Golf Balls, Bags, and All That Jazz

With all those bags and accessories out there for women golfers, it’s important to choose the combination that is right for you. There are many things to be taken into consideration when looking for golf accessories. Do you carry a lot of extra items with you on the course, dictating the need for extra storage pockets? How fast is your swing? Would you be able to carry something heavy all the way through your game or would you prefer that it had wheels? Other obvious considerations include simple utility as well as cost.

Golf Bags

The two main types of golf bags are cart bags and stand bags. Both of these usually double as shoulder bags, which allow you to carry it through the course on your back to get some extra exercise.

If you are anything like me, you aren’t interested in lugging anything on your back for two miles. A cart bag is usually either stored in or attached to the golf cart itself and has wheels for easy mobility. Callaway offers a beautiful cart bag with women golfers in mind (available in four colors). In addition to multiple pockets, it includes matching golf head covers and a coordinated accessory purse.

Golf Balls

When searching for the right golf balls, it is essential to look for low compression, which will assist with distance. This is especially important for women golfers with a swing speed below 80 miles per hour (which is most of us).

Ladies can’t go wrong by selecting Neutron golf balls. Not only do they come in a wide array of colors, but they are inexpensive and designed specifically with women in mind. Another fine choice is Bridgestone’s Lady S Pearls. Although slightly more expensive than the Neutron line, they are still well within most golf budgets, and certainly worth the extra expense.

And don’t forget to try LB Belt Company’s convenient slide-on golf ball caddy. Functional as well as fashionable, this sleek snakeskin caddy slithers easily onto all LB belts for hassle-free ball handling.

Whether you are a seasoned golf veteran or a fairway newbie, there is a golf accessory combination that is perfect for you. Your custom-created combo is just a few clicks away!

Golf Bags

Traveling in Style

Women golfers like style as well as functionality in their golf travel bags. For example taking your clubs on your golf vacation, would a little color really hurt? No. It would make your golf bag stand out at the luggage pickup. You are proud to be a woman golfer.

Ogio provides you a fully function golf travel bag that complements women golfers. It is a large bag called “The Monster” with extra space for the little things you need. It comes in black with pink stripes and is accompanied by matching duffel and travel bags. This is definitely traveling in style. The Ogio Monster Pink Golf Travel Bag from Iznad Golf has a large main compartment, over-sized wheels, easy opening with internal cinch-down straps to secure the golf bag. There are 4 exterior pockets and it will fit tour bags and stand bags with ease. The matching half dome duffel bag has a reinforced base, front sleeve, and an audio pocket with headphone exit port. Finally you have the matching travel bag with inline skate wheels, a mesh divider, and suit straps in case you have a business meeting to attend.

On your home course, you can also make a fashion statement amongst your fellow golfers with matching accessories from Amee and LuLu. They have some great accessories for gifts (or yourself). You will find matching head covers, key chain, golf shoe bag, tee bag, and tote bag. These gifts come in many patterns – we’ve chosen to highlight three below: Cabana Stripe, Rustic Toille, and Zebra. The head covers set includes a #1, #3, #5 and #7. The golf shoe bag is lined and machine washable. And, the tee bag is a perfect companion to the head covers and golf shoe bag. It holds your extra tees as well as your cell phone completing your accessories ensemble. You can pull it all together with the tote.

If you prefer your golf bags to be more understated but still make a personal statement about you as one of the new breed of women golfers, you can have your travel and golf bags personalized with your name.

Golf Academy

For women golfers who are looking to get serious about their golf game or want a vacation where they can gain valuable golf knowledge, a golf academy could be the right way to go. Golf academies and golf schools have become very popular in the last few decades and usually incorporate lodging and other relaxing activities along with golf instruction. Some academies are even designed specifically for women with women golf instructors teaching the students. Determine what part of your golf game you want to improve, how much time you want to dedicate to golf, and your budget before booking a reservation at a golf academy.Ask yourself which part of your golf game you want to improve when looking for women golfers academy’s. There are golf schools that focus on only certain areas of a women’s golf game such as The Dave Pelz Golf Schools, which is a short game only academy.

Dave Pelz is a former NASA scientist turned golf instructor. His love and interest in the short game motivated him to research this area like no one else. He has developed unique methods to teach the short game to his students and has become very successful. There are also schools and academies that specialize in full swing and mental game, along with academies designed particularly with women in mind. These Women’s Golf Academies will often be staffed with women golf instructors and gear the activities outside the golf instruction to women as well. When looking for an academy that fits your needs make sure that the instructors are specialized or experienced in the particular area in which you are looking to improve.

An academy with too much golf can cause a student to get “burnt out” and result in a lack of motivation to learn. This is why a lot of golf academies that include resort style lodging with extra curricular activities are extremely popular. If you are planning a week to dedicate to learning golf, you need to make sure that you give yourself a break, and a chance to unwind from the “grind” of the golf academy classroom. These are available in a wide range of prices, but the more expensive and notable the golf academy is the more you will be spoiled. If you are able to book a reservation at a more premium-priced golf academy in the off season, the better the price will be, and they will usually offer some great package deals to increase their traffic flow.

There are golf academies available to accommodate any need women golfers might have, and if you make sure that you take the time to research the reputation and qualifications of the staff, and find a location and price that you like, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Discount Golf Clubs

Many women golfers are interested in purchasing discount golf clubs. These are usually clones or generic clubs that are made to compete directly with specific name brand clubs by offering lower prices; however one can also purchase name brands at discounted prices. Although some of these discount golf clubs represent a real bargain for the discerning shopper, one must be wary of companies that produce cheap imitations with sound-alike names. Brand name clubs are purchased because they have demonstrated consistent quality over time. They have an image to live up to and part of your cost is paying for that image, its advertising, sponsorships, and perhaps a brick and mortar storefront. Discount golf clubs for women golfers are not asking you to pay for image or advertising. This cost savings is how discount club stores maintain a profit margin while offering value to the consumer.

If you choose to purchase golf clubs through an online retailer in order to save money, you improve your chances of really getting a good deal rather than just an inexpensive deal by using the following criteria to evaluate their offerings.

First, they should have several choices of club type, style, and materials.

Take irons as an example, a good discount club retailer will offer a choice of shaft material, shaft flex, left-handed or right-handed, and various shaft lengths. If you are just beginning to play golf and not sure what you need, the site should offer advice to help you make a good selection.
Next, consider the materials used in construction of the clubs.

You should do some research about the name brands and the materials they use. Then compare the materials and manufacturing processes described by the discount club offering to those of the name brands. You want to pay less because the discount store saves on advertising and sponsorships, not by cutting quality. Evaluate the site itself. Do they have contact information, so you can talk with a real person or follow up on your order? Are there testimonials or blogs from consumers so you can understand the experience of others with this discount club? Do they have a process for handling returns and refunds?

Two online retailers that provide excellent examples of the features you want to find on women’s discount golf club website are Pinemeadow Golf and Morton Golf. Looking at their irons listings for example, there are selections for different styles and options for left and right handed clubs. Each listing provides details on construction and features. For beginning women golfers, the sites have several help options including a custom fitting wizard, general information called Golf 101 on Pine Meadow, and they provide interactive chat and email options to answer your questions. They have return policies and they give you direct contact information to resolve problems. Finally, they have been in business for over 20 years. Both of these companies brag about their histories, provide evidence of satisfied customers, and supports you after the sale.

Custom Made Golf Clubs

Custom made golf clubs are completely different from other clubs, as they are entirely built from the ground up and will fit you perfectly. Your golf swing didn’t come off an assembly line and neither should your ladies golf equipment.

Women golfers can take advantage of custom made golf clubs to cure a host of problems as they are entirely created with you and your swing in mind. Before you buy golf clubs, It’s important not to get custom made golf clubs mixed up with fitted golf clubs, as there is a definite difference. Custom clubs are actually built for you. Fitted clubs are already manufactured and the nearest set to your build, height and weight; swing, etc. are then matched. Customs are made to your specifications using first-quality golf club components and designed to match the golf swing of the player. Complete golf sets can be expensive but over time — considering you won’t have to pay for repairs, etc. — they will pay for themselves. Plus the fact that they can help to improve your overall golf game is probably priceless.


Swing speed is an extremely important consideration the custom shop will consider when selecting the loft of your driver and your fairway woods. In order to achieve maximum distance consistently, they will select the best shaft for you. Custom made golf club fitting can be carried out in two methods: First, find a custom golf-club maker (we’ve listed some we like below). Most of the golf manufacturers such as Callaway or Ping have fitting centers across the country as well as online. Next, you can find custom makers with less-than-traditional names. These offer high-quality clubs at usually discounted prices from the major brands. Both will offer unique benefits to your game. Don’t worry if they appear to be geared to men’s clubs. Most know exactly how to fit women golfers as well.

Make sure that whichever maker you choose, you have your clubs balanced for head weight, torque, loft and lie angles, shaft stiffness and length, and total weight of the club. Then make sure the shafts are properly aligned. Just remember that if your clubs do not fit your swing, you will have to make compensating movements during your swing in order to make a good shot.

You may think that a nice set of custom golf clubs are more expensive than other golf clubs for women, but this is not always the case. Just like anything, there are deals to be had on a good quality set of custom golf clubs, and you can easily compare the pricing to a set of name-brand golf clubs. If you are looking to lower your score quickly then custom golf clubs may be an ideal purchase. One of the biggest advantages of custom golf clubs versus off the rack golf clubs is that they will fit you and only you. Since there is only one of you, there should be only one set of clubs you use. If we women golfers choose our clubs like we do everything else we buy, no doubt they need to be the best.

Senior Women Golfers Vacations for the Well-Seasoned Golfer

Attention senior women golfers – you should treat yourself to a special golf holiday. Whether you are celebrating an event or just taking advantage of your available time and freedom to exercise your passion for golf, there are many wonderful vacation destinations that understand what you want and expect on a golfing vacation. As a senior woman golfer, it is likely that you do not want the toughest, championship golf course available; ones that require long fairway shots over many obstacles. You do want to be able to test and maintain your skills at putting and the short game. You are not out to prove anything anymore, you are out to have fun while you play golf.

What else do you want? Most seniors like their vacation golf to be in nice climates with warm but not scorching heat. It is also nice if the course is situated in a beautiful place and not so crowded that you are hurried and hassled. Beyond the course, you want your golf vacation destination to offer shopping, dining, and cultural activities that are more suited to adults. It would be a plus if the destination offered senior discounts and special travel packages.

Broadmoor Hotel

One of the most beautiful and luxurious golf destinations for senior women golfers is the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. The East Course is more senior friendly, but still challenging. The course was originally designed by Donald Ross and updated by Robert Trent Jones. The course will host the 2008 Senior Open and has hosted the U.S. Women’s Open. The East Course was one of only 12 North American and Caribbean golf courses to receive a five-star rating by Golf Digest. The venue was also ranked number one in customer service among resorts by Golf Digest. The course features wide, tree-lined fairways and amazing mountain views.

The Broadmoor Hotel is famous for its European style luxury and features fine dining and on-site entertainment. On the hotel grounds are lovely specialty boutiques and niche eateries. In the surrounding area, you will find walking paths, an on-site garden, a plant nursery, and easy travel into the mountains for site seeing or a picnic. If your exercise routine includes tennis, the Broadmoor also has seven plexi-cushion courts. Two of the courts are covered by an illuminated, heated bubble during the winter months, allowing for year-round enjoyment.

Bermuda Golf

If your dreams of a golfing vacation begin with escaping a cold winter into a warmer clime, you might want to experience Bermuda golf. The Bermuda golf courses, all of which can be played by non-member women golfers at least some of the year, contribute to Bermuda’s senior friendly ambiance. Many people consider that November to March is the best time for a golf vacation in Bermuda. Not only are hotel rates considerably cheaper, but tee times are easier to obtain and the weather is cooler. There are three government-run courses (Ocean View, Port Royal and St George’s) and three private clubs (Mid Ocean, Riddell’s Bay and Tucker’s Point) where introduction by a member is required to play. Most hotels have corporate memberships and can introduce their guests. All courses have water views and year round play.

The Fairmont Southampton in Hamilton Bermuda is an exceptional destination. The weather is fantastic and the surroundings are second to none. The Golf Course features 18 par 3 holes and offers breathtaking views. The hotel is the official hotel for the 2008 PGA Grand Slam. The golf club will cater to beginners and experts alike with lessons, club rentals, practice greens and much more. They will also accommodate you if you’d like to play elsewhere through usage of an onsite and dedicate Golf Concierge!

A great site for information on Bermuda’s courses is Bermuda Golf Association. You’ll find all the information you need on these great courses with links to the clubs and hotels.

Bermuda itself is an adult destination with packages of entertainment, lodging, and dining that are geared to adult tastes. For the height of luxury golfing vacations for senior women, you can travel to Bermuda on a golf cruise that includes play packages as well as the amenities of a cruise.

Menopause Symptoms and Golf

Many women golfers begin playing the sport later in their lives (although that is now changing). No matter what age you begin, it is played primarily throughout one’s life. It’s only natural then that women will, at some point in their lives, be suffering from menopausal symptoms during an otherwise active season of golf.

Menopause symptoms don’t have to interfere with the game of golf, especially if a woman is prepared to combat the symptoms as they occur. There are medical treatments available as well that can help maintain a woman’s golf game unchanged as her body undergoes the changes of menopause.

Menopausal Symptoms for Women Golfers

Women golfers have many of the same menopause symptoms as other women. Some of these are excessive sweating, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, dry skin and mood instability. This can make for a hot sweaty golf game if conditions are right and especially if it’s a hot day on the course. Women in menopause need to concern themselves with osteoporosis as well, which is thinning of the bones of the body that worsens dramatically at the time of menopause. Fortunately, exercise is a good preventative against osteoporosis so that the playing of golf is a good prevention against bone loss. These menopause symptoms are due to a loss of estrogen and progestin from the ovaries which begin to fail during menopause and stop releasing these hormones. Menopause symptoms can last as short as a few months or as long as ten years, depending on the individual woman.

Playing Golf in Menopause

Women golfers needn’t stop playing golf because of menopause symptoms. In fact, maintaining exercise is one of the best ways to counteract some of the symptoms of menopause. For most women golfers, this means maintaining their game of golf and continuing to get out on the course as often as possible. Menopause symptoms that get out of hand can be treated with estrogen replacement therapy, which is doctor-prescribed estrogen and progestin replacement in a pill or patch that helps control the symptoms of menopause. For those interested in natural supplements, the use of the herbal supplement black cohosh is recommended by naturalistic physicians to treat the basic symptoms of menopause. It seems to work best on excessive sweating and hot flashes. A few women golfers have told us they have had great success with Herbalife’s “Women’s Choice” which has nearly eliminately completely their “hot flashes”.

Drinking lots of milk and eating dairy products or taking calcium supplements will counteract the possibility of getting osteoporosis as part of menopause. This, along with moderate exercise, keeps the bones as healthy as possible.

Women Golfers Suffering from Symptoms

Even if a woman golfer has active menopause symptoms, she should continue actively playing golf. Some of the different ways to counteract symptoms while playing golf include bringing lots of water along with the golf cart while playing the game. This keeps the woman golfer well hydrated during the game. Sportsline has come out with a great new product called the Sportline Hydracoach-Intelligent Water Bottle.
Continue walking the course if possible to keep the exercise factor going throughout the game. Bring along a sweat band or rag to wipe the face while playing, especially if there is excessive facial sweating. Stop and take a drink of water if a hot flash occurs while playing golf. Menopause symptoms of mood swings are also prevented with regular exercise. So, menopause or not, continue to play the best game of golf possible and the symptoms should pass without incident.

Lower Back Strain

Women golfers are just as likely as men to experience golf-related injuries – that rate is between 60% and 80% during the time you play the sport. The second most common injury directly related to playing golf is lower back strain exceeded only by injuries to the wrist (professional golfers) or elbow (amateur golfers) as reported by Larry Foster, M.D. in his book, Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries. Many others believe that lower back injuries are the most common golf injury.

Chicago Sports Medicine states that by “midlife more than 50 percent of the population has had significant episodes of low back pain.” Further, they state that “golf is a sport that puts significant stress on the lower back.”

How it Occurs

A low back muscle strain occurs when the muscle fibers are abnormally stretched or torn. The spine is supported by large muscles called the paraspinal muscles. These muscles both support the spinal column as well as the weight of the upper body. The five lumbar vertebrae are connected by tough ligaments that help to maintain the position of the spinal column. These muscles, ligaments, and bones all work together to provide control and strength for nearly all activities.

There are three typical low back injuries related to your golf swing according to Spine Health for Golf:

Muscle strains: typically occur with rough or forceful golf swings or a sudden shift during the downswing.
Muscle and tendon attachment: generally occur because of excessive use, accidents or swing abnormalities while playing golf.

Disc injuries: can occur from swinging abnormalities.

Fitness Goals to Avoid Injury

Notice in the instruction to the right on proper swing technique from Steve Fontaine’s page, the stretch and torque placed on the back during a typical golf swing. Imagine how much stress this movement places on back muscles and tendons, especially if those muscles have not been properly conditioned and warmed up.

Prevention is the best strategy for women golfers in terms of lower back muscle sprains. Your fitness goal is to improve flexibility and strength. Your basic exercise program should include stretching the back muscles and rotating them from side to side. Strengthening will occur with sit-ups repetitions and weight training. Next, and equally important, is practicing the correct golf swing. Rotating the shoulder and hip to the same degree during the backswing and keeping the spine straight and vertical during the follow-through can help to reduce the strain on the lumbar spine. Do not force extra movement during a backswing or follow through.

Sean Cochran’s site provides insight into proper conditioning and swing to prevent golf related injuries. He recommends implementing a golf specific strength and conditioning program that develops correct and efficient swing mechanics, which will place less stress on the lower back. Cochran reminds us that, “not all lower back injuries can be prevented, but with the implementation of a lower back flexibility and strengthening program, the possibility of one occurring to you can be greatly reduced.”

Mike Pedersen has developed a specialized program specifically for women golfers which will also add yards to your tee shots, improve your swing consistency and much more. Most importantly, you’ll be in good condition to hit the ball and do it properly to avoid any injury.

If you experience a golf-related injury to your back, you should rest for a day or two. You can alternate applying heat and cold to the affected area. (Cold produces constriction of the blood vessels thereby reducing inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain. Heat therapy brings blood into the target tissues to provide oxygen and nutrients and removes cell wastes. You can also take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen. If your pain has not improved in a few days, you should consult with your physician.

Ladies Golf Clubs

Women golfers have had the lousy end of the golf stick over the years … Ladies golf clubs tended to come in a one size fits all package. Unfortunately or fortunately, women are not all made in the same way and just like men we need golf clubs that really fit who we are and our game. Pat Lange, LPGA Pioneer and founder of Lange Golf, has this to say about the golf club woes that women golfers have had to face in the past:

“the biggest handicap women have had in our sport (golf) is the equipment they are forced to play with.”

Until recently, ladies golf clubs were almost perfect as long as you were 5ft 4” and did not really have a golf ambition further than taking a leisurely walk on the green with your friends. Now, thanks to ladies as usual “doing it for themselves”, women’s golf has finally caught up with the different strokes for different folks approach. Women golfer’s are now able to achieve a higher level of enjoyment and game satisfaction, through customized women’s golf clubs and an industry that finally realizes they need to look at how women golfers can improve their game through their equipment.

Whilst club heads can only be revolutionized in so many ways – they really relate more to the strengths of your game. The real issue for women golfers who want to improve their game is the type of club shaft they are using.

There are three main components of the shaft that are important:

Shaft type

Shaft Type

The best shaft type for all women is graphite, the alternative is steel and this type of shaft is rarely seen in Women’s golf unless it is on the tour or you’re an extremely strong woman. Through using graphite shafts, women are able to generate more club head speed increasing the distance of each shot.


This is an under-rated component in terms of the type of shaft women are using. You shouldn’t need to work too hard to hit a golf ball and by using a lighter flex shaft you are able to still gain the same ground without the extra grunt. A club fitter will be able to help you find your ideal flex. Check out the links at the end of this article to find some club fitters in your area.


Clubs need to be the ideal length for your height and game, if you are going to hit the ball consistently and solidly in the center of the clubface. Unfortunately, many of the women’s golf clubs of today are too short for a lot of female golfers. Some club manufacturers such as Callaway have recognized this and are now offering custom fitting services for women golfers. While strength may remain one of the key differences between men and women players, female-friendly golf clubs can enable women to obtain more stability in their club. With club stability, comes the ability to hit the ball straighter and with correct overall club weight, shaft, and length women can finally find more enjoyment in golf and in their handicap.

Golf Training Aids for Over 50s

Low impact or not, women’s golf is still a sport that depends on adequate physical condition. With decreased metabolism, strength, and every day exercise, over 50 women golfers face specific challenges in golfing. The necessary force to drive a ball the required distance depends on both strength and strategy. Both will increase with practice, of course, but practicing incorrect posture is detrimental to success as it takes more effort to UN-learn an incorrect habit than to establish a correct one. Fortunately, special golf equipment for women golfers greatly shortens the learning curve and hastens progress and fun. Not only men, but also women golfers benefit from golf aids that improve muscle tone and strength, help correct the usual ‘startup mistakes’, and save in green fees otherwise wasted on frustrating practice sessions with little improvement.

Strength and flexibility throughout the body are essential to golfing, and that is why the sport is so beneficial to both old and young. Sore or pulled muscles interfere with the smooth execution of your stroke.

Therefore, stretching exercises are recommended before playing the game, and attention should be paid to the integrity of the general spinal alignment.

The most specific affliction golfers suffer, and over 50 women golfers no exception, is Medial Epicondylitis, also known as ‘golfer’s elbow’. This an inflammation of the tendon(s) near the elbow, which ‘tennis elbow’ shares as a cause. The repetitive grip on the club, coupled with the impact of a poorly aimed swing, can make this condition a nightmare that painfully interferes with golf after 50 – or before.
Special golf equipment helps you train to avoid the common postural mistakes, shortens your learning curve, and saves you valuable time and money – not to mention physical pain.