories.

Countless knick-knacks, games, gift times, coasters, glassware, and other whimsical and practical accessories are available to emphasize your passion for golf and protect your valuable equipment. From club covers to wind breakers, from serving dishes to pens, clocks, stationery, greeting cards, even baby gear – the list is endless.

What Exactly Can I Monogram?

For men and women golfers both, the most common items to be monogrammed, logically, are golf balls and golf clubs – the former to identify quality golf balls, the latter for theft protection and perhaps a little well-deserved pride. Your initials or company logo company logo may be imprinted on golf balls, club stamps, club covers, polo shirts, sunglasses, backpacks, shorts, windbreakers, and more. Think of anything to do with golf – it can be personalized. As golf is a preferred recreational sport for many company meetings, it lends itself perfectly to company branding. Also, imagine the benefits on a familial scale: Women golfers over 50 serve as cheerful and vibrant examples for their daughters and granddaughters.

How expensive are Monograms?

From the inexpensive golf ball stamp at just under $15 to a set of six TOP-FLITE balls personalized with your own uploaded photo at over $32 plus shipping, a wide range of options is available at varying costs.

Golf is not just for the super rich any more. It has become a popular sport and hobby for women over 50 and provides a healthy and fun alternative to ‘empty nest syndrome’. Many communities offer courses and driving ranges fairly close to residential neighborhoods, and the price of a round of golf is often equal to that of an afternoon excursion to the mall food mart and movie– and MUCH healthier! Likewise, personalized golf equipment reflects individual budgets – from low to high. Golf equipment also lends itself to do-it-yourself personalization if you have a knack for crafts.

Where to Find Personalized Equipment

Most Pro Shops will offer at least a limited local selection of personalized golf equipment. For wider selections and price ranges, internet shopping provides quick and easy options. A search for “personalized golf equipment” will turn up a seemingly endless list of merchants and providers, including the links in this article. Hand-made golf club covers make an attractive and thoughtful gift from and for women golfers. These knitted or crocheted items are relatively inexpensive and even easy to make yourself, and here is a free pattern! Don’t have time to knit? No problem! The Scottish Knitter will make them for you.

Personalizing your golf is fun, easy and contagious. Whether you aim to make a prestigious company statement or to keep up your spirits while impressing your friends and relatives, plenty of exciting accessories are available to serve you.

Golf Correction Software-Improve Your Swing

The key for women golfers in playing an enjoyable round of golf, and a key factor in allowing it to come up to any golfer’s expectations – from the freshest novice to the avid professional- is the golf swing. The search for the perfect golf swing is a never ending challenge that occupies the mind of both male and female golfers. Golf is rarely an exact science, and there are a lot of golfers who become considerably frustrated as a result of being unable to master their swing to the satisfaction, and their enjoyment of the sport is being affected by it, as well as their score line. This can even cause a knock on effect where players begin to become overanxious about their swing and their overall play suffers as a result.

If you are a women golfer, and you feel that you haven fallen into this category, then at least take comfort that you are not alone. In fact, experts suspect that more than 90% of golfers world wide fall into this category. At that many of them subconsciously drift away from the sport as a result of their frustrations.

All of us know all the factors that go towards making an acceptable golf swing. A proper stance and grip, speed and timing of the shot all play their part, and a confident, relaxed approach is probably the most important ingredient of them all.

An increasingly growing number of golfers have discovered the key to overcoming their swing problems. They have discovered, that in today’s computer driven society, there is even a range of golf correction software on the market. Software that has been shown to produce some very encouraging results.

What this software can provide is an analysis of where the golfer needs to work to improve their golf swing. In order to assess the difficulties the golfer is having with their swing, the player is videoed, whilst taking a few practice swings. By analyzing the video content in slow motion, the software then takes into account some vital factors, such as the height and the weight of the golfer, and produces the ideal stance of the golfer should be adopting when making their swing.

There are many such programs available for purchase and download through the internet.

An interesting fact is that male golfers are more prone to use this type of software to attempt to improve their golf swing, and women much less so, at least till now.

The general impression is that men like to watch the video of themselves making their golf swing, and to even have it shown in public. Women golfers, whilst having no problem in taking the step of having their stance electronically measured and timed tend to take the findings more seriously and are less inclined for them to be public knowledge.

They may be taking the correct attitude that whilst golfing is a hobby and to some a profession and should be taken seriously, it still is supposed to be a sport and to be enjoyed. What should always be remembered about swing correction software is that it is an aid to show women golfers where they may be going wrong with their golf swing, and provide suggestions on how to correct it and no more. The golfer must be capable of drawing their conclusions from its findings, and of making the necessary changes to improve their swing.

As in everything else practice and experience should eventually cause the female player’s golf swing to improve and improve until it reaches an acceptable level that she can live with and above all enjoy her game.

Golf Coaches-Where to Find Golf Lessons in Your Area

Through a new group of women golfers enthusiasts, the game of golf is currently experiencing noticeable regeneration. Women are giving men a run for their money on and off the course. There are more and more women golfers to be found on all of the best greens, who are just as passionate and, indeed, competitive as their male counterparts.

Contrary to popular stereo type, these women are just as interested in honing their golfing skills as they are in shopping for the latest fashions or enjoying a particularly fine glass of wine with their girl friends. In reflection of this trend you can now find high quality golf instruction and golf coaches capable of catering to the best way to instruct women and who encourage women golfers to improve their skills in their own way.

It is important to note that the women who are taking golf lessons are reaching similarly accomplished levels as their male counterparts, through methods of coaching which understand and enhance the differences women golfers brings to their game. Just as the input of women will ultimately change and improve the game itself, so technological improvements have greatly affected the way golf instructors help their clients. Obvious recent enhancements like better golf equipment, larger courses, more financial investments and fitter players have made a difference, as have new teaching software, digital storage, psychological training and video playback. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

So, now that you have decided to forgo that fantastic new dress and put the cash towards some excellent instruction to improve your skills and impress your golfing partner, you just need to decide which coach to go with.

If you visit the United States Golf Teachers Federation website you will be able to search for certified teachers, so that you do not find yourself under the tutorage of a fraudster who may do more harm than good to your game. Indeed, you can feel secure in the knowledge that all of their 17,000 golfing professionals are trained uniformly within 4 progressive levels of certification, and are required to keep to a standard set of bylaws, so that the organisation remains utterly trustworthy. For those of you are not based in the United States you can visit their site for links to the websites of the other 34 members of the World Golf Teachers Federation, and find an instructor in your local area.

Another useful site, Find a Lesson, can also recommend golf schools and professionals, if you choose under the specific category of women-only golf lessons, using teaching practices designed specifically for you. They work with a range of well-renowned schools as well as PGA / LPGA professionals. It is fantastically worry-free to find women’s golf lessons in your area. Just type in your local city and choose your particular requirements, then let the system search for you. You can even specify whether you would like a male or female teacher and buy gift certificates for any friends who might also benefit from a spot of coaching.

You will be running rings around your baffled golfing partner in no time. Good luck!

Golf Club Set Configuration Intermediate

You’re not a beginning golfer, but you’re not quite an expert yet, either. You’ve gotten over the newbie hump of rarely making contact with the ball, but did you know that with the right golf club set configuration, your skills can advance faster than you anticipated? Better yet, it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars in order to get a decent golf set.

The following are some of the main areas that intermediate women golfers are frequently focusing on:

General game improvement
Consistently more distance on drives
Maximizing accuracy
Better handling with wedges in tighter lies
Taking strokes off the short game

General Game Improvement

At this point in the game, you are looking for overall improvement. Since your contact with the ball has become more consistent, you are now ready to exhibit a little more control over the ball. The perfect way to do this is to invest in Game Improvement Irons which still offer a certain amount of forgiveness along with higher playability. While the high-end version averages about $700, the bargain-shopping woman golfer can obtain a well-equipped iron for under $160.

Quite frankly, our view is that no other game improvement iron has ever approached Callaway’s Big Bertha and Big Bertha Fusion Irons for unmatched game improvement.

Consistently Add More Distance on Drives

For your fairway woods and hybrids, it’s time to think about lowering the loft to increase your distance. Although you will probably want to stick with a hybrid, you might want to consider dropping from a 5 hybrid to a 3 hybrid. The average cost of a brand name fairway wood is around $200, but a high quality fairway wood can still be had for under $50.

Maximizing Accuracy

It is entirely possible to maximize your accuracy without sacrificing distance by specifically focusing on shaft types. If you haven’t already had your swing speed measured, now is the time to get with a certified club maker and have it done. Without this vital information, you will be making a random decision about what shaft type works best with your swing speed and ball flight requirements. You can maximize your accuracy to the tune of around $300, or if you prefer, under $100.

Better Handling with Wedges in Tighter Lies

The key to better handling is a set of wedges that allow you more versatility around the greens. Although most women golfers have several wedges, the intermediate golfer will almost certainly want to include a gap wedge to even out the loft distribution between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. To address maneuverability in a tighter lie (very little grass beneath the ball), you may also want to consider wedges with less bounce. As versatile as the wedges themselves, the prices range from $110 all the way down to less than $30.

Taking Strokes off the Short Game

Let’s talk about your short game for a minute. This is where you can dramatically lower your overall score by simply shaving off a couple of strokes here and there. Don’t underestimate the importance of a putter whose sole ambition is to find that hole. Upscale putter: $200; Humble, high quality putter that’s $160 cheaper: priceless.