Golf Conditioning

?Understanding the Impact of Golf on Your Body

Why Conditioning for Golf is So Important for Women Golfers

Both men and women golfers understand that golf is a healthy and relaxing sport. Playing golf gives all of your major muscle groups a great workout; it is an excellent sport for de-stressing and gives its players an optimal cardiovascular workout to boot. What is not understood by most men and women golfers is just how much the sport of golf impacts their bodies and why it is critical that they condition their bodies for golf. Conditioning for golf is much more than the right golf lessons and a huge amount of practice. While these two priorities might enhance your swing or help with your short game, they will not prevent the one thing that will keep you off the course – injuries. Only by conditioning your body for golf will you really keep injury, pain and premature performance plateaus out of your game.

Golf is a highly athletic sport and for women far more demanding than their male counterparts. That is not an aspersion on skill levels – just a fundamental fact that the key muscle groups used for golf are the upper body, which is a naturally stronger area for men than women.

To help you put golf as a sport into perspective I have taken an explanation of its physical requirements from

Katherine Roberts’ Yoga for Golfers:

“Consider that the head of a golf club can travel over 100 miles per hour, an effort comparable to pitching a baseball. Or the fact that amateur golfers achieve approximately 90 percent of their peak muscle activity when driving a golf ball. This is the same lifting intensity as picking up a weight that can only be lifted four times before total fatigue sets in. Yet golfers …. Strike the ball an average of thirty to forty times a game with comparable intensity.” (See below for more info)

When you consider the amount of exertion and the physical requirements needed to perform this level of activity over a 9 or 18-hole game, it puts Golf in the same level as football, hockey and martial arts. Yet there is a drastic difference in the approach of physical training and conditioning programs between these sports and your average amateur men and women golfers. Now add to the mix the average age that women especially tend to take up golf – usually in their late thirties or forties.

It is because amateur golfers don’t understand the level of physical training required to play golf, that they do not undertake the conditioning required to ensure they stay injury free. Conditioning your body can also ensure that you can over come performance plateaus without causing further strain and injury to your muscles.

The most common injuries that plague men and women golfers are:

Back strain or back pain;
Achilles tendon injuries;
Golfers (tennis) elbow; and
Hand and wrist pain.

What does conditioning for golf mean for women?

It doesn’t mean that you have to hire a personal trainer or put in 30 hrs a week fitness training to enjoy four hours of golf. What it does mean for you is a choice – do you want to improve your golf and remain pain and injury free? Or would you like to go on concentrating on your skill level and practicing your swing?

If you choose to condition for golf, then it’s important that you choose the right fitness program for you – one that is achievable and doesn’t make you groan thinking about it. The areas that women golfers should concentrate on are:

Strengthening of your back;
Overall Strength training for the major muscle groups (strength not muscle mass); and
A good pre and post game stretching routine.

There are several ways you can go about finding the right conditioning program for you:

If you are being treated for any medical conditions – speak to your doctor first and get their advice on the best way forward;

Talk to the staff at your local gym and tell them the areas you want to condition and ask their advice on an overall fitness program;

Look at joining an exercise class that promotes this type of integrated program, one such type is Yoga as it strengthens muscles and helps with posture, while teaching you excellent stretching techniques;

Ask your golf buddies if they use a fitness program and find the bits and pieces that work for you –
if you design your own program, try and get a fitness instructor to give it the once over to ensure your not neglecting key areas or concentrating too much on an area that will do little for you.

For women golfers who want to improve their shot distance or decrease their back pain – conditioning for golf can bring you the results you have been waiting for. Men and women golfers are lucky as they have already found the one sport that amongst the healthiest for people of any age. Conditioning for golf enables you to enjoy this sport for as long as your interest holds. With increased swing power, posture and overall body strength you will be a force to be reckoned with on the golf course leaving your fellow women golfers in awe.
For further information on avoiding pain or coming back from injury or illness you can try Golf after 50 – Playing without Pain. Although this book is aimed at the over 50 golfers, it has great information for women golfers and golfers of any age taking up the game.

Golf Coach Taking Up Golf After 50

?For women golfers, one of the most brilliant things about the game is that it allows players of every skill level and at every age to enjoy playing together. However, if you’ve never played before, you might feel a little unsure of why you would want to play golf, how to start the process, and the logistics involved in evolving from novice woman golfer to golf diva – this journey may be shorter than you think – even for those of us over 50! Here are some basic tips that outline why and how to get started.

Why Should I Start Playing Golf?

Golf is a fantastic game for women not only from the perspective of physical activity, but also because it plays up strengths that are naturally inherent in most women. Some of the most common characteristics in women are requirements for golf, and lucky for us, we’ve already got them down pat! For example:

Problem-solving ability
Attention to detail
Willingness to take suggestions and instruction
Willingness to practice

In fact, looking over this list, it’s actually quite amazing that golf began as a man’s game!

How Do I Start Playing Golf?

There are several steps that you can follow before actually taking the plunge that will make you feel more comfortable and help break the ice.

First, check out a golf store. If you would rather not go directly to your local pro shop, there are a variety of great women-golfer stores online including departments at the big shops – 3Balls Golf, Dick’s Sporting Goods Golf Shop , – the #1 provider of ladies golf balls, The Golf Warehouse – Golf’s #1 Online Superstore, are all examples of online golf shops that focus the woman golfer.

Miniature golf is a great, inexpensive way to get comfortable with the feeling of the club in your hands as well as get a hole in one under your belt!

Ask around, gathering information from other women golfers. How did they get started? Do they have a great golf coach in mind? How much are the local greens fees and which local courses are open to beginning golfers? What are the opinions of your women-golfer friends on various brands of golf clothing and golf equipment?

Now, if you are ready to jump in, sign up for golf lessons! For more information on finding local lessons, see our section on Where to Find Golf Lessons in Your Area.

Where do I Get Golf Equipment?

For the beginning woman golfer, locating golf equipment need not be a difficult task. Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely not necessary for you to have fourteen clubs complete with accessory bag and water bottle to take a lesson or play a round of golf. If you would prefer to be fully equipped, by all means, go for it, but you will most likely need only a few irons and a putter to start. Also, many courses and coaches offer low cost rentals to beginner women golfers. When you do decide to invest in your very own set of clubs, you should have an idea of which style of club feels best to you and works with your ball flight requirements. See our section on the ideal configuration of a woman golfer’s Beginner Set of Golf Clubs.

What Should I Wear To Play Golf?

First and foremost, you should always be comfortable when playing golf. Loose-fitting and stretch fabrics are always a great choice to allow for maximum maneuverability with your swing. Most courses do not allow jeans and have a collared-shirt requirement. Additionally, you may want to consider shorts or pants with deep pockets so that you can have your tees, repair tools, golf balls, and ball markers readily available. For some great ideas on women-golfer clothing, check out our section on apparel.

Take your time and relax. Golf is a woman’s game and by following these simple guidelines, you will go from golf beginner to golf diva in no time!

Clone Golf Clubs The Real Scoop

There are many differing opinions about whether or not it is worth it to splurge on the brand name version of a club or to purchase the cheaper clone version. For those of you who have unlimited checking accounts, or for those who are independently wealthy, by all means, splurge away. This article isn’t for you. For the remaining 90% who, like me, need to make every dollar count, read on.

Advantages of Clone Clubs

First and foremost, clone clubs such as Lady Grand Hawk and GigaGolf almost always cost at least 50% to 75% less than their brand name counterparts. Frequently, the clone will have the look and feel similar to that of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), such as Callaway, Cleveland, or Adams. A little known (but quite telling) fact is that almost all of the big OEMs get their grips and shafts from the same sources as those little clone club start-ups. Not only that, but smaller companies usually do not have the same marketing and hype expenses of the larger companies, which allows them to sell their products at a lower cost. This means that when buying a brand name club, in essence, you are paying a lot more money for the clubhead and the name.

How do Clone Clubs Work for Women Golfers?

For the frugal yet discerning woman golfer, the most important consideration is a perfect fit without breaking the bank. While you can have any set customized to your personal specifications, customization costs extra and must be included in the budget of the clubs. Fortunately, there are many reputable clone sellers, even online, who will customize an entire set of clubs to match your swing speed and ball flight requirements. Some examples include Pinemeadow Golf and which includes a wonderful online, custom-fitting module.


Disadvantages of Clone Golf Clubs

How important is that clubhead, after all? Most golfers would respond with a resounding “Very!” We’ve all heard the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Well, in the case of clone clubs, this is sometimes true.

Unfortunately, you will occasionally find that the loft and lies are inconsistent, that the weight of the clubhead is a bubble off plumb, and that the center of gravity has been completely ignored in exchange for outward appearance. An additional concern is the fact that there are many counterfeit clubs out there and this fact can easily be missed if you are not paying attention. Although this is not always the case, it is important to be extremely careful when shopping for clone clubs.

Things to Watch Out for When Looking for Legitimate Clones

Should you decide to bite the bullet and go for the gold, the following are some ideas that will help you in a successful search for quality clones:

Ask around. Word of mouth can be one of the best ways to find a quality distributor.
When shopping for a specific brand and model of club, bring someone along who owns it so they can check it out for any glaring differences. *
Counterfeit clubs always have some difference to them from the real thing. These can include slight alterations to the logo, different fonts, different colors, as well as slight discrepancies in weight.
There is something wrong with a club that has a brand name and a clone price.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Can You Make a Return to Golf After Breast Cancer?

The simple answer is yes, women golfers can return to the full enjoyment of their golf game after Breast Cancer treatment. The more complex answer is how they can do that. Besides mentally recovering from being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and any surgery involved, there are some typical physical affects of both surgery and any radiation treatment. Those that would typically affect your golf are:

A limitation in the range of motion (stiffness) in your shoulder on the side of your body that has had surgery;
Lymphedema (swelling) of the arm and/or hand on the affected side.

Please be sure to check with your physician before utilizing any of our advice.

Although we have done extensive research on this subject, we are not physicians or affiliated with any medical or pharmaceutical company.

The stiffness in the affected shoulder is usually a short-term problem and can be fixed with physiotherapy and exercise. The cause of this stiffness is related to the post-operative splinting of the arm to avoid discomfort caused by body movement. Usually this is a mild discomfort but it can affect your range of motion, hence, affecting your swing and putting ability; let alone carrying your golf equipment around.

Exercises for Range of Motion

By following a good solid exercise routine, you should be able to regain your range of motion and strength to ensure the longetivity of your mighty golf swing.

Some appropriate exercises for regaining your range of motion are:

Horizontal abduction
Pushups against the wall
Resisted flexion
Resisted extension
Resisted abduction and
Resisted adduction


By following a good solid exercise routine, you should be able to regain your range of motion and strength to ensure the longetivity of your mighty golf swing.

The more serious side affect after breast cancer surgery is Lymphedema and unfortunately, this is a lifelong risk. For women golfers, they may experience this swelling of the arm and/or their hands following a round of golf or a few hours at the driving range.

Many women golfers who have experienced this problem advise that you should wear a compression sleeve during your training or golf game. This type of sleeve will prevent the progression of lymphedema or at least keep it to a minimum. Not all women experience lymphedema after their breast surgery, this only affects some women golfers and is not exaggerated by their golf. If you do suffer from this condition, then it is not only during golf you should wear the compression sleeve but also during any air travel. If you’re not sure where you can get a compression sleeve or want more information, try the Ted Mann Family Resource Center who can help you with all of your questions.

Finally, we want to dispel a myth that is generated about the effects on your golf swing should you be faced with having a mastectomy. While your golf swing may not be your first consideration – a myriad of cans and can not’s will likely run through your brain at the speed of light when you’re faced with either the decision for a mastectomy or during your recovery period from one.

Women golfers do not have to face a change in their golf swing following a mastectomy – while your swing will be affected by strength and stiffness issues, your breast removal will not dramatically alter your swing motion.

Breast Cancer Research for the Cure

You may also want to read our other articles:

Support for Breast Cancer Research
Organizations Which Support Women’s Health
Support for Breast Cancer Research Merchandise

The great thing about golf and women’s golf especially is that you are surrounded by people who understand not only the game but also the horrendous price that Breast Cancer exacts from women. Their awareness of this has been shown by their strength in raising funds for Breast Cancer Research and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Funds are being raised through merchandise and events to ensure that less women either are affected or die from this disease. The good news is, that with heightened awareness, women are being more proactive with checkups and thus reducing the fatalities from breast cancer.

Allergies on the Golf Course

Both women golfers and their male counterparts sometimes have their beloved sport of Golf hindered by watery eyes and constant sneezing. In some cases women golfers feel they have to give up completely and stay away from the course.

In the US alone over 38 million people are affected by allergies. This number is growing due to the change in our environment and diet. Allergies are essentially your body’s abnormal reaction to protein in the environment. The types of proteins that cause allergies are:

Tree pollen;
Grass pollen;
Ragweed pollen;
Mold; and in severe cases

Stings from insects like bees or marine life

Hopefully, there is not too much marine life on your local golf course but do be aware when you travel further a field, what could be lurking in the waters both on and off the course.

So for practicalities sake, let’s deal with the allergies that are likely to affect women golfers in their day to day life. When you look at the list above, you can easily see why women golfers tend to be amongst the worst allergy sufferers – as most of these factors are present on each and every golf course.

Allergy sufferers tend to show the following symptoms:

Itchy tearing eyes
Stuffy or runny nose
Excessive sneezing
Sinus problems

The reason why you experience watery eyes and a runny nose when you have an allergy is because your body is releasing histamine. The body releases this chemical in response to any kind of injury, including allergies. Histamine causes swelling at the sight of the injury – which explains the effects on your facial region when you experience an allergy.


You don’t have to stay away from your favorite past-time or obsession because of your allergies. There are some simple and effective treatments to help you stay on top of your form and enjoy being on the golf course.

What kind of medicine can I take for my allergy?

Cutting down on the amount of histamine that is being released by your body is the first step. You can do this by using an antihistamine. A few years ago, antihistamines were best known for making you drowsy. The new medicines have alleviated this problem. You can get the following non-drowsy antihistamines to help you stay on the course and play for par:


Over-the-Counter: Antihistamines that contain loratidine such as Claritin are non-drowsy and available at your local drug store in the U.S.

By Prescription Only: The second generation of antihistamines that are available by prescription in the US include ingredients such as fexofenadine, cetirizine and desloratadine. These are: Allegra, Zyrtec, and Clarinex
The bonus of these medications is that you only need to take them once a day and they will give you up to 24 hrs protection. The best advice is to take them in the morning and certainly not at night, when your body needs to feel drowsy naturally in order to reach its restful state in sleeping.

Women golfers traveling overseas on a golf vacation may need to take some of these medicines with them. In case they happen to be one of the things left at home, you may find that the prescription medicines are available over the counter at the local pharmacy or drug store. The medicines may be called by different names, for example: Claritin is called Clarinase in Australasia and Asia.

As a rule antihistamines do not affect any blood pressure medication, but please double check with your doctor to ensure that this goes for all of the medication you are taking.

Nasal Sprays

If you object to using a daily dose of tablets to counter your allergies, you may want to try a nasal spray that contains harmless designer steroids. These act to reduce the inflammation and swelling in your nasal passages caused by allergies. The relief is confined to your nasal passages only, whereas another type of nasal spray called azelastine, is also an antihistamine and gives relief to both your nose and the rest of your body.

This is used twice a day. Both of the types of nasal sprays talked about here are prescription and not the over the counter sprays at the local drug store. Unlike those over the counter nasal sprays, these types maintain
their effectiveness and your body does not become immune to them.


Lastly, you can also try allergy shots administered by your doctor. These are useful to some people and not others; they can cause an immunity or rebound of the symptoms to occur in some individuals.

If you are a golfing enthusiast who has an allergy to bee stings, then you need to ensure that you always carry injectable epinephrine (EpiPen) in your golf bag. Bee stings can cause anaphylaxis and the symptoms of a bee
sting allergy are:

Swelling of the tongue and throat
Difficulty breathing

Epinephrine is a hormone that quickly reduces the swelling and relaxes the lungs to improve breathing.
Should you be a companion of an unfortunate golfer allergic to bee stings, you need to know how to spot the severe reaction and if they have injectable epinephrine with them. If they do not have this medication, then you need to pull out all stops and ensure that you help them breath and get them to an emergency room or medical attention as soon as possible.

You don’t need to let you allergies take away the things you enjoy. By dealing with your allergies through the proper medication – you can feel on par and return that swing to your step.

One final note: We are not physicians or connected to the medical or pharmaceutical industries in any way. Please consult with a physician before taking any medications!

Your Guide on all Things Women Golfers Need to Know

Although golf is not played individually – it still remains an individual sport leaving us to find our own way in every aspect. Knowing this and how much information you need to know and some you just want to know – we’ve brought it all together in a total guide for women golfers.

Over a century ago women played in their first professional tournament. Finally, after a century of showing what we are made of – the golf industry is starting to take notice. We are great, gifted and gorgeous – we love the game and just like the guys we want to know more about our beloved sport.

Whether you consider yourself a bashing beginner, almost advanced or thoroughly professional we have something of interest to you. Our job is to find the latest, greatest and absolute best and bring it all together in one spot for you to travel and discover all things great about golf.

We’ve got news, goodies and that golf accessory you just have to have – Women golfer’s have arrived and we want to take you to the next level in enjoying your sport whether it’s a hobby, a mission or something you do to improve your business networking.

Our mission is to bring you all the information you ever wanted to know together in one place so that all of you gorgeous golfer’s have the absolute latest news on what’s hot and what’s not. Make sure you bookmark us so that you can come back and visit anytime you need to know something about golf or in particular women’s golf.

Our aim is to help save you time, money and hours of browsing so that you can get on the green and get golfing!

Women Golfers – Golf after 50

Your Guide to Resources and Information for Golfing in (and after) Your Fabulous Fifties

There is a lot we say goodbye to when we reach fifty, and for some it can be a little depressing. I like to look at fifty as finally enjoying everything I’ve learned in the first part of my life with an outlook to enjoying having more time for me. More time for me can also mean more time for golf and all of the great lifestyle that goes with my favorite leisure activity.

We dedicate this section to all of those wonderful women golfers entering and in their fabulous fifties and beyond. Our aim is to bring you information that’s about us – what we need to know and what we want to know about golfing beyond fifty. Now that you’ve had your big birthday bash or it’s been some years in between, let us help you to find new ways of enjoying every aspect of golf. Whether golf is new in your life or you’ve been playing for years – we have something here for everyone.

In this section we are going to bring you information, great deals and hints, like the following: –

• Golf holidays – fun for the over fifties
• How to look after yourself through diet and exercise
• Giving you the hints and tips for taking up golf now you’ve reached “ME time”
• How Yoga can help your golf and your health
• Some great stories from other great women golfers
• Golf Apparel with you in mind
• How to still enjoy your golf even with those “twinges” you feel
• Great golf equipment to ensure you really do enjoy your game
• How to come back to golf after a major illness
• Menopause and golf – use one to help you get through the other

I don’t like to think that I am 50 plus years old – my aim is to be 50 plus young and active, enjoying what I’ve always enjoyed along with more time to do it. For the past twenty or thirty years many of us have been working hard bringing up children, building up our marriages and getting ourselves financially established. Well now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and get out there and have as much fun as you can.

Golf is a healthy relaxing sport and it can also become part of a great lifestyle, where you can meet other people, travel and really enjoy becoming a better golfer. Let us help you find out the many different ways golf can enhance your life and help you enjoy just being you again. Whether it’s on or off the green you will find great deals and information for enjoying all aspects of golf and your “YOU time”.

The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing

Curing Your Hit Impulse in Seven Simple Lessons

For women golfers, an effortless golf swing is the key to a successful and fulfilling round of golf. Easier said than done many will say, however those women golfers who have discovered a well written book on the subject might tend to disagree. Like so many books of its type, this book, aptly titled The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing was not written by an experienced professional golf player, but instead by a young man who earned his living as a golf instructor, unknown to the powers that be in the world of golf. The young man, Michael McTeigue, first published his offering to the frustrated golfer way back in 1985. Since that time the book has become required reading and a major tool in golf instruction.

When The Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing was first published almost a quarter of a century ago, it was largely as a result of some serious prompting from novices attending one of McTeigue’s golf instruction courses. They were so impressed with the standard of Michael’s instruction; they felt that this was information that should be available to novice golfers everywhere. The master instructor’s theories on the troubling problem of how to master and improve their golf swing especially seemed to hit the mark. McTeigue agreed and called upon the services of a certain Mr. Jim McQueen to assist him with the publication. Jim McQueen presented a unique combination of being amongst the top illustrators in the world of golf as well as having been a professional player for many years with a deep love and understanding for the game of golf. Their joint efforts were so impressive that a publishing contract was awarded, and the manual has been in print in ever since.

As Michael McTeigue explains in his book, a powerful and effective golf swing is the desire and the right of every player. The purpose of a woman golfer’s swing is to get the ball as near to the fairway as possible. A popular misconception is that power is the key, yet in his book McTeigue argued that that theory was not necessarily correct. What he claimed was necessary to drive your golf ball as far and as accurately as you require is to generate more speed on the head of the club. In order to do so women golfers require shaping themselves physically so as to achieve, maintain and control what is described in the book as the “optimum swing.”

The key to arriving at optimal levels in women’s golf swing is laid out in depth in the Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing. Figuring prominently in the manual is the necessity for the player to improve both their flexibility and strength. These features need to be brought up to a level to enable a shoulder turn on the back swing. This shoulder turn will be sufficient and contain sufficient concentrated energy to be concentrated on the woman golfer’s drive. This increased energy focused into the golf swing has helped thousands of players overcome the problem with their drive, and made their golf game an all round success and an enjoyable experience for the women golfer.

The Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing and subsequent follow ups has placed Michael McTeigue at the very pinnacle of golf instruction. Still active, both as a coach and an author, Michael is today the Emeritus coach to the womens golf team at Stanford University.Michael McTeigue’s The Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing is readily available online and at around twenty five dollars for a copy fresh off the shelf and used versions for sale at considerably less, it must be one of the finest investments in golf instruction still available today.

Organizations and Associations

Your Global Guide to Women’s Golf Organizations and Associations

Women golfers’ organizations are a powerful entity in getting more women into the game of golf. Through golf workshops and training camps – these organizations are bringing new focus and putting the spotlight on women golfers.

They work closely with all facets of the golf industry to make every aspect of the game of golf women friendly and focused on the needs of women players. Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) is an internationally based organization working hard to promote women’s golf. They offer memberships and have chapters throughout the United States, Canada and France.

What about Women in the Golf Industry (WIGI) working hard to open up the Golf Industry to women and educate the Industry on what women really want out of the game. In 2005 WIGI commissioned a report to find out exactly what women want from golf – this has been used to make the Golf Industry stand up and take notice of where they were falling short.

There are many International Women’s Golf Organizations and Associations that are focused on giving women their dues on the course along with helping beginner golfers to find their way.

Maybe you’re looking for a golf buddy? Through your local or national association you can access other women just like you looking for a partner to play golf with. Perhaps you want to know more abouttournaments or golf workshops – most of these associations not only have memberships but also provide a wealth of information on what is happening for women golfers in your area.

The great thing about Golf is that it brings together large groups of like minded people. People who enjoy the game and follow the unwritten rules of integrity and fairplay.

Nothing demonstrates this more than the Women’s Golf Industries drive behind supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Through balls, golf apparel and golf shoes the Manufacturers of golfing related equipment have made their mark in reducing breast cancer fatalities.

Golf is not only a great way to relax and part of a healthy lifestyle – golf can also work for a good cause. There are many golf associations that are linked or formed around helping raise funds for worthwhile needs.

To make it easy for you, we are bringing together useful information on all sorts of women’s golf associations and organizations. Whether it is finding a golf buddy or a golf workshop – you’ll find it here or at the very least how to find the information in your local area. Remember our aim is to help you to keep enjoying golf as a sport and as a lifestyle.

Luxury Golf

For Those Women Golfers Who Want Something More . . .

You are a woman golfer with class, a sense of style and a taste for anything that’s not average.

You are a woman who knows what she wants and can discern what adds finesse rather than fashionable cliché’s.

You have everything at your finger tips and invest in only what suits your sensibilities.

The scene is who you are and who you are with and this includes your lifestyle, your leisure and your golf.

Luxury Golf brings you information, reviews and insights into where you can get everything that is you.

Are you looking for a private escape to relax, pamper yourself and play golf? We have just what you’re looking for and more. Just for you we have uncovered places that you can go for women golfers, not to be part of a crowd.

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a woman who fits the description above. It’s not easy pleasing a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Here you are lucky as we have brought together just the right kinds of gifts for that graceful golf goddess.

You’re not one of the crowd, you don’t want to fit in – you are the crowd and you’re a leader not a follower. Golf apparel based on comfort and fit is relative compared to the best that the best has to offer. Luxury golf has just what you’re looking for in designer golf apparel and what the elite are being offered in Golf wear this year.

Finesse is not just about cost and labels, it’s about how you put together everything from your golf wear to your eyewear. We don’t presume you need help to do this, but we do want to bring you the latest on how you can complete you. From designer eyewear to the best in women golfers’ jewelry, our mission is to give you the one-stop reference to pass on to your friends – who aren’t quite there yet.

Golf equipment is not just about having the best, although that is important. It also says who you are and gives notice to those around you about your sense of style, panache and suitability to stand out in the crowd.

With this in mind we bring you:
• The best in designer golf bags
• All about designer golf clubs
• The inside story on getting the top of the line golf equipment
• Golf accessories from designers who have you in mind

Whatever you “throw together” to wear or who you “drop in” to see, we bring you all you need to know to be you on and off the golf course.