How to Hit Solid Tee Shots Everytime

“What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive.” ~ Arnold Palmer (Champion Golfer)
?There really is nothing better than hitting a driver shot “right out of the screws” so to speak. (yes, I’ve been playing that long)

To see the golf ball take off and climb into the sky with power and direction is something all golfers marvel at and desperately try to replicate, over and over-like an intoxicating and powerful drug.

This is probably why you see so many golfers practicing with their drivers on the driving range. They want to hit long and straight tee-shots consistently and experience the euphoria of pure struck shots.
Alas, it’s one of the most challenging aspects of golf performance to reproduce.

In this article I’m going to focus on one critical principle, that with thoughtful practice will greatly improve the quality of your shot-making.


The photo left is of major winner Chad Campbell addressing the ball with a driver. Notice that I have drawn a triangle from the hosel of his driver to his right ear, and down through the center of his shoulders into his lower back, and back to the hosel. Chad Campbell like many great golfers knows the importance of maintaining his shoulder to ball radius, and in the following series of photo’s you will see how he maintains this shoulder to ball radius.


At the top of his backswing he maintains the two critical radius points-the ear to ball, and the lower back to ball relationship. This is where many amateur golfers become unstuck. As they lift the golf club to the top of their backswing they lose the critical ear to ball radius by lifting their head upwards, and at the same time their hips move towards the ball.


The moment of truth when the driver collides with the golf ball it is of absolute importance that you maintain these critical radius points if you want to strike solid tee-shots.

When you address the ball with your driver, imagine that your rear end is against the back of a chair and from the backswing to the follow-through you will keep it against the chair.
With the golf ball well on its way Chad Campbell has maintained his two radius points as his golf club moves towards the finish. This is not keeping you head down, rather it is keeping your eyes looking in the direction of the ball. It’s not important that you actually see the ball, just that you have your eyes on the same plane as the golf ball (top green line).

The next time you’re out playing with your friends pay attention to this shoulder to ball relationship. You will notice that the better ball strikers will tend to maintain their radius better than those that are inconsistent. Practice swinging your driver with a chair against your rear end and keep yourself against it until the driver is well into the follow-through.

This is one of the best drills I know for developing consistent contact with your driver. If you’re having driver problems, why don’t you give this drill a try.

How to Attain the 7 Mental Toughness Traits of Tiger Woods

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” – Denis Waitley – Sports Psychologist

Do you admire the determination of champion golfers like Tiger Woods? When you watch them perform under pressure and pull off astonishing golf shots, do you ever wonder what they’re thinking about to be able to play so well when it absolutely matters? Would you like to hit your golf shots solidly and accurately under intense pressure like they can?

Golfers who possess the mental toughness traits of Tiger Woods have developed a psychological edge that enables them to:

? By and large manage the pressure of tournament competition better than their fellow competitors.

? Perform more consistently and better than their fellow competitors by remaining steadfast, focused, certain, and in control of their golf skills and emotions under pressure.

Many people mistakenly believe that mental toughness is something only top class athletes possess. Still others think that it’s a God given gift bestowed on a blessed few. But this is simply not true.

You can learn how to develop mental toughness so that you are better able to control your thoughts, emotions and behaviours when it really matters to you. Being mentally tough refers to the effectiveness of your mental skills when you perform. But what are these mental skills?

One way to recognize mental toughness skills is to think of a top golfer like Tiger Woods when he is in a really competitive mood in a major golf tournament. What do you notice about his behaviour that stands out for you?

I’ve asked this question to many of the golfers who have attended my golfing school over the years and it’s surprising how many see similar characteristics in his behaviour. The most common response is his ‘never give up’ attitude, which is one of the traits of mental toughness.

Of all the psychological toughness characteristics Tiger displays though, it’s his ability to ‘dig deep’ when it matters most that I believe golfers most admire in him. Who can forget his fifteen foot putt on the last green at the US Open at Torrey Pines to get into a playoff with Rocco Mediate?

He has developed the ability to completely trust his golf skills and hit shots with a clear head, without worrying about the consequences.

You can learn how to develop your mental toughness skills so that you increase your feelings of personal control and confidence over your performances on the golf course, especially when the pressure is on, just like Tiger Woods.

Following are the seven mental toughness traits of Tiger Woods that you can develop to build increased confidence, control and positive energy every time you tee it up.

1. Believe in Yourself

I know it’s a cliché, and you’ve probably heard it said many times before, but believe me, having a ‘rock solid’ belief in your ability to achieve your goals on the golf course is the first step in developing your mental toughness skills. Start by setting realistic goals for yourself that focus more on being excellent at the process of hitting golf shots that are under your control rather than focusing on the outcome of your golf shots that aren’t.

You are in control of your game, if you are in control of your thoughts and feelings. Tiger Woods completely believes in his ability to hit his golf shots without worrying about what ‘might happen.’
Ask yourself these powerful questions before you hit your golf shot; “what is the worst thing that could happen if I hit this golf shot?” and then follow that up with “what’s the best thing that could happen if I hit this golf shot?” Once you have evaluated the level of risk, trust yourself to hit your shot with confidence.

2. Strong Success Drive

Do you have a BIG reason for succeeding at golf? Having a strong desire and a well developed sense of purpose is what drives you towards better results. It’s hard to play well under pressure when it doesn’t matter about your results, or you don’t want the results badly enough.

We can all see that Tiger really wants to win, and this overwhelmingly influences those around him to also believe it as well. There’s an old saying that goes; “you become what you think about all of the time” which really is the secret to developing your ‘golf success drive.’

Clearly imagine yourself achieving your golf goals everyday and you will increase your sense of urgency to achieve those goals, which will fuel your internal drive and ultimately your results. Human beings with a strong sense of purpose can accomplish incredible results if the goal is worthy enough. If you want to perform to your absolute best then you need to develop a clear goal and go after it with the passion and drive of Tiger Woods.

3. Get Over It and Get On With It

Your ability to bounce back from set-backs on the golf course with a much more focused determination is a powerful stimulus for playing your golf shots with a high degree of control under pressure. This requires you to develop a ‘let go’ attitude when you hit shots that lead to double bogeys and worse.

By understanding that you cannot control the outcome of your shots without doing a good job of controlling the process, will help you to recognize the value in accepting that many of your golf shots even with the best of attitudes will sometimes finish up in places you didn’t want it go anyway. Get over the disappointment of the golf shot and get on with playing golf. Leave the disappointment of the golf shot back at the scene of the disaster.

4. The Unbreakable Golf Swing

There’s a saying that goes; “the first thing to break down under pressure is the last thing that you practiced.” Maintaining your golf swing technique under the stress of competition is a challenge for any golfer but fortunately there are a couple of simple keys that will make it easier for you to hit straighter and more consistent shots when it counts.

? The first thing to do is monitor your stance, hips and shoulder alignment. Shot-making problems arise when your alignment is out because it principally affects the sequencing of your golf swing. To keep a careful check on your alignment develop a simple to do pre-swing-routine that carefully incorporates alignment of your club-face and body parts. The better your pre-swing routine, the better you chance of hitting your golf shots with a square alignment on the golf course.

? Grip pressure is also very important to monitor because of its important relationship to club-face and club-head control. You should hold the golf club light enough to sense the dead weight of the club-head, and tight enough that the grip doesn’t move in your hand when you swing and hit shots.

Remember this; tight golf grips kill golf swings! If ever your grip was going to get tighter, it would be when you are under pressure, so be aware of your grip pressure-‘feel the club-head’ when you have to hit your golf shot under the gun.

5. How to Cope When it Counts

Because it matters to you to play your best, you need to accept that competition anxiety is to be expected. Embrace the idea that you are very comfortable and can easily cope with the stress of performing your best in a competition. Consider this simple but accurate statement that Olympic athletes read as they enter the US Olympic Training Complex in Colorado Springs. “The only pressure that exists is the pressure you put on yourself.”

You can cope with any amount of golf stress by focusing your attention on your breathing. Breathe in to a count of four, hold, and then breathe out to a count of four. Do this continually and you will notice the calming effects of this simple yet effective exercise.

Breathe purposefully when it matters and you can cope with any pressure situation you’re confronted with more easily.

6. Why Survive When You Can Thrive

Have you ever been scared of failing at something? I bet you have, I know I have, and it’s a normal reaction to something that isn’t real, but feels very real to us. That’s right, it’s not real, it only happened in your mind. But if you practice it enough, you can definitely turn it into your reality. It’s a pretty simple formula for success really. In this case its success at achieving a negative result.

Focusing on the negative aspects of something for long enough will come true for you. I believe that competition does the same thing to golfers. That is, golfers focus on failing, and imagine it into reality.

You never get to enjoy and even thrive on the pressure of competition when you’re frightened of ‘what might happen.’ This explains how golfers are able to find a way to destroy a perfectly good round of golf by expecting that something bad will happen before the end of the round is completed.

The next time you’re going to play in an important competition take the time to focus on all the good feelings and thoughts of you totally enjoying the experience of playing and performing each golf shot in the event. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have competing when you change your attitude of playing golf in a competition to ‘playing every golf shot’ in the competition.

7. Nothing Can Distract You

The secret to performing at your best under pressure is to control what you’re paying attention to in the moment. There’s a great saying that goes; “your energy flows where your attention goes” which is so true. Remaining fully-focused on the shot at hand in the face of competition distractions demands that you control what you pay attention to.

There are two things that I want you to learn to control here that will help you;

? Firstly you need to control you’re the direction of your intention. Exactly what is it that you want to do with your golf shot?

Specifically what is your intention or objective? The behaviour of the shot needs to be very clear in your mind and also needs to be something that you know you can do.

? Secondly you need to focus your attention on your intention. You see once you’ve decided what your intention is, and then you need to make sure that you keep your attention on it. By never really being clear enough about what you want to do with the golf ball, it becomes difficult to maintain a sharp level of focus.

So there you have it, the seven mental toughness traits of Tiger Woods. These traits are really important if you want to perform at your very best under the pressure of a competition.

By developing Tiger’s mental toughness traits of;

1. Believe in Yourself

2. Strong Success Drive

3. Get Over It and Get On With It

4. The Unbreakable Golf Swing

5. How to Cope When it Counts

6. Why Survive When You Can Thrive

7. Nothing Can Distract You

You will perform with confidence, consistency and positive energy whenever you play golf in any competitive situation that demands that you are at your very best.

Golf Simulators For Sale

It’s possible that poor weather conditions has stopped you from Golfing, or else you are simply way too self-conscious to venture out on the golf course when it’s hectic. No matter what the circumstance, a new golf simulator will allow you to build up and hone your current golf swing and technique prior to getting outdoors and carrying out the real thing. Undoubtedly, there are lots of golf simulator benefits, therefore let’s examine all of these right now.

The majority of golf simulators available on the market may be put in position virtually any place in your own home, presuming the spot is sufficient to support the complete playing enclosure. This kind of enclosure should come with a green floor covering and also a substantial television screen designed to show one of the numerous golf courses to choose from. The Golf simulator relies on an assortment of detectors to genuinely represent exactly where a person’s golf ball will land, just like you have been taking part on an actual Golf course.

Undoubtedly, one of the primary advantages of choosing a product such as this would be the fact it will be possible to experience most of the greatest golf courses around the globe. Have you ever wanted to play at St Andrews?, or perhaps would love to have a shot at Pebble Beach?, in that case one of these Golf simulators will put you there. You are able to place yourself in to the environment regardless of where you reside.

A Number of Advantages to a Golf Simulator

Additionally you can generate excellent circumstances whenever you have fun with a Golf Simulator . Everybody knows, playing golf is actually impacted by a variety of variables for example blowing wind, rainfall, sunshine, time of day and amount of grass. Inside the simulator, you are able to manage each one of these parameters which enable it to produce excellent conditions to completely support your own game.

Furthermore, it is really an outstanding device which will help you to boost your golf game even if you are simply injured. Maybe you are struggling to basically get out on the Golf course? It doesn’t matter, you can just turn on the simulator and continue to keep up with your game regardless.

Naturally, while doing so it is also possible to employ your own individual golf clubs which enable you to cultivate your golf club assortment. Because of the fact that you’ll be taking part on a simulator of an actual golf course, you are able to repeat the exact same golf shot again and again, and will also allow you to determine precisely what golf club is right for whatever range and scenario.

Consequently, your own decision making is likewise developed.
Another great feature is that, additionally, you will have the ability to makes use of the simulator so that you can entertain your family and friends. They are going to astounded by because you possess a golf simulator set-up inside your house, they also will truly appreciate simple fact the Golf simulator also doubles as a home cinema, using an High definition projector as well as a gigantic screen.

Each and every one who really wants to enhance their golfing technique and provide their selves the chance to exercise when they wish, really should contemplate a Golf simulator.

Golf Simulators For Home

Perhaps you have ever previously asked yourself if you could possibly practice your Golf technique on a regular basis at home and pick up something that could benefit your golfing technique? Exactly what would it require for someone to have access to a training or practice space in your own home or outdoors on your lawn. Do you reside within a climate that enables all year round out of doors practice with a Golf Simulator or perhaps are you presently condemned just like the everybody else to the winter months devoid of playing golf unless of course we journey south to spend time playing?

Regardless of whether you would like to setup an outdoors or indoors training area to further improve your golf performance, this will certainly establish precisely what types of coaching products you may wish to invest in. For either an internal or external practice space Golf Simulators are crucial. Golf Simulators for the Home vary in cost from $20 for a 1’ x 2’ nylon material mat having a solitary golf tee to more than three hundred ($300) for even more luxurious variations. Presently there are several golf simulators for home use that include golf practice mats that run several thousand value.

How might you evaluate which type of items you will require for your personal training space? Begin with if you would like to incorporate physical fitness with practice for your golfing technique.

In the event that you would like to incorporate health and fitness and unique muscle toning for the game of golf you’ll need much more apparatus than simply a golfmator simulator mat. In the event that all you need to accomplish would be to focus on your golf swing on a consistent schedule before you might get back outdoors once more then you’ll need to examine the many Golf Simulators for Home which are in the marketplace. Certainly, there are businesses which will sell you a professional quality practice mat.

You will find non commercial quality and commercial quality practice mats available for sale from many providers throughout the country. The actual distinctions are generally that non commercial quality mats usually not as dense or durable and therefore are built to be used only from time to time instead of numerous individuals of diverse capabilities on a regular basis.

People fully realize that you simply aren’t on a golf course when working with the majority of Golf Simulators for Home mats and so they needed to develop a product which replicated the perception of the actual golf club meeting the Fairway in the real world. Precisely what these companies developed is actually a strike work surface that’s nearer to the look and feel of actual fairway grass however it remains resilient and has a gel underlying part that will function just like all-natural turf playing surfaces.

The gel base aids in absorbing and dispersing your energy depending on how one of your clubs strikes it. The gel bottom furthermore is actually gentler towards the important joints of both younger Golfers that are still developing as well as those individuals who may have had problems with rheumatoid arthritis as well as other health problems as we grow older .

Due to the fact that the Golf Simulator Mat Surface responds just like all-natural playing surfaces there’s a reduced probability of wrist and elbow traumas as a result of unbalanced golf swings by people or developing Golfers could possibly get from a standard Golf Simulator mat placed on top of a concrete floor or asphalt paving.

Golf Range Finder Reviews

Golf range finder reviews – Have you just sliced your very first drive in to the woodland? Given that you’ll find zero distance indicators in those areas, can you be sure precisely how distant you will be from the flag? Or even that gigantic tree that you found yourself behind? Go ahead and take the speculation away from your golf game using a Electronic digital Golf Rangefinder. If you are unclear about guaging distances, or simply need to transform your golf performance all round, these types of beneficial devices enable you to rapidly and precisely determine your yardage towards the flag. Merely lineup the actual scope using the top of the flag to scan a precise distance gauge, enabling you to pick the right golf club for the following strike. Enhance your golf performance by simply incorporating high-quality optics together with built-in digital engineering.

Laser Golf Range Finders

Quite a few range finders exceed just simply supplying you with a readout of the yardage. Quite a few happen to be specifically calibrated to be able to fire a laser beam precisely onto the targeted area as well as scan the region surrounding the flag. Then they turn into a kind of electronic digital guru, delivering precise ranging data that suits your individual striking ranges for the incline of the shot and also existing atmospheric conditions, additionally indicating which golf club to make use of. It’s just like having your own personal caddy which fits ideally into your golf bag

How You Can Obtain Perfect Golf GPS Range Finder Reviews – Simple To Follow Suggestions

Equally, range finders and Golf GPS devices have got distinctive benefits and characteristics. It’s essential for you to realize that both these Golf gadgets have been developed in different ways from one another, and also don’t have similar weak points as well as advantages to present golf players. A Golf GPS device and Golf range finder tend to be fairly alike although not in all characteristics.

The actual range finder functions similar to combination between binoculars and the laser device handgun which traffic cops utilize to trap speeding motorists on the road. In order to discover the range associated with and distance to a target location, similar to a flag on a green, take advantage of the laser device in order to determine distance or even make use of the scope to check out the prospective target . Once you see the target area, the rangefinder uses a laser beam that calculates the actual distance towards the targeted area.

The unit should calculate correctly the distance to the target area depending on the time delay.

Key Elements associated with Golf GPS Models.

The Gps device will be communicating with geostationary satellites and will determine your current location anywhere on the planet, it then references previously registered locations around the Golf course you are playing in order to supply you with the distances to many of the significant targets or obstructions in your area.

Crucial Elements of Golf GPS Units.

To begin with, you don’t need to target it at any where to obtain ones distance reading. This can be a genuine benefit when the position you’re verifying is just not within your line of sight, such as if you are behind a bush or perhaps the Putting Green is raised. For virtually every golfer a golf GPS unit will be really beneficial although you may even experience issues with aiming.

Laser Rangefinder Benefits

You will have the ability to focus in as much as 7x zoom with all the newest range finder products. It really is extremely convenient to be able to focus in distant objectives or perhaps a landing location if you need by far the most precise reading on your golf rangefinder.

As a result of the range finder it is possible to determine almost everything thats important around the Golf course such as Hazards etc.

Golf Club Selection using Golf Range FInders

On the subject of coming up with a golf club choice understanding the entire range to the actual hole and the width of the fairway to the closest inch provides excellent useful support. With this particular data at hand, there’s a genuine possibility of reducing your score in competitions or reducing shots away from your own handicap. A standard range finder make use of an unseen laser beam. You dont need to be worried about the actual ray since it is not dangerous for your eyesight. The devices internal electronic digital clock subsequently measures the time period taken for the outward and returning journey of the laser beam and swiftly computes the distance, which in turn it displays.

The advantage of your range finder is that you may head to any kind of Golf course, at any time, grab the device from your Golf bag and start calculating distance. Their own drawback is that the actual target must be within line of sight. You can’t put it to use from the golf tee to some concealed green for instance. In a comparable way to those found in automobiles, Golf GPS units function off Global Positioning System geostationary satellites which broadcast information to surface devices. These kinds of receivers only gather data – they cannot broadcast any type of information.

Golf Rain Gear

The sport of golf might not exactly sometimes be a great sports activity depending on the actual weather conditions, however there are numerous occasions when you’re likely to wind up trying to play in below par circumstances. That’s exactly why you’ve got to be ready for whatever this demands, by using Golf Rain Gear. By doing this, a person will always keep themself dry and cozy while the the weather is appearing challenging, although not awful enough so you might cease playing. Even so, choosing the best kind of Golf Rain Gear isn’t frequently so simple as you may think, as you’ve got to include an amount of thought into your sports apparel selection.

You will discover that with numerous varieties of golf rain suits you will need to take into account the kind of materials they’re produced from, together with the type of set that it is. People need to make sure you have an item that’s likely to help you stay more comfortable, and that’s definitely not likely to wreak havoc on your own golf performance. In case your garments are reducing your capability to perform, then it’s actually not worthwhile cash all things considered. However , that’s the reason why there are plenty of different kinds of golf rain suits that you could pick from, that will be certain to satisfy your requirements.

Determine a range of prices which you’re happy with.

Keep in mind that golf products, especially garments can be massively expensive. This implies you should be well prepared for that price tag, by means of defining a cost which in turn appears to be completely appropriate. Using this method, you’ll be able to figure out the kinds of golf rain suits that will probably be inside of your current budget , and the ones you could possibly stay clear of. Simply by establishing a price range upfront, you will get a good indication of what’s practical for you personally, without having to be influenced because of brands or maybe attributes which you very likely don’t require.

Invariably opt for a good brand name.

Regardless of how much you’re wanting to invest, ensure that you opt for a good quality make of golf rain suits, so you are aware they’ll be the level of quality that you will need to have. That implies considering a product like Nike, ShedRain, and also for example Mizuno golf rain suits. Virtually any of the aforementioned ought to do, and will make you reasonably positive that you will get the work achieved, with regards to keeping drier about the Golf course..

Will you require warmth for those freezing days?

You’re likely to discover that several golf rain suits are designed to be fairly thin and merely repellent against rainfall, nonetheless they will certainly still enable you to remain cooler in case the weather conditions are warm or humid. In spite of this, there are also the ones that include a membrane of insulating material, and therefore is a must if you’re taking part in in wintry environments.

Take into consideration the particular kind of materials Golf rain wear is constructed from.

This really is vital, to be able to make sure it’s destined to be resilient enough to be able to endure the elements whenever you’re outdoors in the midst of some awful weather conditions. That usually indicates a fabric such as gore-tex. Absolutely nothing functions quite as effectively, and you’re most likely to discover it’s incredibly hard for the rainfall to get in. With this kind of fabric, water simply flows right away from the outer lining, and you’ll discover that you remain amazingly free of moisture.

So what type of golf rain suits are you considering?

This approach will become essential, allowing you to have enhanced comfort, as well as the defense against the weather that you’re in need of. To illustrate, a number of outdoor jackets will have merely a higher neck-line, to enable you to safeguard oneself from being wet. However you’ll discover that other styles have thicker and sturdy hoods, to enable you to completely cover up your entire body anytime it begins to rain. You’re furthermore likely to find that golf rain suits should have several types of storage compartments and characteristics, that will make it very much simpler for you to bring your complete related equipment.

Exactly where is it possible to purchase Golf Rain Suits?

You typically need to know excellent golfing retailers, to enable you to obtain the highest quality golf products, and in many cases obtain helpful golf rain suit reviews to help you make a selection. Have a look at some of the links on this page to help you decide.

Golf GPS Ratings

Golf GPS Ratings – Exactly what To Take Into Consideration
From when the USGA along with R&A decided that Golf range yardage devices were definitely legitimate in competitions, Golf GPS devices are getting to be increasingly more popular around the courses, particularly in the usa where by there is definitely the largest number of down loadable courses. Obviously because of the the latest models of and brand names in the marketplace from which to choose wise consumers are generally studying critiques and websites to select what the golf GPS ratings happen to be for every product.

Exactly what do those expert as well as recreational reviewers consider whenever they are evaluating these types of Golf GPS units? A number of things, however the 5 which are most often in contrast tend to be legibility, precision, functions, toughness and cost.

Screen Readability

The actual display for the golf GPS products are comparable in proportions with a touch screen phone to ensure the visuals and also satellite imagery must be crystal clear and simple to browse.

Consumers check not just for the particular display screen pixel image resolution but the images as well. A number of devices provide visual models for the course, however several of the higher priced and complex models enable bird’s eye airborne perspectives of every hole around the golf course..

The results are essential. It is, their simplicity of visibility and typeface sizing which reviewers seek out. Just what benefit is a product when you can’t see the information shown on the image? A few Golf GPS Devices position statistics off and away to one side or perhaps maintain rankings apparent on screen.

Perspectives are likewise significant.

Several Golf GPS devices include various viewpoints which conveniently change when you proceed from golf hole to golf hole, via the particular hazard areas and from the forefront to middle to rear of every green. The Garmin G5 computes tree lines whilst the Golf Buddy Pro shifts with the golf player, transforming the form of the graphic according to the way the particular device is orientated.

Each one has Anti-Glare proof monitors, which numerous reviews congratulated.

Precision And Accuracy

The majority of the models testers rated have been equivalent in accuracy and reliability to within just a couple of yards. This appears to be the standardized level of these range and distance finder settings. Nonetheless, several ended up much more precise in lay-up or target computations. The Golf Buddy was the most effective in identifying the ranges to hazards that were close together with each other. Garmin triumphs regarding the legibility of tracking targets.

The majority of typical markers for precision were 100, 150, 200 yard objectives.

Features and Benefits.

Nearly all raters needed more than simply a Golf GPS range finder. Individuals sought out the Golf GPS in order to determine and identify hazards, maintain standing for as much as 4 golfers plus toggle between screen views effortlessly. Garmin products provide the capability to save a person’s course actions for potential future reference to help you monitor your own developments.

The simplicity of finding the “joystick” as well as if it protruded out and might get suddenly knocked by bumping alongside something became a consideration. Several devices which were easily cutting-edge ended up difficult to manipulate should you want to see in advance to the subsequent hole. Nearly all raters required the functions keys to stay in close range of fingertips when used in the palm. Struggling using a golf GPs gadget whilst others await you to tee off around the course could certainly be considered a touch nerve-racking.

Durability and Sturdiness.

Golf GPS ratings incorporated exactly how durable the device had been. Garmin models and Golf Buddies are generally water-resistant, however, many models aren’t and show caution labeling never to make them wet. Calloway GolfPro does indeed possess a water-resistant skin just as one accessory. The majority of reviewers evaluated the models whilst attached to the belt, or even on the golf buggy. In the event the device retained the display screen, it obtained a greater mark.

Price and value for Money.

Many golf GPS models range between $250 up to $500. However the legitimate cost savings is with the service fees pertaining to downloading courses from the particular brand’s internet site. Skycaddie uses a regular monthly charge, where by Golf Buddy and Garmin don’t. Additionally, in the event the course a reviewer wished to obtain wasn’t obtainable, they graded if the mapping might cost the golf player anything to acquire and just how long it took. The majority of web sites got the course mapped inside 7 days.

Golf Confidence Made Easy

“To play well you must feel tranquil and at peace. I have never been troubled by nerves in golf because I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.” – Harry Vardon 6 Times Open Champion

The following statement is part of an article I wrote titled “The Best Golf Lessons I have Ever Had” some time back and I received a comment from Stan who suggested that to simply say “Be Confident” leaves out how do you learn to be confident?

Here’s what I wrote and how I responded to Stan.

Lesson #5. Be Confident
“Golf has taught me to be confident in my skills and ability to get the results I’m striving for. Confident golfers expect to play well, and golfer’s who lack confidence don’t. Expect the best of yourself in every occasion and never settle for less than your best. The only thing that gets in the way of improved performances is thinking that you can’t do it.”

Following is my response to Stan which I hoped cleared up my thoughts on how I learned how to develop my golf confidence.
How can you learn be confident if you don’t know how to be?

I am very thankful that in learning how to become a highly competent golf professional I learned that I’m completely responsible for how I feel, think and ultimately behave all of the time (especially on the golf course).

I learned to become aware of many of the different psycho/physical states I would move in and out of during the day on the golf course and how those different states affected my confidence in that moment.

For instance I learned how to tell the difference between a state where I felt determination to succeed, and a state where I felt quite helpless.

I realized that my perception of events had a profound effect on my particular state and that by becoming aware (inwardly) of that particular state at that time I could re-focus on a more positive state that was empowering, like a state of being certain about things – like being successful.

I believe that I have the choice to remember good and bad past experiences.

If I choose to be confident I simply focus on times when I was supremely confident and then I act that way. You know, “fake it until you make it.”

I stand taller, lift my eye line upwards and look forwards. I breathe deeply and smoothly and I radiate the sought of confidence that I’ve observed in others.

I know it’s an attitude, and I know and believe in what Earl Nightingale said in The Strangest Secret. “You become what you think about all day long.”

I practice the attitude and behaviour of confidence all the time.
It’s a place I can go to even when everything around me tells me I should go to a darker place.

The standard definition in a psychology text book is not what confidence is. It’s a description of an experience, which is not even close to the same thing.

So it’s not something I can learn in a book, because I’m the only one who knows what being confident means to me.

I’m sure it’s similar for you, but not exactly the same.

To me being self-confident is a mental strategy. I can move in the direction I want because I’ve developed the self-control to ignore the self-depricating remarks that make me feel less confident.

The internal dialogue is normal and natural so I don’t fight it, I simply let it do its thing without paying much attention to it.

I focus on my goals for the day, and make sure that they are on-track with my bigger plan and I move in that direction. If I have a particular challenge, I use a solution focused strategy that sharpens my alertness for the problem and I devise a way of getting to a solution as fast as possible.

As I mentioned, confidence is a mental strategy I can go to. I’m sure you know when you are confident and when you’re not.

Notice the difference between the two and decide what makes them different.

You will discover like I did that it’s the difference that you focus on that can determine how the next move will play out.

You are in control only to the extent that you can know where you are going with your goals.

How we get there is different for every person…or golfer.

I hope that you have a better understanding of how I get to golf confidence and my hope is that it works as well for you.

Golf Breaks UK

If you’d like playing golf in the UK, there are numerous golfing breaks as well as golf tours you will discover to match your personal specifications. Golfing accommodations and golf resorts present different deals in order to appeal to just about every requirement – whether or not you might need a holiday weekend golf break, basically just a Sunday golf break, a last moment break to a luxurious course, a health spa golf break, a self-catering golf break or perhaps a low priced golf breaks, you will discover something for everyone.

In reality, golfing hotels and resorts haven’t ever been more common in the united kingdom, along with plentiful demanding golf courses as well as amenities available to make certain your entire golfing desires are thoroughly looked after. Health spa golfing breaks have likewise develop into a preferred selection of golf breaks particularly for people that vacation with non-golfers. By doing this, the remainder of the party could also have an enjoyable time, whilst the golf players are generally on the track.

You will find numerous locations across the British isles where one can get your perfect golf break in the UK. If you’re a competent or extremely seasoned golfer, you might like to check out Southport.

This specific seaside town is recognized as the golf game capital of Britain and has the majority of the greatest golf courses in the united kingdom.

Then there’s the vibrant beach front holiday resort of Bournemouth, a perfect area for a golfing break which has likewise sponsored numerous nationalized and regional competitive events. Kent is another place for a golf break in the UK. Kent is an area that’s steeped in historical past and tradition and is also appropriately referred to as the Garden of England. It is additionally the home of probably the most challenging and also the most picturesque of golf courses rendering it a must-play golfing location.

Lancashire additionally features a variety of amazing golf courses. There are a selection of imagination invoking golf courses available across the coastline that provide a test to golfers of most capabilities. Lancashire is additionally home to an Open Championship qualifying golf course. A golfing visit to Blackpool is fantastic for teams of every size with lots of demanding golf courses a quick commute from one another.

Bristol being a quick drive from both London and Birmingham, the location is definitely readily available for a golfing tour. Golf players of most handicaps will unquestionably appreciate coming to the golf courses close to Bristol since they supply countless intriguing opportunities.

The Midlands includes a fantastic variety of golf courses many within just an effortless drive of each other and therefore is the perfect location for a golf tour and you could complete a brief visit to Northamptonshire to discover even more wonderful golf courses.


Golf Breaks in Portugal

Golf breaks in Portugal continue to be at the actual cutting edge regarding the sport of golf throughout The European union, on account of the excellent golf courses and resorts which cover the Algarve shoreline. The Algarve is actually identifiable with the sport of golf, as well as benefiting from an excellent climate throughout the year which is great for Golf Holidays in Portugal.

Designed for large groups of people, the beautiful destination of Vilamoura is definitely the ultimate Golf Location – beyond just the night time activity which is centred on the harbour, Vilamoura possesses several world-class golf courses. Selecting from the Algarve’s unlimited golfing treasures might be challenging, nevertheless most people highly recommend the Penina resort, Dona Filipa, which features San Lorenzo, perhaps the nation’s highest quality track, as well as the innovative Monte Rei development in the Algarve’s eastern region. The majority of the recommended places to stay are situated at the side of the harbour.

The Victoria and Old are pertaining to Europe’s best on offer, and are supported by the Pinhal, Vila Sol, Millennium & Laguna.

The Algarve is associated with golf and impressive hotels strung along the sun-kissed coastline. Faro, perfectly serviced from countless significant air terminals, is definitely the area to begin on your Algarve golfing holiday getaway, and is also located within an hours drive of virtually all of the most captivating venues.

Encompassing Vilamoura can be described as a assortment of respected golfing names – San Lorenzo, Vale Do Lobo and Quinta Do Lago would be the crème de la crème in this glorious golfing heaven. Other Options to Vilamoura include areas like Tavira in the east, whose feature is definitely the outstanding Jack Nicklaus-designed Monte Rei, though towards the western side, the superstar exhibit is Penina, certainly one of Europe’s most desirable golf resorts.

For an extended vacation, sun-drenched golfing vacations are actually being offered around the enchanting tropical isle of Madeira, nevertheless the rising star of Portuguese golfing is the Lisbon coastline; the actual Atlantic ocean coastline offers awe-inspiring tracks such as Oitavos, as well as top notch golfing resorts like Quinta da Marinha and Praia D’El Rey. Portugal really is as fashionable as ever before, and continues to be among the finest locations for any golf holiday in the sunshine.