Golf For Your Health

Great Information on Looking After Your Health on the Green

Golf is great for your health. Golf as a sport and leisure activity gives you an all round workout for your mind and your body. The best way for women golfer’s to keep on enjoying their game is to know more about how they can look after their body along with following stretching and fitness routines that help with their golfing ability.

In Golf for your Health we are bringing together a wide range of information that every woman golfer needs to know. All of this information has been tailored especially towards women golfer’s and also includes specific women-related health information.

For example, many golfers’ experience back strain, especially while they are training their bodies to learn a new swing. We have advice from the medical experts on what steps you can take to either avoid the strain injury or get on your way to recovery. Our aim is to give you all you need to know in order to keep you on the green and enjoying your golf.

Some of the areas we will cover in this section include:

• Eyecare on the course
• Techniques to strengthen your mental golf game
• Dealing with allergies> on the green
• How you can improve your conditioning for golf to build both stamina and strength
• Taking care of your skin while your outdoors
• Using Yoga as a way of enhancing your golf performance and overall health
• A guide to stretching both before and after you hit the driving range or golf course
• How to cure those niggling aches and pains

Whether you have that nagging elbow pain or spend your time sneezing through your shots; we have brought together advice, information and tips for how you can conquer it all and spend more time enjoying your golf without pain and discomfort.

With advice from Doctors, Fitness Experts and Health Coaches we are able to bring you the latest and most practical advice on how to make sure you stay healthy and fit for your game and your life. While you might think this information isn’t relevant to you now it may prevent you needing the information later on.

Golf is a healthy and enjoyable sport no matter what your age is – that is why it is so unique and appealing to so many. Whether you are young and fit or have more miles on the course – it is important to know how you can take care of your mind and body.

Golf Equipment

All About Golf Equipment – the Good, the Bad, and the Useless

Golf is both an ability and equipment focused sport. While your ability helps you to swing, chip and putt – your equipment is essential in adding the competitive edge or finesse to your game. Golf equipment is an important part of a golfer’s life – whether it’s the basics or the best, at some stage you will need to know how to make good choices with your golf equipment.

We have brought together information on golf equipment for women golfers. You may wonder why that is different. Being women – we tend to want very different things out of our golf equipment than men do. More likely it is the male golfer’s who are going to purchase the XX9786VV49 room sized golf simulator – while women prefer more practical approaches like ensuring their equipment is durable, cost effective and adds to the type of golfer they are. That is not to say there is anything wrong with either golf simulators or women golfers who want them.

Perhaps you’re interested in finding out about what basic golf equipment you will need; or your past that stage and want to know about more specialized equipment that will enhance your game. We have brought together the practical, the personal and the prestige so that no matter which type of golfer you are – we have the latest information for you.

Our section on Golf Equipment brings you information, hints and tips on:

• Balls, bags and all that jazz
• Golf Travel Equipment
• Training aids for the beginner golfer
• Everything about golf bags you ever needed to know including designer bags
• How you can put your personal touches to your golf equipment
• Tips on taking care of your golf clubs

There is so much golf equipment on the market and according to all retailers – it’s all a must have for golfer’s. How do you choose what’s good, what might be useful and what will only be useful for taking up space in your garage. Well it’s simple –leave it to us to find out all you need to know – on what you need to have!

Don’t waste time and money on equipment that you either won’t use or won’t last – let seasoned golfers bring together both the practical and prestige so that you can save hours by finding all you need to know in one place.

Whether you’re an obsessed golf goddess or novice golfer we can give you the inside story on golf equipment – the pros and con’s, not to mention hints on where to get the best golf equipment for less.

Golf Courses

Your Guide to Great Courses and Those That Make the “Women-Friendly” Gold-Star List

We’re WOMEN golfers — Have you ever thought “this course was made with only men in mind”? Quite often the red or forward tee is somewhat of an exaggeration as you still need to be part-way Amazon to make the cut. Well we are taking a stand and putting all of those such and such designed courses on notice! Our mission is to rate courses on a “women-friendly” gold-star rating and give you the information you need to choose which courses suit your talents.

Different parts of the world have made differing levels of progress in realizing that they need to design their courses with both men and women golfers in mind. We aim to bring you not only the best golf courses but also give you the inside story on whether their architects made the grade in terms of women players.

Some women’s golf organizations are working hard to educate clubs and course architects on what women really want in a golf course. While they are doing their part, we will be doing ours – you will have the rating to make your own choices on whether the course makes your grade or not.

Maybe you’re not interested in club membership and playing at the latest and greatest or oldest and established, don’t despair – we are also taking a good look at the public golf courses on offer both throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Also included are the following “need to know” golf course explanations:

• Golf etiquette
• Rules of the game
• Golf Jargon made simple
• Understanding the Handicap system

Apart from putting golf courses under the “women friendly” microscope – we are also going to bring you information on great courses throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

You never know, there may be a course in your area that you never knew was such a fantastic find and somewhere you and your golf buddies could really enjoy a long weekend playing at.

So you’ve been asked to organize the Corporate Golf Day – which course, is it suitable, can it cater to large groups? We want to give you hints and tips on making the right decision on where to take your colleagues and clients golfing. Maybe you’re the one invited to attend a golf day and what to know the lay of the land before you attend.

By now you should know that we aim to cater for all women golfer’s by bringing you the widest range ofinformation that women want to know.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Golf Apparel

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Apparel for Golf and More . . .

Whether style is everything for you or practicality and purpose win the day – in this section we have it. Information, bargains, designer or branded – golf apparel in every way, shape and form is covered. This is all about women golfer’s so we have gone to every length to find something for every great, gifted and gorgeous woman golfer amongst us.

Perhaps caps are your thing or you’re a true sole woman. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes – we have researched and uncovered all of the basics and the best so that you know where to find your fit. Sometimes you just want something that will be comfortable and last a long time or maybe you want to know how the best are dressed, here you have a one-stop resource to find even the best at the best price.

Have you found that it’s hard to find just the right size in a style that suits? Maybe you’re looking for plus sized or extra small women’s golf apparel but you’re tired of spending hours searching. Well the great thing about this site, is that we spend the hours finding all you need to know and bring it together in one place.

Here are some of the many aspects of golf apparel we have for you:

• Your basic golf apparel essentials
• Golf shoes that really get to the bottom of the problem
• Plus sized women’s golf apparel
• Every golf accessory you can imagine and more …
• What the big names like Nike and Addidas have to offer female golfers
• Apparel for the extra small woman
• Designer golf apparel for the woman that just needs more
• Apparel that meets the practical needs of the woman golfer
• The best for less – bargains and discount golf apparel
• Golf Apparel for a good cause – sales that boost funding for the BCRF

So ladies whether your used to gracefully gliding across the greens and need style with practicality; or swishing and swinging like a pro needing sportswear that meets your swing without showing your sweat – we can give you the absolute on what to wear and where to source women’s golf apparel and accessories.

Corporate Golf

Golf for the Businesswoman of Today

Women golfers have an advantage – operating successfully in business today is much more than finalizing deals and bringing clients in. You need to be able to operate in a global market and make the best of every networking opportunity you come across. By choice or by task this means that many businesswomen also need to be able to take advantage of Corporate Golf Days and playing Golf for their business networking.

Even for the experienced Golfer – a Corporate Golf Day or mixing golf with business can be a daunting prospect. While we are not saying there is no enjoyment in these experiences, you have the pressure to play your best golf and do your best networking. That is no light day out whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet.

So far this all sounds rather daunting – the bright side is, that Golf is actually a fantastic all round sport for businesswomen to play. You get to workout most of your major muscle groups and mentally it is relaxing and can help amazingly to de-stress the stressed out. Golf is excellent for both your health and your life.

If you have never played Golf before and your business or company actively takes part in Golf networking activities – then you really need to arm yourself with at least enough Golf skills to survive your first Golf Day. Either embarrassing yourself with not knowing one end of a golf club from the other or turning down golf invitations is not an option in the competitive business world of today.

Some businesses and some parts of the globe are especially active in using Golf as part of their day to day networking activities. Many of the banks like to gather their preferred clients together for a Corporate Golf Day, in which their staff also needs to be able to represent themselves both on and off the green.

If you are doing business in Asia – then you need to come armed with your clubs and your skills. Golf is as important to business in Asia as the fax machine and photocopier. It has been long said, that if you do not know how to play golf but plan to do business in Asia – you’re handicapped from the start. You will be playing against people that have learned and played golf most of their lives; you need to come prepared and confident enough that you can get by without embarrassing yourself and your company. Your golf ability in this region will do far more than your winning smile or clever sales talk.

We will help you to become well armed in your golf arsenal through hints, tips, sound advice and good information to help you enjoy this healthy and business orientated sport.

Corporate Golf includes:

• Information on Corporate Golf Schools and Academies
• How to organize a Corporate Golf Day
• Tips for mixing business and golf
• Where to find Corporate Golf Gifts
• Corporate Golf getaways for that team building or business planning weekend
• What you need to know about playing business golf overseas
• Where you can get company branding on golf equipment
• What companies help organize Corporate Golf Events

Whether you’re a novice or a vet, you need to be fully prepared for either your first or your next Corporate Golf challenge. One of the tips that I give to my colleagues is to always research the course you’re going to play on. Get the information on how to play each hole and make sure that you’re not hitting the course rusty – either hit the driving range or get some refresher lessons so you are ready to go.

We want to help you succeed in both enjoying your golf and playing your best no matter what your nextCorporate Golf Day may bring.

Choosing the Right Clubs

The low down on golf clubs for women golfer’s

Choosing the right clubs is a science in golf. Choosing the right clubs as a woman golfer is psychics combined with ability. We all know that men and women golfers are made differently, that’s why it is so important that women golfer’s choose clubs made with them in mind.

With a purely women golfer’s perspective we have brought together all you need to know about choosing the right set of clubs. Our aim is to help you work out the equation that best suits your needs.

We have dedicated a whole section on the various options of golf clubs. Whether you’re a novice beginner or a seasoned weekender – we will help you work out where and how to buy the best set for your shape, skill and style.

In this section we cover the following areas for Women Golfer’s: –

• The ideal set for the beginner golfer
• Custom Golf Clubs
• What an intermediate level golf set should include
• Information about training clubs
• The pros and cons of used golf clubs
• Golf Club sets for the Advanced Golfer
• Where to find discount golf clubs
• The pros and cons of clone golf clubs

Being a beginner maybe you don’t want to spend all that money on a new set of golf clubs? Well we have the latest information on where you can find used golf clubs and how you make sure your money is well spent.

Perhaps you’ve advanced beyond the beginner level but your golf clubs haven’t. This section will show you what clubs you can keep and what you need to upgrade to suit your hard earned abilities.

For the advanced golfer, let us help you reward yourself with the perfect set of clubs that are finally going to match your level and ability. Let us do the hard work in finding you value for money and the best options available.

In this section you will find all the information for women golfers on different customized clubs, the ideal golf sets for your level and whether training clubs or clone golf clubs are worth your precious dollars.

Let us help you to keep on enjoying your game with the best golf clubs to fit your shape, skill and style. The right set of golf clubs can bring back both your edge and your enjoyment while giving you the satisfaction of money well spent.

Can I Still Play Golf on a Budget?

Women golfers starting out in golf will find that it doesn’t have to be expensive. By the time you buy equipment, shoes and pay your green fees, it can soon add up. Although, it might be tempting when starting out in a new sport to buy lots of expensive equipment, do you really need it when you are trying a sport for the first time? Perhaps you would love to play golf, but cannot justify that kind of expense. If you are a first time golfer, you may want to try second-hand equipment first and then upgrade as your skills and enjoyment grow.

The good news is that women golfers have less expensive options available to allow them to enter the sport. A quick tour of your local flea market or some garage sales will soon reveal a host of second-hand golfing equipment of all kinds. Some of it you will discard instantly, such as the trolley with the broken wheel or the club with the tape bound shaft coming off in lengths.

When it comes to shoes and golf clothes you may be better off looking and waiting for the sales to come along, as these are very personal items and second hand probably would not appeal to most.

With golf clubs for women golfers, you have a better chance of picking up some good bargains. Although styles of clubs come and go some things remain always the same. Try sites such as Old Clubs or The Golf Classifieds to find well loved bargains that you can make your own. For instance, a beginner lady’s set of clubs, including bag and a variety of clubs, will set you back only $35 through the Golf Classifieds as opposed to between $300-500 brand new. This means for around 10% of the brand new price you can have a starter’s golf set. The Old Clubs site has some useful tips on what to look for when you’re buying second hand equipment over the internet. There are other clubs available at individual prices. Your local professional can advise you as to which are your best buys, the pro may even know of equipment for sale.

Both sites also have many other things to delight the women golfers’ community from waterproofs to training aids. The only problem with buying from a site such as this is that you can’t examine the goods before buying. However, most second hand sellers are responsive to emails or contact through the sites for further information. Usually people sell their clubs as they are either upgrading or getting out of the game. Many golfers buy new clubs at regular intervals, yet actually only really use a very few favorites, so you might find a club that is just what you need in pristine condition.

If you prefer to look, feel and swing with your clubs prior to purchase – many golf shops and course shops sell second-hand clubs. Quite often, they are also prepared to buy them back for a reasonable price, if you decide to upgrade later on. You might want to talk through what the clubs will be worth if you decide to put them back up for re-sale, as some clubs hold their value better than others.

Other equipment that you can buy second hand is golf bags and course equipment. Looking through your local classifieds you will often find special deals on shoes and apparel.

Another option on the second hand market is ex-display clubs. You can quite often find these for sale through eBay or through searches on the internet.

Some second hand stockists display only one brand, for example Callaway Golf Pre-owned specializes in acquiring a wide range of second-hand Callaway golf clubs and they come with an inspection guarantee.

If you do your research, talk to your local golf pro and golf shop – you should be able to have a good picture of what your ideal golf set would look like. Then it’s time to let you fingers, thumbs or legs do the walking and see if you can find the same set for half the price or less.

At the same time you can also pick up pre-loved golf bags, wheel trolleys’s and also find heavily discounted new clothing and shoes. One of my favorite sites to check out, when I need to replace my well loved golf shoes or clothes; is to pay a visit to Morton Golf Sales’ site. They often have discounts well below the usual retail price.

Back Pain and Shoulder Pain Worries Ended

Christine has been an active writer since childhood. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota. Later, she received her Medical Doctorate from the same institution. She practiced medicine for 15 years and is currently a writer/editor. During this time she received her AS degree in Criminal Justice and currently volunteers for two nonprofit corporations in Minneapolis which have the legal system as their primary focuses.

It’s not uncommon for women golfers to come off the course with a little back or shoulder pain. When the pain persists or lasts from game to game, however, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the body and evidence that there is something wrong with your game of golf. Shoulder pain is more common than back pain but both can be present when playing golf. Back pain usually occurs in the middle to upper back but can occur in the lower back itself.

The Mechanics of Golf: Shoulder and Back Pain Basics

When women golfers swing the club, the act of swinging uses the trapezius muscle, a large muscle, which extends in a triangular shape from the neck out to the shoulders and down the middle of the back. This muscle is very sensitive to repetitive motion and to the jarring of the shoulder and upper back during the striking of the ball. In addition, it gets stretched during the follow-through in the act of playing golf. Shoulder pain and back pain begin when there is overuse of the trapezius muscle and the pain can become chronic and unrelenting. The pain can extend from the neck to the shoulders and down to the middle of the back where the muscle inserts. The pain is often caused by inflammation of the affected areas in the neck, back or shoulders. Women golfers are particularly prone to this condition and need to understand ways of preventing and treating it.

Before Golf: Back Pain and Shoulder Pain Exercises

Prevention of this type of inflammation begins with pre-game exercises that help strengthen and improve the flexibility of the trapezius muscle. Exercises begin with bending over and stretching one’s arms as close to the floor as possible. This stretches the long portion of the trapezius and relaxes the neck. Then one should take the club and hold it horizontally at shoulder level with both hands. Bend to the right as far as possible and bend to the left as far as possible. Many women golfers do this also with the horizontal club held at shoulder height with the club behind them, stretching the trapezius muscle even further. Anyone with access to a gym should exercise with “lat pulls” to strengthen the trapezius muscle.

After Golf: Shoulder Pain and Back Pain Treatments

Even with the best of prevention, it’s possible for women golfers to come down with an inflammation of the trapezius muscle. The pain can interfere with one’s golf game and can be nearly constant. Sometimes there is point pain and tenderness settles in just one area of the trapezius muscle. The treatment of such pain is rest of the affected area or areas, anti-inflammatory medication, massage of the affected area and, in extreme cases, a cortisone injection to the point of greatest tenderness with the idea of getting back on the course once the pain has become more tolerable. Side effects of anti-inflammatory medication can include stomach upset or stomach ulcers if taken chronically. Cortisone can raise the blood sugar and should be used sparingly.

Resources to Help

You may want to try Fit Golf For Women. With paid membership, you will receive a customized exercise curriculum to help ease your back and shoulder pain. In the process, you may also opt to follow further suggestions and lose weight. The bonus is you will also improve your swing and ultimately your game. There are dozens of very satisfied women golfers who subscribe to this excellent resource.

All About Women’s Golf Balls

Women golfers may think that all balls are the same. The truth is that with the evolution of the ball, so came advances in the technology. In turn, that created advances in its construction and performance matched with a golfer’s skill.

The history of the golf ball goes back to the late 18th century, when the golf balls were made of feathers and packed in a leather pouch. It was made out of wet feathers packed tightly in a leather pouch for desired hardness. It was considered that there would be less drag if a ball was smooth. Thus, pouches were sewn such that the outer covering was inside out and had only few stitches on the outside. It was then dried, dipped in oil and painted white. The ball got ruined if it got wet.

In 1845, the ball started being made out of a resin or gum of the Malaysian Sapodilla tree. So, this rubber ball was molded after heating the gum. Around the same time, with innovations, it was discovered that a smoother ball will go farther if scratched or has marks. It was over time that the dimpled ball was standardized in 1930.

The 350 to 400 dimples on a ball are designed for increasing the lift of the ball. There is a wide variety of balls available for all levels from men, women, experts and novice players who are more likely to lose their golf balls.

Nike has specially made a golf ball keeping women golfers in mind. The Nike Super Lady golf ball has been crafted on the same lines as the Power Distance series. The Power Distance Super Lady ball is basically a 2 piece ball which has a solid core, 432 dimple patterns with a compression rating of 60. With the increase in women golfers’ apparel, footwear and accessories demands, women’s golf equipment is catching up with the market demands.

The special Nike women golf ball – Power Distance Super lady Ball has low compression featured core and soft ionomer outer cover. The golf ball has been designed for increased carry, high trajectory shots while the feel of the ball is soft and facilitates many swing speeds.

There are many other companies which also make superior quality golf balls, especially for women golfers. New Wilson Hope Crystal golf balls are available in beautiful shades of pink, purple and yellow. They are available in packs of 15 and are very soft, delivering good shots covering high distances with ease. Volvik Crystal Lemonade golf balls are unique semi transparent golf balls. The 70 low compression balls with solid core enhance trajectory for better spin and long straight shots and softer feel on the green. These are available in 12 balls per box.

It is recommended that golf balls should be of high quality so that your game goes smooth and flawless. It is better to take golf balls specially created for women golfers keeping their strength of swing in mind. It is sometimes more fun playing with colored, semi transparent balls than the usual white ones. There are many sites online where you will find a good collection of women golf balls. Our favorite is Morton Golf Sales which has been rated #1 award-winning golf shop and top women-friendly site by Golf Digest, Golf World Business, Range Magazine and others. They even help with your ball selection with their on-line system (below).

Aging and Diet

A Guide to Maintaining Excellent Health

Women golfers find that this is a sport that they can continue playing for a long time in their lives. In fact, it’s estimated that twelve percent of women ages 55 and over use golf as a form of exercise, second only to gardening as a practical form of exercise for older women. This is in contrast to running, biking and even swimming that decrease in incidence with age. The exciting thing is that golf health is one of the few exercises that is definitely feasible for almost any woman — young or old. Women golfers get a great deal of positive health effects from playing golf. Health goals such as maintaining one’s weight and overall strength and flexibility are clearly possible when one takes up the sport of golf.

Health Issues for Women Golfers

Women are getting a great deal of health benefits out of the sport of golf. The first is flexibility, especially for women who do stretching exercises before playing. Having a particular set of stretching exercises like back, shoulder, arm, hip and leg stretching is a good idea before every game or when just playing at the range. These stretching exercises aid in strengthening these body areas, along with the playing of the game itself. Women, in order to aid in maximizing bone health, should consider walking the course if at all possible and carrying one’s bag during the game in order to maximize the amount of exercise one gets during the game of golf.

Health Supplements and Diet for Women Golfers

As one ages, diet is increasingly important in getting the proper nutrition for playing golf. As we all know, women, for example, should get plenty of calcium in the diet. This, along with plenty of exercise, helps prevent bone thinning and osteoporosis which, in turn, can lead to premature fractures of the bones. Calcium can be gotten through drinking plenty of milk and through eating yogurt and cheese or drinking calcium-enriched orange juice on a daily basis.

Diets should be tailored toward health and packed with vitamins and minerals. If this cannot always be accomplished, consider taking a whole-food vitamin or a multivitamin in order to maximize body health and improve golf performance.

Women Golfers and Aging

Excellent golf health should persist for as long as a woman is willing to get out on the course and hit the ball around. This means that aging should have less of an impact on a woman’s ability to play golf than it does with some other sports, such as contact sports. At age 102, Elsie McLean hit a hole in one (April 2007)! This means that as long as a woman eats a healthy diet, keeps her muscles flexible and keeps the muscles strong, she should be able to play a reasonable game of golf. Health issues like heart disease and other chronic conditions need to be monitored by the doctor; however, only unstable chest pain or active injury should be the only limitations on actually playing golf.