Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Spot for your Next Golf Vacation

Perhaps your idea of an ideal holiday is wiling away the hours playing golf. Maybe you like to spend some time on the green during your vacation but also want to see something different while relaxing in magnificent surroundings. This section by far has been one of our most enjoyable to put together – although a little hard. Why? As you study all of the fantastic options available for golf vacations – all you end up wanting to do is to be on the next plane heading towards one of these outstanding destinations.

Well while we might have to wait a bit longer – you don’t have to! We have brought together every possible golf vacation you have ever dreamed of and more. Whether you like the cooler climates or playing golf in a tropical breeze, here you can find the low down and the upside of your next perfect golf vacation.

Some of the fabulous golf destinations we have uncovered are:

• The crystal clear Caribbean
• Sun soaked Florida at its best
• Amazing Arizona
• Hypnotizing Hawaii
• Cooler Canada
• Exotic Asian golf vacations
• Cultured European expeditions
• Magnificent Mexican golf holidays
• Family Friendly Golf Resorts
• Carefree Corporate Golf destinations
• Women Friendly Golf Resorts both on and off the course

And much more …

Now just when you convinced yourself that we wouldn’t be able to temp you – we’ve included photos that will inspire you to book that golf holiday and get golfing in one of these first-rate destinations.

Maybe your two impassioned golfer’s with kids in tow – don’t worry we are never ones to forget to bring something for everyone. Gorgeous golfing goddesses with young families need their break away just as much as singles and couples. Just to reward you for all that hard work – we brought together family friendly golf vacations that has something for all family members.

Perhaps it’s not you that is the golfer and you dread your next golfing holiday together. Do not click away! In all of our research we made sure there were plenty of ways to pamper yourself whether you are on the golf course all day or staying back at the resort. Relaxing and fun filled destinations can be included with golf vacations.

It is our mission and we completely choose to accept it! We want to help all women golfer’s to find fun, fascinating, and relaxing golf vacationsall over the world. Now your mission is to try and hold yourself back from fleeing to the airport with your golf clubs in tow … but then again, that might be fun too!

Golf Travel and Leisure

Insider Tips on Travel and Leisure Activities with Golf in Mind

Women golfers find their sport not only healthy and relaxing but also addictive! The more you play, the more you want golf to become part of your life and your leisure. With a special group in mind – wonderful women golfer’s – we have brought together a huge range of information on everything golf travel and leisure.

It could be that you are tired of being landlocked and want to find the ultimate golf cruise to give you a breath of fresh air. Here you will find all you need to know on what cruises for women golfers are available and how your beloved sport can be combined with high seas adventure.

Perhaps golf is more than a sport or past-time to you and you want it to become your life – to live and breathe the golf experience. Again we haven’t let you down. We are bringing you the latest information ongolf communities and everything you need to know about golf real estate. Yes – you can live in a golf course community or buy a property on the green.

If you have been nominated the person to organize the next women-golfers group trip – then you want to go no further, as we bring you the checklists and tips on planning a great golf holiday for your group.

Golf Travel and Leisure brings you information, reviews and tips on:

• Golf Travel Packages
• The world’s best golf resorts
• Golf Cruises
• Tips on how to plan golf holidays for couples or groups
• The best in golf destinations
• Extreme golf for adventure lovers
• What golf communities are all about
• Where you can buy your very own golf real estate
• The inside story on golf club membership

For others, maybe fairways and greens are just not enough and you need a new challenge set in your path. Especially for those adrenalin junkies and adventurous women golfers, we have included all you need to know about extreme golf. In extreme golf Par 120 can still be an excellent score! We tell you everything about extreme golf and you can then decide whether you want to golf in the glory of an artic morning or bask in the sun while bashing golf balls.

It could be that you’re tired of playing the public golf courses and want to make a golf club your second home. With the costs involved and your enjoyment of the game at stake – you want to make sure you make the right decision on choosing your golf club membership. Just for you we have gone on the inside and put together hints and tips on how to decide which golf club membership is for you.

If travel is your love – then stop a while here as we bring to you the best in golf destinations, golf travel packages and of course all the inside information on golf resorts. It’s not just a coincidence that there are so many to choose from – you are among a special group of people who just love everything golf. Don’t let yourself end up in a basic backwater not enjoying your golf or your holiday – take the time to review the information we have brought together so that your precious travel dollars are well spent.

Whether good golf is your priority or anything golf is your obsession, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy articles, tips and reviews from like-minded women golfers like yourself.

Golf Tips

Bringing Together the Latest and Greatest in Golf Tips for Women Golfers

No women golfers’ resource would be complete without a section on Golf Tips; our section is special as it concentrates on the latest and greatest Tips for the Woman Golfer. With due diligence, we have searched, researched, begged, borrowed and “acquired” all of those tips that can add power and confidence to your game.

Let’s face some facts – there will always be a difference in the upper body strength of male and female golfers. The fact that the upper body has a lot of influence over your golf swing will always mean that male and female ability and overall game will be played differently. However, that does not mean that there are not other areas where women can concentrate on fine tuning their game to gain competitive edge. One of those areas is your short game – we will bring you the inside information on how you can add finesse and an edge to your short game on the course.

Even though there will always be swing strength differences – you can still learn how to put more sting in your swing. With our well researched information we can give you the steps to add strength and staying power to your swing. Every golfer almost obsesses over how to improve theirs – you get to sit back in your chair and let us bring together the underlying principles right to you.

Maybe you get frustrated because you just never know how to play a certain type of hole. With access to a huge range of course and play information, we do the research and you reap the benefits. Golf course architects make an art out of varying their formula to make that one great course. We want to help you uncover the secrets of how to play it.

If you are a self starter and have never hired a coach or taken a lesson, here’s where you can find somegreat golf tips for women golfers to improve your game and help you understand where you may be going wrong. Sometimes it takes just a slight adjustment in stance or technique to finally get that perfect shot.

Whether it’s the secrets of the pros or tried and tested formulas we bring it all together in this section to give you a step by step guide on different aspects of your game. What more could you want – the alternatives are hours of lessons or days with books. Let us find that one Golf Tip you just had to know.

Golf Reviews

Your Guide to the Best Golf Magazines, Videos and Books for Women Golfers

If you’ve ever looked in the sports section of your local bookstore – you would have been stunned at shelf after shelf of Golf Magazines. Now if you’re a golfer – which magazine is worth buying or subscribing to, with so many available? As ever, we like to take the hard work out of choosing and so have reviewed and rated which golf magazines have the best information for women golfers.

Now still in the bookstore – did you dare to go to the sporting section for books? Have a look next time you are in town and stand back in amazement at the top to bottom shelves of books on golf. Now take a step closer – how many do you actually see written by women golfers for women golfers? We really do struggle to find information that is written specifically for and about Golf for women. Well again, we’ve taken the hard work out searching for you and come up with reviews on what we consider to be the best books out there for women golfers. We’ve also searched for the most cost effective places to find these gems. While not all are written by women – all apply themselves to women as well as men.

Okay your final challenge; put “golf video” in to your browser. Now do you go through the 30,000 hits to find the right golf video for what you’re looking for? Or do you follow our suggestion and get a cup of coffee and read through our reviews on the best and most useful golf videos from a woman’s perspective. Really it’s an easy choice and it’s our pleasure to bring you the full story on our favorite picks for our fellow women golfers.

With so many golf experts and pros writing and producing video material, it is very hard to make an investment in the right resource for your needs. Sometimes you come home with two or three books only to find one or two sections actually give you some help. We want to help you make your choices cost effective and let you know what is out there and how it can help you.

Golf Reviews bring you reviews and information on:

• What are the best golf magazines available
• What women’s golf magazines are on the market
• Which golf books are most highly rated and reader friendly
• Which women’s golf books are on the market and what do they cover?
• Women’s golf videos that are user friendly with easy to apply techniques
• What golf books and videos should be the basis of understanding how to improve your golf

It’s a natural fact, women and men process information differently, which means we also learn differently. It is not that one is better than the other, but information about women golfers from women golfers is more often easier to process than books written by men or for men.

Within golf we have some different interests or things that add value or enjoyment to our golf, women’s golf magazines and resources often cover all areas of what we want to know more about.

We look forward to bringing you the latest, greatest and most women friendly amongst books on golf, golf magazines and golf videos. We will also help you to find bargain prices for the best in these areas.

Golf Instruction

Where to Find the Right Kind of Help with Your Golf Technique

If you really want to enjoy Golf, it will be hard to get full enjoyment without learning some techniques and skills. In fact, most women golfers will tell you that you spend years improving your ability and certain parts of your technique. Whether you are a beginner golfer or more advanced we have brought together information, advice and tips on where you can find the right help for your skill level.

As a beginner Golfer, there are many aspects of your game that you will need to learn about. You will need to learn everything from your golf grip, your swing through to actually getting the little white ball into the hole. That’s for starters and it will be virtually impossible for you to do this on your own. We realize how daunting this can be for golfers – how? We’ve all been there and realized quickly how much we needed to know. That’s why we have brought together lots of information and useful links for you to find the right way to improve your golf skills.

Maybe you’re not so much a beginner in golf as an intermediate or advanced player. Then you will understand that you never seem to stop needing to learn more about refining your techniques. Perhaps you are at a stage where you need a golf coach to help perfect your swing, or need to know where to find hints and tips on how to improve your short game. We have searched, reviewed and brought together all of the information and links you will need to find your next golf instruction resource – specifically with women golfers in mind.

Golf Instruction brings together information on:

• Golf Training Camps and Golf Workshops
• Where to find golf lessons in your area
• How to fine tune your skills
• How to learn the golf basics
• All about Golf Schools
• The pros and cons of Training Videos
• What works with women golfers and golf lessons
• How to choose the right golf coach for you
• Does swing correction software really help women golfers?
• The pros and cons of different practice golf equipment
• How to evaluate whether a hint or tip is right for you

With so much information about different golf techniques, it can be confusing for players to really find what will for work for them. It can be frustrating to find that almost every expert has a different opinion or technique that you just MUST follow, only to find after all that training – it wasn’t really right for you.

What’s important is to know:

• Your body – its limits and potential
• What you want out of your Golf
• What areas you actually need help on
• What is working for you that you don’t want to change
• How to take care of yourself if you are changing a technique and re-training your muscle memory
• What to do if your golf coach or lessons are not working for you

We want you to gain full enjoyment out of your golf and this is a key area that can help you to attain both enjoyment and satisfaction from all those hours either at the range or on the green. Our aim is bring you a full guide on where to get the best help for improving your golfing ability. Our mission is to see women out there on the green enjoying themselves and their golf.